Herpes on the body: causes, treatment, folk remedies

How does herpes on the body: types, causes disease

The herpes virus is one of the most common viruses on the planet. Has the ability to get into the human body at birth. Chicken pox, at first glance, absolutely harmless childhood disease, is the result of infection with herpes infection. The chickenpox virus is the cause of the disease. Another way this virus is called Varicella Zoster.

The main symptom of chickenpox is a small watery dot rash on torso, face, neck, head, mucous membranes, accompanied by itching. Treatment of chickenpox always gives positive results, the disease gets better after 2 weeks of bed rest.

The herpes virus from the nervous system is constantly in the body. For a long time it does not manifest, only under the influence of negative factors on the symptoms it can be detected by the method of DNA diagnostics.

The most common causes of cold sore are:

  • complicated condition with diabetes;
  • constant overheating and overcooling;
  • nervous breakdowns;
  • psycho-emotional stress;
  • the consequences of taking certain hormonal drugs;
  • infection;
  • heightened chronic disease.

The root cause of herpes is a weakened immune system, for example, as a result of pregnancy, HIV, chemotherapy, organ transplants. Factor of re-infection is considered to be old age, as there is medical evidence that herpes affects people after the age of 50 years.

Types of herpes

Pathogens that cause herpes are 8 types of viruses, including:

  • cold herpes of the 1st type (found most often manifests as cold sores on the lips);
  • genital herpes of the 2nd type (refers to simple types, characterized by a rash on the genitals);
  • shingles 3-type (known as pox in the initial stage, and how herpes rash complications);
  • the virus Einstein-Barr 4th type (a rare type of herpes virus, which causes mononucleosis and Hodgkin’s disease);
  • cytomegalovirus 5-th type (causes numerous diseases, including in the sexual sphere when airborne, contact-household and sexual modes of transmission);
  • the herpes virus of the 6th, 7th and 8th types (characterized by sudden appearance of rash and neurological disorders due to effects of the virus on the nervous system).

Symptoms of herpes

Big trouble in humans causes herpes on the body. Patients often complain of:

  • ailments;
  • immunosuppression;
  • chills;
  • rash in the form of small bubbles with the liquid inside;
  • irritation on the skin pink or red hue;
  • scabies in areas of the rash;
  • feeling pain in places of contact with clothing, which lasts from two weeks to one month;
  • temperature;
  • a feeling of weakness;
  • spread on the eyelids, neck, face, nose;
  • muscle weakness;
  • temporary loss of consciousness;
  • change in taste;
  • severe headache;
  • vomiting and nausea.

All of the above signs indicate a complication of the disease, and the need for high quality treatment. It is especially dangerous when similar symptoms are observed in children.

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Herpes in children

Herpes refers to a viral diseases occurring on the background of reduced immunity. Manifested in the form of small bubbles red, filled in with liquid, resembling when merging large spot in the form of a blister.

Herpes on the body the child runs with the burning and severe itching. Scratching areas the rash causes discomfort, so it is best to lubricate them with ointment, relieves itching, or give dissolved in water pill. Usually the treatment of the children is prescribed, given in the form of disease stage and extent of skin lesions.

Ways to treat herpes

Since the herpes on the body occurs suddenly, recovery directly depends on the speed of medical assistance. At the first appearance of skin rash, it is advisable to use antiviral drugs, including:

  • antiherpetic drugs in form of tablets and injections («Virolex», «Acyclovir», «he needs therapy with valtrex»). Treatment of herpes on the body will be effective if taken in an initial stage of disease until the formation of bubbles bolduresti of the rash.
  • medicines for external use in the form of creams, spray, ointments («Viru-Merz Serol», «Herperax», etc.) that are applied directly to the affected skin up to 5 times a day. At night on the skin it is recommended to apply antiseptic.
  • anti-inflammatory analgesics for external use («Lidocaine», tablets «Paracetamol», «Acetaminophen»).
  • auxiliary ointments (for example, «Panthenol spray») that promotes healing of ulcers.
  • antibiotics (» — «, «Soap», «Chlorhexidine» is ideal for the treatment of herpes lesions).
  • local warming drugs that accelerate the metabolism in regenerating tissue (ointment «Doctor mom», the balm «gold star», etc.).
  • immunomodulatory agent in the form of pills that increase the body’s resistance («Tsikloferon», etc.).
  • strengthen immunity vitamins (recommended intramuscular injections of ascorbic acid, retinol, tocopherol, thiamine, pyridoxine).
  • treatment and prevention of folk remedies.

Treatment of herpes in children

The most popular and effective drug in the treatment of herpes in children is «Zovirax». It can be used orally and topically. Children older than 10 years is best treated with Cymevene, he needs therapy with valtrex, ribavirin, foscarnet sodium or famciclovir. These drugs great fight with the virus and eliminate symptoms of the disease.

