Medication Zyrtec: the purpose and features of application of antihistamines

To eliminate the signs of allergic reactions use antihistamines. There are a large number of medicines that will help for a short period of time to reduce Allergy symptoms. Basically choose the drugs first or second generation. One of these drugs is Zyrtec. It is a synthetic antihistamine drug that helps to quickly and effectively get rid of Allergy symptoms.

Zyrtec — drug description

Zyrtec refers to preparations II pokolenia is antihistamine and antiallergic. The main active ingredient is cetirizine, which helps to block the H1-histamine receptors. They are on the surface of many cells and contribute to signs of allergic reactions.

The initial signs of allergies invisible to humans. After the release of histamine appear typical Allergy symptoms. Can occur itching, rash, redness on the skin, watery eyes, runny nose etc.

As a result, the effect of histamine is attenuated, decreases swelling and redness. The active substance reduces the development of skin reactions – blisters and redness.

After the use of the drug the therapeutic effect observed after 1-2 hours.

The duration in adults was maintained for 24 hours in children 12 hours. Metabolized in minimal quantities in the liver and excreted by the kidneys. This drug has no anticholinergic and antiserotonin action.

Release form

Antihistamine medication comes in the form of tablets and drops, which are intended for oral administration.

One tablet contains 10 mg cetirizine. Besides, the drug includes other auxiliary components. In one pack of 7 tablets of 10 mg.

Drops Zyrtec contains substances such as: sodium acetate, propylene glycol, sodium saccharin, acetic acid, glycerol, etc. a Liquid for oral administration is available in vial of 10 ml or 20 ml, 10 mg cetirizine equivalent to 1 ml.

The purpose and dosage

Antiallergic medication prescribed for the treatment of the following diseases:

  • Year-round or seasonal allergic rhinitis
  • Allergic conjunctivitis
  • Angioedema
  • Urticaria
  • Dermatosis allergic nature
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Hay fever

Zyrtec effectively eliminates symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, congestion, itching, sneezing etc. the product can be used in complex therapy in the treatment of asthma or chronic eczema.

Appropriate use of the drug is not only curative but also preventive purposes.


  • The drug is assigned children from 6 months. Daily dose for adults is 10 mg. you Can take one tablet or 20 drops antiallergic drugs.
  • Children 6 years and adults give half a pill, which corresponds to 5 mg satirise. Instead of pills, you can drip 10 drops of Sirtica and to drink in one go. If signs of an allergic reaction are not reduced after taking the pills, then prescription dosage increase to 10 mg.
  • Children under 1 year do not give more than 5 drops per day. The dose is increased for 1-2 years: 5 drops 2 times a day. For small children the daily dosage (10 drops) is not recommended to give at a time, so Zyrtec can cause sleepiness and respiratory failure.
  • Children 2 to 6 years appoint 10 drops once daily, or 5 drops with or without food in the morning and evening. Dosage by yourself to change is prohibited.
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Application features:

  • With an acute Allergy drug taking until the until symptoms. If after taking the drug the symptoms are gone for 3 days, then on day 4 it is no longer accepted. Basically, the duration of the treatment with an antihistamine is 7 days. The duration of treatment can reach 10 days.

  • If seasonal allergies, Zyrtec need to take courses in 20-25 days. Be sure to take breaks of 2-3 weeks between courses.
  • Zyrtec drops are recommended to be given only when the child turns one year. It is undesirable to eliminate allergies to use pills to children under the age specified. They experience difficulty swallowing pills. As a result, the child could choke on or cause a gag reflex.
  • This drops antiallergic drug have a specific taste and smell, therefore, when used in teaspoon, you can add water or drink plenty of water.
  • Pills antihistamines need to swallow it whole and drink plenty of fluids. Due to the existing risk can be cracked.
  • Take the drug is recommended for 30-40 minutes before meals: in the evening from 21 to 23 hours, and in summer, from 22 to 24. It was during these hours there is a large amount of histamine release. The use of the drug in this time period contributes to the rapid elimination of symptoms of allergies. If it is not possible to make a tool in these times, it can be done at any other time.

Note, however, that Zyrtec to take in the evening preferably in that case, if the medication the doctor has prescribed once a day. If you use an antihistamine should be 2 times per day, between doses must be observed every 12 hours. It is advisable to take at certain times. Long-term use of the drug is not addictive, and its action is not reduced.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

When conducting laboratory research on the fetus have not revealed any adverse reactions. But tests on pregnant women have not been conducted. However, the instructions that make pregnancy is prohibited.

Many doctors allergic reaction still prescribe Zyrtec only minimal dosage. To 12 weeks the drug is not assigned due to possible harm to the fetus. Any drugs prior to this period do not use.

