Instructions for use Aqua Maris: action, effect, dosage

Today gaining popularity of drugs made entirely from natural ingredients. Especially when it concerns children. A runny nose is one of the most common diseases faced by people, both adults and children. To treat it various ways, but doctors recommend to use that drug as Aqua Maris.

The composition and action of Aqua Maris

Composed of Aqua Maris no preservatives and dyes, it contains only specially purified water from the Adriatic sea, as well as ions and some inorganic substances.

Due to this, you can say «natural» composition, the drug is allowed to use even in children, aged less than a year.

He has a very important moisturizing effect to the nasal mucosa. In addition, when the injection Aqua Maris in the nasal passage, is not only cleansing, but also the elimination of accumulated mucus. Due to this effect the nasal passages clear and breathing becomes better. Besides, there is not only the excretion of mucus, but also all the faithful of bacteria and germs that caused disease.

As for allergic rhinitis, Aqua Maris is also recommended to apply at least three times a day in order to clear the nasal passages of dust particles, as well as those substances that provoke allergic reactions.

Trace elements, which are presented in the form of ions of magnesium, sodium, etc. contribute to the improvement of local immunity, thus accelerating the healing process and increasing the body’s resistance.

Scientists have conducted studies during which they proved that the effectiveness of medicines such as ear drops, topical antibiotics or local immunomodulators and stimulants, increases just after the nasal Aqua Maris. This is because the drug gets bound to the cleansed mucous membrane, on which there is accumulated mucus and bacteria, thus the impact occurs directly on her.

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More information about Aqua Maris can be found in video.

The main secret of such amazing effect from the Aqua Maris is in its composition, namely in seawater, which is taken only from the Adriatic sea, which is famous for its purity. A unique composition that is well balanced, able to provide invaluable assistance in the fight, with both an allergic and a simple rhinitis.

For as long as possible to save this water, purify it with the help of special filters, thanks to which it does not lose its beneficial properties.

The use of Aqua Maris contributes to a speedy recovery, and almost all pediatricians and physicians recommend its use for prevention of infectious diseases or during their treatment.

Indications for use

As mentioned above, the drug has a positive effect on the mucous membrane in the nasal cavity. But the spectrum of its application is much wider.

Aqua Maris is recommended to apply in several cases:

  • In case of the first prerequisites for the development of infectious rhinitis, such as sneezing, itching, etc.
  • Inflammatory diseases such as rhinitis, sinusitis, and sinusitis.
  • Nasopharyngeal angina, in which you must help to bring out the nasal passages of accumulated mucus and harmful.
  • In autumn and winter when the air becomes very dry and need to moisten the nasal mucosa.
  • To conduct prevention of serious infectious diseases in those people who smoke cigarettes.
  • The change of residence. This refers to moving to another climate zone when the body takes some time to adjust to new conditions.
  • If you have allergies, for example, during the flowering of ambrosia when flying poplar fluff and if you are allergic to dust, with the aim to clear the nasal passages from particles that cause discomfort and allergic attack.
  • As mentioned above, Aqua Maris is almost always and everywhere, in addition, many pediatricians recommend children to wash the nose every day in the morning or evening, especially in autumn and winter, the period of the beginning of epidemics, as well as when the child goes to kindergarten.

    Method of application

    Aqua Maris is available in several forms, which make its application much easier in contrast to other drugs with similar action. Besides, there are several types of dosages, suitable for young children, older children, and adults.

    During treatment the drug must be applied in the following way:

    • For young children, starting with the first day of life have to bury two drops three to four times a day.
    • For young children, whose age varies from one year to six years to vpryskivat 2 doses approximately six to seven times a day.
    • For children of school age is recommended to be injected in each pass for 2 doses at least four times a day.
    • As for adults, there is need to inject 3 doses at least four times a day.

    Treatment Aqua Maris is two to four weeks depending on the severity of the disease and speed recovery.

    Also Aqua Maris is recommended for use with the purpose of prevention. In this case, the dosage will be as follows:

  • For infants two times a day one drop in each nasal passage.
  • For young children, aged from one year to six years, you must apply 2 doses every aisle at least twice a day.
  • For students, the recommended dosage is two inject at least 3 times a day.
  • Adult people here with the purpose of prevention, especially when in contact with sick people, it is recommended to inject 3 doses every aisle at least four times a day.
  • In that case, if the goal of the drug will be removing the accumulated mucus and its mitigation, it is necessary to do as many injections as necessary. No consequences from frequent use of Aqua Maris is not observed.

    Side effects, contraindications, overdose

    At Aqua Maris virtually no contraindications, with the exception of an allergic reaction to some components of the drug. Sometimes, after the injection of the spray a person may appear great nasal congestion, and sneezing activated. This suggests that we need to stop using the medicine for what has developed an allergic reaction.

    The same can be said about the side effects. As such the drug they were not available. But an allergic reaction can occur in some people who have this predisposition.

    Besides, the drug has no contraindications regarding the coadministration with other drugs.

    On the contrary, is marked the best achievement of the effect of the drug in that case, if it is applied immediately after the nasal Aqua Maris.

    Instructions for use Aqua Maris is quite simple. There are no specific instructions, in addition, if required by the physical condition of the person, Aqua Maris can be used unlimited number of times.