The instruction to the drug to lower blood pressure mother: purpose, rules of use and side effects

Allergies of different types and forms of torture the world’s population, and suffer from this condition all age groups, from small children to adults. Seasonal allergies, hay fever or hay fever — a disease delivers a lot of unpleasant moments the patient, accompanied by conjunctivitis, severe rhinitis, and a General weakening of the body.

To deal with local manifestations of hay fever called drug of English manufacture from the company GlaxoSmithKline under the name of lower blood pressure mother.

To lower blood pressure mother — the composition, properties, and form release

Before using this drug it is highly recommended to read the instructions that accompany the drug. The fact is that the main active ingredient is fluticasone. This hormonal substance is synthetic origin belonging to the group of corticosteroids. Also with the composition include other additional substances: glucose, cellulose, emulsifying the drug with distilled water.

Externally, the lower blood pressure mother spray is a white suspension, homogenous, enclosed in a glass vial of a reddish hue. The bottle has a very convenient case from plastic, is equipped with a special window so you can monitor the remaining amount of the drug. In addition, it has a special button accurate dosage and nozzle for the spraying substance. The case serves a protective cover, the drug is placed into the cardboard packaging. In the sale is found to lower blood pressure mother the packing of 30, 60 and 120 doses of each.

To lower blood pressure mother — it’s anti-inflammatory drug of the local action.

It is designed to quickly remove the symptoms of allergic reactions, inflammation, swelling of the mucous membrane. By narrowing the numerous blood vessels quickly stops exhausting the flow of fluid from the nose, and the patient is able to breathe without panting. A nice feature of the main active ingredient of the drug is its ability not to accumulate in the body and quickly excreted from it. To lower blood pressure mother does not provoke the release of its own hormones and does not affect the kidneys or liver.

The drug should be kept away from children, in a place closed to the sunlight, in the temperature range 15 — 30 degrees. Medication cannot be put in the refrigerator, especially the freezer. Outdoor product should be used within 2 months, the remains can be thrown away. Shelf life sealed medications — 36 months.

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The main field of application of the drug is various forms of allergic rhinitis in adults and children.

However, the lower blood pressure mother, side effects which when used correctly is negligible, and is widely used in the complex treatment of adenoids in children. In addition, it is used as an additional treatment for sinusitis.

It helps relieve pain, reduces swelling, improves the General condition of the patient, promotes more rapid passage of the disease.

To avoid possible interactions with other medications and side effects, take medication strictly to the dosage and duration recommended by your doctor.

To apply this medicine alone, given its hormonal nature, is not recommended.

If the patient is a chronic Allergy that is suffering from the symptoms of hay fever every year, at the same time, your doctor may recommend that he start using the drug about a couple of weeks before starting another attack. During this time it reaches the desired concentration of the drug and he will be able to effectively prevent the development of allergies or make symptoms minimal.

Dosage and application

The drug is used for children older than 24 months. Child under 12 years receives a per day half the adult dose, that is, the injection is executed once. In the adult the drug is administered twice a day.

On first use or after a significant time break in the use of medication need to test the functionality of the atomizer. This medication is strongly shaken and press the dispenser button. You should see a cloud of aerosolized medications. When the new bottle to push you up to 6 times.

How to use the drug:

  • Before the introduction of the means of the nasal passages needs to be cleaned a little kid slime can be removed with a small syringe.
  • Then the prepared vial vertically bring to the nose, inserting the tip into the nostril so that the suspension was sprayed toward the nasal (maxillary) sinuses.
  • The introduction of drugs produced by inhaling through the nose and exhale after removing the tip — mouth. Repeated with the other nostril in the same order.

After work, the tip is cleaned, and the bottle is carefully closed with a lid. The effect of the drug is not instantaneous, it manifests itself after about 8 hours, and with each application efficiency is enhanced.

After reaching the stable therapeutic effect dosage drugs reduce to one spray into each nostril.

It should be noted that the maximum activity of the drug reaches when applied against the runny nose of allergic nature. If the rhinitis is caused by other sources, such as viruses, bacteria or fungi, lower blood pressure mother either not used, or assigned exclusively to a subsidiary the drug. It will help to relieve severe swelling and reduce too much flow of mucus from the nose. To treat the main causes of the disease need to take specialized medications that must be prescribed by a doctor.

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In the treatment of sinusitis this medication is also not a major, playing only the role of auxiliary means, effectively reducing swelling of the nasal passages. This improves the outflow of pus and cleaning of the maxillary sinus, the disease is quicker and leaves no complications.

More information about allergic rhinitis you can see from the video:

Adenoids in young children, a phenomenon is very frequent. In the absence of timely proper treatment of the neoplasm may be so much to grow that the child cannot breathe through the nose and forced to do it by mouth. If you use the same lower blood pressure mother manages to reduce swelling, and then the doctor takes a decision about the removal of formations by surgery or other treatment methods. In any case, for diseases that are not associated with allergic rhinitis, lower blood pressure mother is a high-quality, effective, but only an auxiliary drug for the treatment.

Contraindications and side effects

The drug is to lower blood pressure mother, side effects are not too big, nonetheless has a number of contraindications:

  • The medicine is prohibited to be used in case of Allergy to major or minor components of the product.
  • Not permitted drug and with serious problems in the functioning of the liver.
  • If the mucous membrane of the nose has cracks, sores and abrasions, or has recently performed a puncture or other surgical intervention to lower blood pressure mother not being used.
  • Should not be used simultaneously with this tool other hormonal drugs from the group of glucocorticosteroids.
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Has to lower blood pressure mother and side effects, which are mainly associated with the violation of outright bans on the use of this tool. Most often it is bleeding from the nose, and the appearance of ulcerations on the nasal mucosa. This condition can also occur when very long-term use of funds for a period of more than six months.

Given that the drug has a hormonal nature, abuse it and very long time use is not worth it.

Another version of the appearance of side effects is the development of different types of allergic reactions: urticaria, edema, accompanied by itching.

Negative consequences of multiple drug overdose was not observed, but given the hormonal nature of medicines, to abuse them in any case should not be. You also need to pay attention to the duration of use.

Use in pregnancy and lactation

Contraindications for use of medications in pregnant women no, but assign it only in exceptional cases when the doctor believes that the treatment will do more good mother than to be able to provide practical harm to the fetus.

The lack of a clear answer to the question, does the lower blood pressure mother the side effects on the fetus and the development of the pregnancy, due to the insufficient amount of factual material and research of its use in this group of patients.

For all its effectiveness to lower blood pressure mother should be used only on prescription and taking into account all possible contraindications and side effects.