Zinc ointment for nail fungus

Fungal infection of the nail plate (onychomycosis) – the disease is not rare. According to statistics, one out of every 10 appeals to the dermatologist for this reason. The treatment process is long, requires a systematic approach. Special attention is paid to the choice of a drug. One of these is the zinc ointment, which is successfully used against fungus on the affected nails.

The main active substance – zinc. This mineral is extremely important for the human body. Its deficiency is manifested by skin problems. Additional components of the ointment are different. It can be:

  • To soften the vaseline or lanolin.
  • Smell – menthol.
  • Fish oil (source of vitamins).
  • As preservatives parabens.

Consistency means viscous, white with a slightly yellowish tinge. The ratio of the active substance and the basis is 1:10.

Important: the drug is completely harmless, with rare exception of allergic reactions. Various skin disease successfully treated with this medicine.

The efficacy of

Zinc-containing ointment relieves symptoms of skin diseases such as:

  • dermatitis;
  • the sores;
  • diaper rash;
  • eczema.

The protective film formed after application of the ointment is a barrier against penetration of pathogenic fungi. Zinc oxide has regenerative properties, reduces inflammation, dries and creates a disinfecting effect.

Important: zinc ointment foot fungus is applied only after the establishment of the specific type of infection. The disease is in its advanced stage requires a different approach, with the involvement of antibiotics.

The ointment, when applied to the skin, absorbs ultraviolet radiation, stimulates the healing process. She warns further progression of the disease, creating a protective film. The nail plate is restored, the nearby areas of the skin are regenerated. Effective drug as a preventive agent.

Method of application

Ointment for nail fungus apply a thin layer on the problem area up to 5 times a day. The duration of treatment varies from two weeks to three months. It all depends on the degree of destruction of the nail plate. After elimination of signs of fungal infection, the drug is applied for another week. If there is no improvement you must consult a dermatologist to select more powerful tools.

For the treatment of fungus on the surface of the feet must be pre-steam the feet for 15 minutes in soapy water. Then, wiping them dry, apply zinc ointment evenly. The number of treatments 3-4 times a day. Steam stops once a day. If the disease is too far advanced, the zinc ointment is not effective against fungus.

Important: during pregnancy the use of drugs with zinc caution. It is better to consult with your doctor. If no individual contraindications zinc ointments are not adversely affected.

Can not be applied onto areas of skin covered with pustules, open wounds. It is not recommended during treatment a long stay in the sun. Simultaneous use of two or more different products based on zinc contraindicated.

Ointment based on zinc

There are a number of drugs that are identical for the totality of the therapeutic properties and having the composition zinc oxide:

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