From ointments can be successfully applied:

  • 2 % alpizarina;
  • 12 % tromantadine;
  • 1 % iodixanol;
  • 12 % oxolinic;
  • 2 % tebrofenovuyu.

How to treat herpes on the body folk remedies

Herpes on the body can be successfully treated folk remedies. The first thing you can use is a lotions and compresses. They can be prepared from calendula, immortelle, elecampane, sage and natural antiseptic (honey, onions, garlic), and apply to the affected areas.

Doctors believe that the pill is harmful to kids and offer parents to treat children with folk remedies.

When the body of the only pimples with liquid, is applied to the affected areas lotions prepared with 70% ethyl alcohol and camphor. They prevent the rash, relieve itching and ease the General condition of the child.

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The principle of treatment is to get rid of sores by drying. For this purpose:

  • solution of iodine;
  • zinc paste;
  • solution of brilliant green;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • liquid Castellani.

Doctors of alternative medicine recommend a treatment using the decoction of peppermint. For its preparation you need to pour a glass of boiling water a tablespoon of mint and boil for about 15 minutes. Apply to rashes on the body.

Very effective at herpes compresses with the infusion of green tea. Prepare tea as usual, leave for 10-15 minutes and then moisten a napkin and apply to the areas damaged by the rash. The procedure is carried out throughout the day, 6-8 times. After 2-3 days the child will come relief.

Propolisovaya infusion, as well as oils of fir and tea tree are suitable for the treatment of damaged skin and caution used in the case that the baby is not observed allergic reactions to honey and the concentrated oil. Well help treat cold sores on body in children physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy as a method of treatment as immunostimulant, the most suitable for children and the elderly. Its essence lies in the warming areas of the rash with a laser using ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet relieve heat and disinfect the affected areas and stimulates in the tissues of immunological processes.

What you cannot use in the treatment of herpes?

In any case it is impossible to treat herpes pills on a hormonal basis, as they provoke complications, exerting a negative effect on the affected by the immune.

Will benefit patients and burning areas on the skin solutions alcohol-based, such as potassium permanganate, iodine, fukortsin, as they do not destroy the virus itself, and only render it the thermal effect, due to which you may burn.

Personal hygiene herpes

It should be noted that herpes contagious disease. Most often, the infection occurs at the time of formation of pimples contain serous fluid resembling abscesses. The disease is considered to be safe for the environment after the appearance in places of rash on the body dry crusts. Still, one should be careful to comply with bed rest until complete recovery. It is forbidden to bathe in a hot tub.

To avoid the spread of the disease, all patients should have things for personal use, separate from their family members. Before recovery, you should avoid tactile contact with relatives, children and strangers.

In the period of disease progression is not to use cosmetics (including shampoos, scrubs and gels) due to possible allergic rashes and worsening of the condition after the spread of the rash on the body. To wash in the shower up to 3 times a week. Better to abandon frequent contact with water, as a habit to often wash contributes to «spreading» of acne on the body.

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Until the formation of crusts on the sores only use of underwear made of cotton. When the pimples burst, deriving from them serous fluid in contact with clothing will not cause allergic reactions, irritation and pain. Natural linen fabric will absorb all the liquid, without causing infection.

How dangerous herpes virus?

We can say unequivocally that herpes is dangerous. It can be transmitted both sexually and airborne and household ways. The virus is very stable, at standard temperature body can live a day. Killed pathogen only at very low (-70o C) and extremely high (+55 or above) temperature.

First person can be infected in childhood. In this case, the disease occurs in the form of chickenpox and if timely treatment is not a serious health threat. After the disease patient’s immunity to the pathogen, resulting in re-infection is possible, but their occurrence is much easier. There are times when after the first healing in humans is a strong immunity to the virus in the future over the life of the disease no longer appears.

Much more dangerous than when the patient first becomes infected with herpes in older age, particularly during sexual intercourse. Then the disease occurs without obvious symptoms and is detected only at specific laboratory studies. During pregnancy the herpes virus transmitted in utero to the fetus from the mother.

During periods of acute disease especially dangerous. The risk of infection continues until the formation of bubbles. After the formation of ulcers, the disease weakens and becomes less dangerous. During treatment the patient should avoid contact with children, pensioners, and people, previously without a history of chickenpox. In addition, the patient should be individual things (underwear, towel, bed sheets) and tools for personal hygiene (soap, shampoo, comb, etc.).

Completely cure the virus impossible. It can only some time after the treatment to let you know, received a temporary «reprieve» after the treatment. It’s worth periodically to treat infection to prevent repeated relapses.

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