Zinc ointment for fungus of the toenails and feet

The composition of zinc ointment, fungus and analogues

Zinc ointment foot fungus and other skin is the oldest and most effective method of treatment. To buy means you do not need any doctor’s prescription or even his advice, because the drug is completely safe and can be used even by women in pregnancy and lactation. Not rarely used the ointment and in the treatment of younger children, because the drug is well absorbed by the skin and is absorbed only in the affected areas, healthy skin coverage is not affected.

  • Composition and pharmacological action
  • Indications and methods of use
  • Method of use
  • Analogues Zinc ointment

Composition and pharmacological action

Zinc ointment of the fungus consists of such active substances, such as zinc oxide, as an auxiliary substance acts as paraffin or vaseline. Pharmaceutical companies offer medication in the form of limerent and pasta. Release the drug in a glass jar with a tight-fitting nylon cover and metal tubes of 30g. Principle of drug action is the same, differs only in the number of the active component and the consistency of the drug. Pasta has a thick structure is used at the last stage of the fungus, and limerent is a liquid form and can be used for compresses in the early stages, when separated fluid from ulcers and wounds.

Zinc ointment for nail fungus and skin has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and a drying effect. The active component of the ointment creates conditions unsuitable for reproduction and further spread of fungus, respectively, cells of yeast and dermatophytes die. An ointment for fungus creates on the surface of the skin, a kind of film that does not give environmental factors affect the area of inflammation. When used properly, Zinc ointment reduces the amount of exudate, relieves itching, burning, redness in area of infection, and leads to granulation of the wound.

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Indications and methods of use

Ointment based on zinc, as with any medicine, has a list of indications for use. To use the ointment when the foot fungus, candidiasis of skin and mucous membranes of the plots, the mycosis, onchomycosis, and extensive destruction of the yeast infection. The list of indications for this medication includes:

  • dermatitis caused by fungus;
  • pityriasis versicolor;
  • ulcers;
  • superficial wounds;
  • the sores;
  • herpes simplex;
  • streptoderma.

Treatment of skin fungal ointments shown after surgical procedures, as well as in preparation for surgery.

It should be mentioned that the ointment of the fungus on the feet, hands and other skin areas will give the effect, only at the initial stage, if you use it as a primary treatment. In the case of extensive lesions of the skin fungal infection need to use antifungal drug is more powerful, with fungicidal action.

Zinc ointment fungus can be used at any age and in any condition, it has no contraindications, as even with long-term application does not cause side effects and is not addictive. The only caveat to the cream has a personal intolerance of zinc, which may be the patient. If you are hypersensitive people don’t have allergies, the application of Zinc ointment fungus from skin and nail lesions will give only a positive effect.

Method of use

A medication is prescribed for external use, use it for the treatment of fungus of the mucous membranes of the eyes, is strictly prohibited. Apply the medication on clean skin, treated with an antiseptic. Zinc ointment is white with a yellow tinge, and may leave marks on linen and clothes. After application, wait until dry and remove the excess funds with a napkin.

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It is very important to put alcohol products on the skin before doing a compress or apply a Zinc ointment, as above mentioned, the drug is not able to withstand extensive lesions with fungus. Antiseptics reduce the number of pathogen on the skin, and the rest of the number will close to zinc oxide.

The ointment is applied uniformly over the area of inflammation three times in fact. In the early stages you can make compresses for the night. The drug is applied to cotton cloth with a thick layer, and strapped to fungal inflammation. Take the blindfold off only in the morning. The duration of treatment is usually 2 weeks, but the patient may, in its sole discretion, to stop therapy or to renew it because of the negative impact on the skin is not marked. As a prophylaxis, Zinc ointment is recommended to apply on areas of skin that are constantly exposed to rubbing and wet.

Analogues Zinc ointment

Like any claimed anti-inflammatory and antiseptic pharmaceutical Zinc ointment has a number of analogues. Among them is the most shown:

  • Aliskin;
  • Neo Claimant;
  • Desitin;
  • Sudocrem;
  • Cendol.

The above drugs have a similar composition, but different principle of operation and number of contraindications. Before use, should read the manual. Store counterparts, and Zinc paste on for 3 years after the expiry date application of the medication unacceptable. Of funds without contraindications, ointment will turn into a dangerous substance that is able to trigger a strong allergies.

Fungal skin can significantly spoil the person’s nerves, if manifested in visible areas of the body. A feature of diseases of fungal etiology are, what they can develop into a chronic form, if not promptly engage in their treatment. The worsening infection will occur upon the slightest failure in the immune system and exposure to adverse environmental factors. As a result, a person will have to constantly put up with swollen and irritated skin, as well as aesthetically unpleasant tumor of different localization. It is not necessary to start the fungus, because it can be eliminated by applying Zinc ointment that is very cheap and is sold in every pharmacy.

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