Zinc ointment — what helps and the instruction on its application

What helps Zinc ointment?

Zinc ointment is the drug of topical use having antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, drying and disinfecting properties. This tool helps with treatment of many skin problems, dermatitis in people of different ages. Besides recommended zinc ointment for allergies, treatment of burns, viral diseases, minor injuries and wrinkles. Suitable zinc ointment for face, the skin delicate areas of the body and other areas of the skin.

  • The effect of zinc ointment
  • Indications for use and composition
  • Side effects
  • Method of application and doses
  • Analogues of the drug

The effect of zinc ointment

Zinc ointment helps? Zinc oxide has sufficient strength antiseptic properties to provide a person protection from some skin infections. Due to its anti-inflammatory action of the drug is able to alleviate the symptoms of many skin diseases.

Zinc ointment or paste is sometimes added in the composition other components to provide a particular effect:

  • The menthol smell;
  • In lanolin to soften;
  • In fish oil due to the presence in it of vitamins A, D and omega 3;

Add this tool and many other substances. Due to the properties of zinc oxide provided by the therapeutic action of the drug:

  • Protection protection of skin cells from UV rays, preventing sunburn, even tan;
  • Regenerating – perfectly heals the skin;
  • Binder – creates on top of the skin film to prevent irritation;
  • Emollient – soothes and softens the skin;
  • The adsorbent reduces the number of eye-catching inflamed skin cells of the exudate.

Important! The maximum effect healing action of the drug is on areas of skin that flakes and is covered with cork.

Indications for use and composition

This tool is usually used for dermatitis, rashes, scrapes, burns, hemorrhoids, and acne. Also sometimes it is used as a treatment for venous ulcers and pressure sores. In gynecology it is used for the treatment of vulvovaginitis mentioned zinc ointment for herpes and to relieve mild symptoms of cervical erosion. The best results from the effects of this tool are visible when it is used as a preventive measure. Zinc ointment for diaper rash in newborns is of great help.

Description of zinc oxide is very short, if we talk about its appearance. The main active ingredient of the drug is zinc oxide, the texture it thick, and the color usually white or yellowish. As the basis of the drug is vaseline. For various problems this tool is used differently:

  • Acne. Zinc oxide treats and prevents the appearance of new pimples. In this case it is used as in the main form and in the form of tablets, often for greater effectiveness its action is complementary to erythromycin;
  • Diaper rash. In them zinc ointment for newborns must be applied at each change of diapers, previously to completely clean and dry the skin. Zinc oxide gives the skin contact with irritants. Zinc paste diaper rash was the salvation for many people;
  • Melasma. Used to relieve the symptoms of the disease;
  • Damage and irritation of the skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, discuss the drug in this situation is particularly effective. Zinc ions stimulate the healing process of skin damage;
  • Protection from the sun. Ideal for protection from the sun children under the age of six months;
  • Hemorrhoids. Here she is one of the best remedies to treat hemorrhoids that are dispensed without a prescription. It is well restores the damaged tissue and relieves the symptoms of the disease.

Side effects

Most people tolerate the drug quite well. Sometimes the side effects can be sensitivity to ingredients means in the form of itching, burning, tingling of the skin. In rare cases, when this ointment is noticeable slight darkening of the skin. Typically, these side effects soon after using the ointment stopped. If not, you should go to the hospital.

Zinc ointment contraindications. You should not use the drug if allergic to any of its components – is often the composition in addition to zinc oxide can include lanolin, Dimethicone, petrolatum, cod liver oil, mineral oil, parabens and waxes. People with a high chance of allergic reactions should consult with your doctor before using.

Doctors considered that this paste can be used together with other drugs without fear, cases of drug interaction have not been recorded. Despite the fact that the antibacterial properties of zinc oxide are good enough, this drug to cure fungal and bacterial infections can not. If I use it within one to two weeks no improvement is observed, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Method of application and doses

Important! Apply the product to cleansed, dry skin. This drug is intended only for external use, it is necessary to avoid its contact with eyes and mouth.

Why and how with diaper rash in newborns and not only applied this tool? To prevent the formation of bedsores and diaper rash typically use a zinc ointment, in which the concentration of zinc oxide is 10-20%. Treat prickly heat and diaper rash ointment for 30-40% concentration of zinc oxide. Before applying zinc ointments to the skin of a child needs a diaper change. This files most often zinc ointment is used several times a day as needed for quite a long time. If a week from the action of the ointment does not start to improve with diaper rash and heat rash or skin condition on the contrary is getting worse, you should contact a doctor for advice.

In the treatment of dermatitis remedy is recommended to apply on clean skin in small amounts, 1-4 times per day. Usually the course of treatment is about 3 weeks. For acne and acne made use of to treat the drug with a concentration of zinc oxide 10%. Due to the fact that used together with the ointment day cream and not have a problem with applying her makeup often apply before going to bed.

Analogues of the drug

Zinc ointment for children and adults – a great remedy for many diseases. It is suitable for infants and the elderly. Often it is used as an ointment for diaper rash, for skin. The application of zinc ointment, skin diseases and allergies are very wide. Judging by the great reviews this drug is doing its job and achieves excellent results.

The most popular analogues of zinc ointment, can be called drugs Desitin and Cendol, which is also zinc oxide. They are designed for a more comprehensive treatment of the same diseases with which to cope zinc ointment, but are significantly above it. Do not forget that before using any drug you should first consult with your doctor. The instructions for use that it is better to choose analogues of the above ointment and how to smear zinc ointment different parts of my body – the answers to these and other similar questions can always be found on the Internet.

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