Itchy penis: redness, itching on the penis, razdrajenie

In men, disorders of the reproductive organs are much less common than in women, so when men experience itching of the penis, he immediately begins to think how and where he contracted to suspect yourself of venereal disease, particularly if the first symptoms appeared almost immediately after sex.

However, not always this symptom occurs because of the disease. Let’s first look into what is itching.

Itching called discomfort on the skin and mucous membranes, accompanied by a strong desire to scratch the affected area. It is a defensive reaction organism to external and internal stimuli.

Itching of the penis can be disturbed by not only adult men, but boys of teen age and even a newborn baby, and very often accompanied by itching the surrounding skin.

Non-infectious causes

Very often men believe that the occurrence of itching of the penis occurs through the fault of the sexual partner after intercourse, but it is not so. Often itching of the glans penis arises from failure to follow normal rules of hygiene, allergic reactions (to detergents, synthetic clothes, medicines and the like).

Note that in allergic dermatitis symptom may not appear immediately, but after a couple of weeks after contact with an irritant.

In addition, rash, itching and pain on the tip of my penis as a side symptoms can occur in diseases such as leukemia, diabetes, prostatitis, pyelonephritis, cancer.

Irritation on the head of the penis, pain and rash can also occur in the neuroses, especially sexual violence.

Itching of the glans is possible if the partner’s vagina acidity or if she is taking contraceptives, in this case, treatment is not required.

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A burning sensation in the penis can be a symptom of scabies. In this disease the symptom is most pronounced in the evening and at night, although in some cases it may be during the day. On the glans penis, and skin around the red solid papules passing into ulcers, itching in addition to pain, the symptoms resemble primary syphilis. In ulcers failure to comply with the hygiene requirements can get infected, and then there is infectious disease as balanoposthitis.

Cause itching and rashes head of the penis can also be pubic lice.

Infectious causes of itching

This symptom almost always occurs when fungal, sexually transmitted and other infectious diseases, and these diseases require immediate treatment by a specialist.

Candidiasis (thrush)

This fungal infection is itchy, the glans penis, there is white patches, rashes, unpleasant odor and a cheesy discharge, possible pain when urinating and during intercourse.

The causative agent Candida lives on the skin and mucous surfaces constantly, but begins to develop at sharp falling of immunity, hypothermia, etc., consequently should not immediately blame the disease to their sexual partner, though it is the candidiasis in women are the most likely cause of this disease.

Read the main article about candidiasis in men.


The most common causes of itching of the penis is genital herpes. Unlike other types of herpes pathogens which live in the human body constantly, genital sexually transmitted. In addition to itching, the disease is accompanied by a burning sensation of the penis, pain and the appearance of watery bubbles. The first manifestation of the disease may appear immediately or within 26 days after infection.

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Inflammation of the glans penis and foreskin may occur as an adult and a child. Called the disease of bacteria (Staphylococcus, gonococcus, Streptococcus, E. coli) or fungi, may occur as a complication after diseases nemikrobnoy etiology (diabetes, anemia, Hodgkin’s disease and others) or after venereal diseases.

Symptoms in an adult male following: itching, burning, pain, rash turns into sores, cracks, redness of the glans penis, various selection (sukrovichnye sometimes with unpleasant smell), premature ejaculation.

Little boys will balanopostit much more common than in adult men, about three times, according to statistics, almost every boy suffered from the disease, in one form or another. This is because at birth, the child’s glans is adherent to the foreskin, then between them begins to form a cavity in which the fall the remnants of the urine and slomannye epithelium, it is the perfect environment for the development of microorganisms and fungi.

The child has the disease occurs suddenly, another night, baby nothing on complaining, and in the morning he says it itches and rash. When viewed from visible irritation of the penis, rash, swelling. Later in the child there is a pain at the tip of the penis, whitish discharge with an unpleasant odor, sometimes there is a delay in urinating, fever.

Treatment of pruritus of the penis in any case be carried out independently. Only after the diagnosis, take necessary tests, the doctor can prescribe adequate treatment.

Inguinal athlete

Redness of the head of the penis and itching of the head and the skin around it can be caused by disease of the inguinal athlete’s foot, a typical feature of which are the red spots on the skin in the groin or armpits. The disease is caused by fungi that are transmitted through household items (washcloths, sponges, cloth).

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The child cause itching and redness on the penis may be congenital syphilis, lupus, psoriasis.

The reason that blushing the head of the penis and has started itching can be sexually transmitted diseases. In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will examine and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Moreover, sexually transmitted diseases treatment needs to sexual partner of the sick.


We reviewed the most common causes of itching and burning of the genitals in adult men and boys. But in addition to these, there are many other diseases associated with similar symptoms, it is therefore not necessary to self-medicate, and should consult a urologist.

Keep in mind that only a qualified doctor can prescribe the correct treatment.