Ointment scabies: sulphur, benzyl benzoate, cream medifax, spregal, zinc ointment, treatment of folk remedies

Mange is an insidious and contagious disease caused by cessationism mite, which requires immediate treatment, otherwise there will be a large risk of infection to other people. It is difficult and almost impossible to treat scabies without the help of medicines, which will help to eliminate the livelihoods of scabies and prevent its further reproduction.

Treatment of scabies is mostly outside, rarely, doctors prescribe tablets for oral administration. External treatment of this disease takes place with the help of ointments, creams or sprays in industrial, pharmaceutical or home-made. By all means against the causative agent of scabies have their pros and cons, but in any case, these drugs are effective in the treatment of parasitic diseases.

What kind of ointment for scabies best, and what helps to cope with scabies is difficult to answer, but contact your dermatologist and he will tell you and prescribe effective medications.

General information

Currently on the pharmacological market offers a large number of drugs intended for the treatment of scabies, but this does not mean that once applied, the disease will completely disappear. Why? Because all drugs from mange – ointment, sprays, creams, solutions are only effective when used correctly and adherence to all recommendations of the doctor, which is to peredergivali hygiene during treatment and after one course of medical therapy.

Reviews about preparations against scabies for external use very different, so it doesn’t pay to believe others about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a drug. The body of each person is different and can react to a particular medication for scabies. Some patients suffering from scabies are often used in some traditional remedies, which are not always yield positive results.

Not worth to use a folk remedy for scabies, they will not be able to completely destroy scabies, but only time will reduce or eliminate the symptoms of the disease. Currently, the pharmaceutical market provides protivozastojnye drugs to combat this disease, which are easy to use and are available in drugstores.

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To successfully carry out the treatment of scabies it is necessary not only to choose the right drug, but also to observe the rules of hygiene, to eliminate contact with the sick person. Consider the most effective ointment against mange.

Sulphur ointment

The most effective means of scabies, which are available in different pharmacological forms:

  • sulphur ointment;
  • benzyl benzoate;
  • medifox;
  • the spregal;
  • the zinc ointment.

Sulphur ointment is a proven and effective remedy against scabies, which is used for decades. The only disadvantage of sulfur ointment is the appearance of a sharp and unpleasant smell after application to the skin. However, that sulphur ointment is considered to be one of the few best remedies in the treatment of scabies.

Sulphur ointment can be used two ways.

  1. Ointment applied to the skin for 5 days, but every evening its wash and bed linen, the bed and night clothes are disinfected. In the morning sulphur ointment is applied repeatedly to the affected areas of skin, and so every day.
  2. In the second case the sulphur ointment applied to the skin before bed and so on for 4 days. After washing all clothing and bedding disinfected.

Regardless of the chosen method in both cases, the sulphur ointment is an effective remedy for scabies. The only thing the second way is suitable for people who are going to go out of the house.

Reviews about sulfur ointment very different, but most people suffering from scabies, in recent years, are looking for more effective tools, such as benzyl benzoate, spregal or medifax, the effect of which will be discussed below.

Benzyl benzoate – ointment for scabies

No less effective is the treatment of scabies benzilbenzoata, which has low cost and is able to cope with various parasitic diseases. Ointment benzyl benzoate has a sharp and unpleasant smell, but after application you may feel a burning sensation of varying intensity, which passes after a few minutes.

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Benzyl benzoate is available in two pharmaceutical forms: 10% and 20% ointment. 10% benzyl benzoate administered to children, and 20% tions in adults. Among all the ointments for scabies, benzyl benzoate is the most effective and affordable.

Before application of benzyl need to take a shower, to partially get rid of the parasites that are on the surface of the skin. Then applied the ointment to the skin, excluding the hair surface and face. After the first application is a break of 3 days, and then continuing treatment. By treating benzilbenzoata, you need to remember that the tool can leave stains on clothing or bed linen.

Feedback about the positive drug benzyl benzoate. Many have noted a significant improvement already after the first year of application.

Medifox Cream in the treatment of scabies

Medifax – one of the new and effective protivosudorozhnykh medicines, a positive effect is observed already after the first application. After applying to the affected skin the effect remains for 2 to 6 weeks. Ointment Medifox low-toxic, has no toxic action on the skin, has a minimum number of contraindications and widely administered in Pediatrics.

For one procedure of an adult, enough 30 grams of the drug Medifox. It can be applied to the fibrous integuments of the head, face. After applying Medifox washed off after 10 hours, then a break for 3 days and is repeated treatment Medifox.

Application Medifox against scabies allows patients to get rid of the annoying disease after the first course of treatment.

The spregal for scabies

The spregal – is considered the best drug in the treatment of scabies, it has no negative impact on the human body, but it copes well with different parasitic pathogens.

Treatment Spregal requires treatment of the affected skin areas for 1 and 5 day. Apply spray Spregal to clean skin, spraying with 20 cm distances. The only disadvantage of this drug is considered a high cost Spregal, but he is called the best drug foreign manufacturer in the fight against cessationism mite.

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To completely get rid of scabies, aerosol Spregal need to handle not only the skin, but also clothing, bed, linen. So for complete treatment you will need 2 or 3 bottles a Spregal.

Treatment Spregal allows patients to leave only positive feedback about the drug, the effect of which is celebrated immediately after application reduces itching, reduces the inflammation.

Zinc ointment for scabies

Not a bad option in the treatment of scabies is the use of zinc ointment, which has a sharp odor, has a reasonable price. However, treatment with this drug may be delayed, as it only addresses the symptoms of the disease, accelerates the healing of the skin, but can not completely destroy the itch mite.

Zinc ointment is often prescribed to people with allergies or those who have sensitive skin.

Choosing drugs for external treatment of scabies, you need to pay attention to the most effective means. But it will be much more expensive, but the result is worth it. Before buying you should consult your doctor and get acquainted with the instructions for use.

It is very important to treat scabies as soon as possible to seek help from a doctor or dermatologist. The choice of drug is determined by a physician. In some cases, in addition to the topical treatment the doctor prescribes tablets for oral administration, vitamin therapy, immunotherapy, antihistamines, and other tools that will accelerate the process of treatment and recovery. Timely diagnosis and proper treatment will help get rid of this disease and reduce the risk of infecting loved ones.