Throat spray for kids is the types and rules of their application

The disease condition is very unpleasant, but watching a child suffer is unbearable. Sore throat gives kids a lot of unpleasant moments, so parents try their best to alleviate the condition of their children.

Good help from the pain and irritation in the throat medicines in the form of a spray — they quickly fall to the inflamed surface, actively soften, soothe pain and dryness, promote rapid recovery and is very well tolerated by most children. However, the use of drugs in the form of a spray must be agreed with the doctor and strictly to take into account the age of the child patient.

The purpose and rules of application of the spray for the throat children

The spray form is most favorable to use, especially for children, as it helps to deliver the active ingredient directly to the site of inflammation. However, when using conventional sprays there is a threat of getting the drug deep into the respiratory tract of the child due to the fact that he too is sprayed with a strong jet.

That is why the safest for sore throat spray for kids Aqua Maris was allowed to use only three years of age. But now there are drugs with a fine spray that can be applied almost from the moment of birth. Among the most known and popular tools of this type applies to other types of pain.

Spray should be effective to provide a pronounced anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties, to be completely hypoallergenic, not toxic and irritating impact on the fragile mucous membrane of the pharynx of a small child.

The most safe and effective spray for baby is a drug on the basis of sea water, purified and placed in a special device to spray enriched with medicinal compounds. This spray does not cause side effects, but will help to quickly relieve pain and sore throat, reduce dryness and irritation in the throat.

The drugs in sprays designed for all ages a little patient, have a different composition and focus on solving problems at different levels.

Moisturizing and cleansing preparations based on sea water to alleviate sore throat and clear the nasal passages of accumulated mucus, anti-inflammatory sprays quickly remove redness, swelling and inflammation in the throat, antibacterial drugs contain antibiotics that inhibit the growth and activity of pathogenic microflora.

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The use of permitted drugs in aerosol for children under six months has one important feature: spraying the preparation into the nose, so that its smallest particles flowed down the back of the throat and got «sick» area of the mucous membranes of the throat.

If spraying the spray directly into the throat such a small child, who still can not control the breath, hold it, inhale and exhale on command of an adult, the fact that the smallest particles of the drug in the bronchi and lungs can cause a dangerous condition bronchospasm.

The types and description of moisturizing and cleansing sprays

Drugs moisturizing groups have as the basis of the sea purified water, contribute to the rapid removal of swelling, inflammation and redness, soften the throat, removes the plaque and helps the fast regeneration of damaged mucous membranes.

The most popular throat spray for children is other types of pain. This drug can be used even for the youngest children, but the crumbs under the age of six months exclusively it is sprayed in the nose, as these kids are still unable to control his breathing, and hit a large number of tools deeply into the respiratory tract can cause bronchoconstriction. When sprayed in the nose the solution runs down the wall of the nasopharynx, simultaneously softening and cleaning them. The composition includes an extract of aloe Vera, a plant known for its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, as well as extract of camomile, which acts as an antiseptic topical application. In addition, aloe Vera has in its composition of biologically active substances, which act as immunomodulators, enhancing the baby’s immunity.

Aqua Maris is colorless transparent preparation for hydration and irrigation of the nose and throat with softening, cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties. Aqua Maris spray can be used from 12 months of age. Great for washing of the inflamed mucous membranes and softening of dry crusts.

Spray for the throat with an antibiotic

In the presence of bacterial infection normal softening and cleansing sprays for a complete cure may not be enough. In this case, you will need to use a throat spray for children containing the antibiotic. This is quite a risky drug, so to choose it to treat your child is impossible, it should make only a pediatrician, taking into account all the potential complications in the baby.

Antibiotics are not administered to an infant, doing this can only be a doctor if vital indications.

Types of sprays:

  • One of the commonly used medications with antibiotics that comes in a spray for children is Bioparox. This drug the doctor usually chooses for the treatment of children older than 30 months in cases when other means have not proven effective. Use not more often 4 times a day, for 2 — 4 sprays.
  • Polideksa and Octenisept — preparations with antibacterial action, which are widely used in complex therapy for the treatment of several diseases of the respiratory system, including to kill bacteria with inflammation in the throat.
  • In some cases, doctors recommend combining several aerosol products for mixed use, as they will be more effective. Often, such treatment is required for co-infections, which coexist several pathogens, e.g., bacteria and fungi or fungi and viruses. For example, doctors often suggest the indications to use the drug Miramistin in combination with antibiotics to enhance the action and increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Anti-inflammatory children’s throat spray

The most effective sprays for kids:

  • Hexetidine is a popular throat spray for kids that can be used from the age of three, and a two-year appointed by decision of a pediatrician and under his supervision. The drug has a powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, as it contains antiseptic hexetidine. Medication can quickly resolve pain and swelling of the throat.
  • Exaspera you can apply from the age of six, it is used in glossitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis and pharyngitis. Contains biclotymol, anise oil, benzyl alcohol. May provoke an allergic reaction.
  • Kameton spray multi-purpose with a rich composition that can be applied in various diseases of the pharynx and the nasal cavity. Appointed from the age of five, contains such active substances as levomenol, chlorobutanol, eucalyptus oil. Has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic properties.
  • Miramistin is very popular with parents, as this drug has a minimum of contraindications and side effects. It can be used for irrigation of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, contains the active substance benzyldimethyl and differs in that it has surface activity only, that is, the tissue is not absorbed. Has a contraindication — chronic atrophic pharyngitis.
  • Tantum Verde — a drug that can deal with Candida, streptococci and staphylococci. Has a decongestant action and fights inflammation, reduces pain in the throat when swallowing. Is prescribed by a doctor since the age of four.
  • Orasept — local analgesic and antiseptic. Well accepted by young children, but at the age of two years can be used only on prescription. Contains active ingredients: glycerin, soothing the mucous membranes of the pharynx, and phenol has potent antiseptic and antimicrobial action.
  • The Lugol’s Solution. All who in childhood once had quinsy, I remember very well the look and taste of this substance. A solution of iodine gives it not only color, but also an unpleasant pungent smell and taste, which children often act up and flatly do not allow yourself to lubricate the neck of such a substance. High efficiency of the product makes it very useful for treatment of inflammatory diseases of the throat, especially different types of tonsillitis. Now, the Lugol solution available in the form of a special spray that is allowed to be used for children at this age when they can arbitrarily hold your breath. The penetration of the droplets of the drug into the bronchi may cause spasm of the respiratory organs, ingestion, or inhalation means in babies can cause nausea and vomiting. Contraindicated with Allergy to iodine-containing drugs or if you have problems with the thyroid gland.
  • Ingalipt — another old, proven and very well-established means of Lugol. Ingalipt spray for children is used for problems with respiratory system. The drug has a refreshing and cooling effect thanks to menthol, well inhibits the pathogenic microflora and eliminates severe inflammation. Apply the tool only for children above the age of three, since the dosage you need to hold your breath to spray had the opportunity to act on the inflamed area.
  • Lamisil is an effective spray based on vegetable raw materials, which are allowed for children older than 3 years. It has high anti-inflammatory activity, softens the throat, helps with inflammation and irritation of the throat accompanied by a dry choking cough. Great drug, but for natural raw materials can provoke allergic reactions.

Choosing modern from sore throats for kids is so rich and varied that to understand yourself in this range is extremely difficult, besides it can be risky. As can be seen from these tools, each of them has a strict age limit and number of contraindications and side properties, it is highly desirable to use these drugs in aerosol for children only after prior consultation with the pediatrician.

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