— Sore throat: instructions, benefits and analogues of the drug

Miramistin is a relatively new domestic drug with pronounced antiseptic. It is used in many fields, including in otolaryngology.

Sore throat — able at the local level to destroy pathogenic microbes. The fact that the drug has recently appeared, provides high sensitivity bacteria, viruses, fungi to it.

The composition, form, properties and advantages

A drug called Miramistin was originally developed for use in microgravity. The astronauts are forced to remain in a confined space, which is easily propagated pathogenic microflora. For safe treatment of hands and surfaces were created perfectly.

The drug is quite simple. It includes a substance called benzyldimethyl ammonium chloride monohydrate, and purified water. The concentration of the active substance is 0.01%, which makes the drug safe for skin and mucous membranes and thus effective.

Miramistin sore throat is used quite often, especially when purulent tonsillitis due to its safety and wide spectrum of action. Also the drug is used in surgery, traumatology, gynecology, dermatology, etc. — available in the form of spray and solution for rinsing, inhalations. Sore throat more convenient form of a spray, as it allows you to quickly and efficiently distribute the drug at the mucosal surface.

The drug plays the role of an antiseptic, fights pathogens at the local level without damaging healthy cells of the body, increases local immunity.

The drug has a number of advantages:

  • Security. Miramistin can be used in the treatment of adults, children and pregnant women, it does not render toxic effects on the body.
  • A wide range of actions. The drug destroys gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses, pathogenic fungi, complex viruses.
  • High efficiency. The drug is very effective, as the majority of microorganisms have not yet developed immunity to the active ingredient.
  • Compatibility with other drugs. Perfectly goes well with any other sprays from the throat, cough lozenges, antiviral and antibacterial drugs.
  • However, it is believed that the drug can be addictive. So you can use it for a long time and uncontrollably is not recommended.

    The effect of the drug for sore throat, indications and contraindications

    Miramistin against pathogenic microorganisms, destroying them. Active substance penetrates into the structure of the bacteria or virus, destroying the cell. Healthy cells have a different structure, so the drug does not damage them.

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    When sprayed on intact mucous substance into the blood and does not affect the internal organs. When interacting with blood and pus efficacy is not reduced.

    The drug is sold without a prescription, can be used not only for treatment but also for prevention of diseases of the throat. Indications for use Miramistina are:

    • SARS and influenza. For colds and flu viruses cause inflammation of the mucous of the throat that leads to swelling and pain. Miramistin helps to relieve inflammation, to destroy the virus, to prevent the occurrence of complications.
    • Angina. Angina (acute tonsillitis), usually caused by bacteria, accompanied with pyrexia, acute pain in the throat, the formation of ulcers. Using Miramistina, you can wash the throat from pus to reduce inflammation. Especially important this treatment in children as strep throat can lead to enlarged tonsils.
    • Pharyngitis. Pharyngitis (inflammation of throat) accompanied by severe pain in the throat, with tickling and dry cough. Alleviate symptoms and stop the spread of the inflammatory process will help Miramistin.
    • Laryngitis. When inflammation of the larynx not only pain is felt in the throat, but also disrupted the work of the vocal cords. To speed healing and enhance recovery of tissue, you can use Miramistina.

    Read more about the drug Miramistin you can see from the video:

    The drug has virtually no contraindications. It is considered the main contraindication is hypersensitivity to the active substance, but it is extremely rare.

    Allergic reactions also were not observed. Sometimes when you use Miramistina felt a slight burning sensation, but it passes on its own within 10 minutes. It is a feature of action of the drug, it does not require its abolition.

    It is worth remembering that direct analgesic effect of the drug is not. Instant relief can be expected, is a powerful antiseptic that acts on the causative agent.

    Application Miramistina for sore throat in adults and children

    To use Miramistin is quite simple. It is sold in handy bottles with a sprayer. To prepare the drug for use, need to get the bottle and remove the protective cover. Instead it is put on the diffuser and carefully recorded.

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    Before using the nose rises. You need to make a couple shots, make sure that the drug is sprayed and treat the tip of the nose by the drug.

    Dosage and duration of application are determined individually. However, there are General guidelines on the use Miramistina for sore throat:

    • In case you need to spray Miramistin 2-3 times a day for 1 press for children up to 6 years and 2 tap for adults. The treatment lasts up to 10 days depending on the doctor’s recommendations.
    • The instructions indicated that the drug is approved for treatment of children older than 3 years, however younger children simply no contraindications. Miramistin can be used to treat infants, however, you need to use it carefully. Getting drugs directly into the throat can cause swelling. Spraying Miramistin is better not cheek or tongue, that he is with saliva then hit in the throat.
    • For gargling child Miramistin can be diluted with water. Adults are recommended not to add water, and gargle the pure drug in the amount of 1 tablespoon. Within 30 seconds or minute to keep the drug in the throat, with his head to pronounce the English «R». The solution is not to swallow.
    • After using the drug at least one hour, preferably do not eat, drink, smoke. Prior to the application Miramistina is possible to rinse a throat simple water or to drink something.
    • Drug use during pregnancy, as it has no side effects and is not absorbed through mucous membranes into the blood. However, in any case of the drug is swallowed. During pregnancy it is advisable to consult a doctor before use Miramistina.

    It is worth remembering that despite the safety of the drug, it cannot be used for a long time and to exceed doctor dosage.

    Analogues of the drug

    Full analog Miramistine at the moment. This is the only medication that safely and effectively eliminates any infection. Because of side effects, virtually no need to replace the drug occurs very rarely.

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    If we talk about the treatment of sore throat, replace perfectly the following drugs:

  • Chlorhexidine. The preparation contains chlorhexidine bigluconate. It is cheaper Miramistina, but its effectiveness in treating throat is much lower. The drug solution used for gargling with the flu, tonsillitis, and pharyngitis. Among the side effects can be noted the darkening of the tooth enamel. The drug has a bitter taste, even in dilute form and can cause a burning sensation. Avoid accidental swallowing of the drug.
  • Lugol. Quite an effective drug on the basis of iodine, which is most often prescribed for angina. Lugol has a specific taste, smell and color. In young children it causes vomiting. For a more gentle impact can be used an aqueous solution of Lugol. The tool is not used for children under 5 years and pregnant women.
  • Kameton. The throat is often used to treat sore throats with colds, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis. It is composed of essential oils, so there is a risk of severe allergic reactions. The agent is not appointed children up to 5 years.
  • Tantum Verde. The key ingredient is benzydamine. This drug not only reduces inflammation, but also has analgesic effect. Prescribed for colds, inflammation of the salivary glands, stomatitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis.
  • The drug is well combined with other sprays, so cancel when you assign other resources are required. Miramistin is not a replacement for antibiotics. It is often used as part of combination therapy. It not only destroys bacteria but also reduces their resistance to antibiotics.