Breastfeeding Zyrtec use is strictly prohibited. The active substance passes into breast milk and the newborn can cause depression of the Central nervous system until breathing stops.

If you experience an allergic reaction during lactation to eliminate the symptoms you must use a different antihistamine medication.

If this is not possible, the use of Zirtek need some time to stop breastfeeding.

Contraindications and side effects

An antihistamine Zyrtec is prohibited to take during pregnancy and lactation, intolerance to any component of the drug.

If you have kidney problems, treatment with this drug is given with caution. The doctor will prescribe a certain dosage based on the severity of the disease. In old age the drug is administered under medical supervision. Zyrtec is not indicated for renal insufficiency, lactase deficiency, chronic liver diseases.

During treatment the drug Zyrtec can observe various side reactions, manifested by certain organs and systems:

  • Intolerance of the active substance may be a rash on various parts of the body, swelling of the face, tongue, and lips.
  • It is also possible occurrence of sleepiness, dry mouth, headache, diarrhea, abdominal pain.
  • On the background of the drug can cause serious side effects such as jitters, hyperactivity, problems with vision and urination.

If any of these signs, you should suspend the use of the drug and tell the doctor about this.

Overdose occurs when used in large doses over 50 mg.

This gives rise to tachycardia, anxiety and irritability, insomnia, constipation etc. If there are signs of an overdose, it is necessary to carry out symptomatic therapy.

Use with other medications

The simultaneous use of Zirtek and Erythromycin, Azithromycin, Ketoconazole, Diazepam does not lead to any reactions.

When using antihistamines together with Theophylline at the dose of 400 mg there is a decrease in creatinine. The use of Zirtek and some drugs macrolides do not result in ECG changes.

If taking medicines that cause drowsiness (anti-convulsants, hypnotics, drugs against influenza and colds, etc.), you must notify the attending physician. Some of these tools can increase drowsiness when used along with medication Zyrtec.

Alcohol and Zyrtec

Data on the interaction of antiallergic drug and alcoholic beverages not. According to the instructions, it is recommended to abstain from taking alcohol at the time of treatment the drug Zyrtec.

It is important to remember that antihistamines, which eliminates the manifestation of allergic symptoms, reduce the rate of excretion of alcohol.

Alcoholic beverages influence the reaction of the blood, causing the half-life of the active substance from the body is disturbed.

The joint use of antihistamines first-generation and alcohol reduced therapeutic effect. Alcohol also affects the metabolic processes in the body, which can lead to allergic diseases. The effect of Zirtek with the simultaneous consumption of alcoholic beverages is not much enhanced, but to predict the possible consequences is very difficult. In each case, may experience different reactions.

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Shelf life and storage conditions

The drug Zyrtec should be stored for 5 years. The temperature should not exceed 25 degrees. Almost all drugs are destroyed under the action of sunlight, and Zyrtec is no exception. Therefore, the drug should be stored in a dark and inaccessible to children.

It is important that direct sunlight does not fall on the medicine.

It should be remembered that tablets are hygroscopic. In the room where the unstable humidity levels Zyrtec cannot keep.

It is important that the vial does not hit the air, so after use of the drug should be tightly closed. To take after expiry date is strictly prohibited.


If in a drugstore there is no Sirtica, you can buy interchangeable tool with the same active ingredient. In comparison with other drugs, the cost of Zirtek much higher. Analogues are drugs that do not differ in composition from the original means.

Generics differ from the original composition of auxiliary substances in qualitative and quantitative terms.

Analogues of the drug Zyrtec are:

  • Side effects of the drug. This tool is no different from Sirtica, with the exception of auxiliary substances, which have no direct therapeutic action. The drug comes in three dosage forms: tablet, syrup and drops. To take the drug to children younger than one year is prohibited.
  • Parlazin. Prevents the development of edema, reduces muscle spasm. The drug may cause drowsiness. It is necessary to know the driver when driving a vehicle. At this point, you should also pay attention to people, skills relate to the high concentration of attention.
  • Analergin. Is a highly effective antihistaminic agent. Has no sedative effect. The drug reduces the manifestation of allergic reactions, has antipruritic effect. Can be stored for 2 years.
  • Cethrin. The drug belongs to the second generation. Side effects are negligible. Unlike first-generation drugs Effective in the least degree affects the nervous system. Use an antihistamine for children only from the age of two.
  • Allertec. Different from Sirtica the composition of excipients. Not allowed to use during pregnancy and lactation. Allertec contraindicated in children up to 6 years.

There are drugs analogs with other active substance — levocetirizine, but have the same therapeutic effect.

Such drugs are: Xyzal, Alzet, Suprastine, Levocetirizine Teva, Cetera etc. Any drug should be used only on prescription and adhere to the specified in the instruction dosage.