Signs of hepatitis in women, men and children

Consider hepatitis b infection of the liver. The infectious agents are cytomegalovirus, virus Epstein – Barr. In hepatitis, the liver cells swell, become inflamed and then die. In the absence of adverse effects (diseases) the liver is able to reproduce (the replacement of dead tissue with new cells).

If the liver is unable to cope with the infection for a long period, it may be hepatitis. This form is hidden and a threat, when a person is a carrier of infection and can infect other people. While the media may not know about being in the body of a dangerous virus.

The risk of hepatitis

Insidious disease lies in the lack of pronounced symptoms (with the exception of «jaundice»), which leads to late diagnosis and long-term treatment. Fraught with complications of the cardiovascular, endocrine and urinary systems.

Acute viral hepatitis becomes chronic, which is the most difficult to treat.

Manifested signs of hepatitis in children should be a cause for urgent treatment of a qualified health professional because the child’s body is not able to deal with such serious infection, and fraught with serious complications, including death.

The types of the disease depending on the causes

In medicine there are:

  1. Viral: hepatitis A, b, C, D, E.
  2. Bacterial.
  3. Allergic.
  4. Toxic.
  5. Auto-immune disease.

The greatest danger to life and health is the viral nature of the disease. Therefore, it is important early detection and comprehensive treatment of liver disease. Symptoms of viral hepatitis differ significantly from the symptoms of allergic or autoimmune nature of the infection.

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The disease occurs in acute, chronic or asymptomatic forms.

Signs of the disease

Of the many types of the infection, the most common are hepatitis A, b and C. Each of them has its individual signs and symptoms.

The main symptoms of hepatitis, inherent in any mind that the yellowness of the whites of the eyes and skin.

Symptoms of hepatitis in men is less pronounced than the signs of hepatitis in women or children. This disease can cause male infertility.

Signs of hepatitis A (Botkin’s disease):

  • yellowness whites of the eyes and skin tissue
  • the increase in body temperature in the absence of obvious symptoms of colds,
  • apathy, General weakness, chills,
  • feeling aches in joints,
  • constant drowsiness,
  • dark urine and colorless stool,
  • pain in the upper right upper quadrant.

This disease is considered the most harmless (all hepatitis) and is easily treatable. The incubation period is 2 – 4 weeks. In this type symptoms in children may be absent, and, without causing adverse effects, to stop.

The symptoms of hepatitis b:

  • a sharp weight loss (anorexia),
  • the symptoms of hepatomegaly,
  • symptoms of cryoglobulinemia,
  • the development of polyarthritis.

The infection is accompanied by a pronounced clinical picture. The incubation period ranges from 6 to 12 weeks, during which symptoms may not be present. Sexually transmitted through infected saliva, blood, semen, fluid secreted by the cervix in women.

The symptoms of hepatitis C:

  • constant fatigue, symptoms of depression,
  • insomnia,
  • pain in the right hypochondrium, aching joints,
  • itching of the skin.

The incubation period after infection up to 50 days. In this period the symptoms may not be present. This type of disease is dangerous irreversible effects liver type of cancer or cirrhosis. While hepatitis C has the highest number of severe complications of the body.

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In chronic liver disease may manifest symptoms such as:

  • a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen,
  • intolerance to the body of heavy fatty foods
  • a sense of bitterness in the mouth.

Prevention of hepatitis

To avoid such severe diseases as hepatitis, you need to follow some rules:

  • wash hands carefully before eating,
  • always wash fruits and vegetables under hot water,
  • drink boiled water or mineral water
  • strictly obey rules of personal hygiene,
  • time to do the vaccinations,
  • use disposable syringes and needles,
  • refrain from tattooing and body piercing.

Also when they have sex use condoms and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Relying on external symptoms and signs, it is difficult to determine what the disease is in the body. Upon detection of unusual symptoms and at suspicion on a hepatitis it is important to urgently seek medical assistance. Accurate diagnosis is possible only upon delivery of the required tests. A comprehensive drug treatment – the key to a speedy recovery and the exclusion of serious complications.