Zinc ointment for diaper rash

A newborn is born with poor immunity, the functions of a small body not yet fully formed. The first is exposed to aggressive external factors, of course, the delicate skin of the baby. You will seldom meet a young mother who is not experienced with such things as diaper rash, nappy rash, rashes allergies, diathesis or trite potnichka. That is why it is so important to have in the Arsenal of the means, time-tested and able to effectively cope with many skin problems. One of the effective tools is zinc ointment for diaper rash.

What is included in the

This cream is a drying antiseptic, astringent and thick in consistency, white in color. It is sold in jars or tubes of small size, not more than 30 grams. A prescription to buy is required.

The main active ingredient is zinc oxide, auxiliary – paraffin. Ointment – a mixture of the two components 1:10. This is not hormonal drug, no additional additives. And most importantly, that the zinc paste is effective for many skin problems.


  • Manifestations of Allergy

    Diathesis is an abnormal response of the body to a foreign food protein. Manifested in the form of a red rash on the body accompanied by itching. Ointment can help in relieving rashes, reducing itching due to the cooling effect of the skin.

    Symptoms of dermatitis

    Ointment based on zinc – one of the few tools that you can use for a long time and «painless». Therefore, the ointment so often used with dermatitis of different etiology, because this problem is not solved quickly. Effectively prevents the inflammation on the area of application, reduces itching. It is possible to use for children of all ages, be it infants or older infant.

    It is important to identify nappy rash and begin to take action, otherwise he can move on to other areas of the skin, to bring their «friends» — staph and fungal infections, and it is treated is more complicated. To prevent unwanted effects on the initial stage of diaper dermatitis, treat affected areas with zinc ointment at least two times a day.

    It is worth noting that ointment based on zinc is often recommended to use even on perfectly healthy skin to prevent the negative impact of the same diapers on baby’s skin.

    Diaper rash

    They appear not only due to diaper dermatitis. This problem is frequent in summer, when certain parts of baby’s delicate skin sweat heavily, and if it is bad to wipe after bathing. Zinc ointment for diaper rash in infants will be the perfect solution because it will help relieve redness and promote faster healing of delicate parts.

    Need to know what a nasty diaper rash can be caused directly by the diaper, and improper use, for example, if them in time not to change. And the same beloved grandmothers soiled diaper in the form that can damage the body of the baby, no less.

    As a rule, the propensity to diaper rash sometimes triggered by such reasons as:

    • the transition from breastfeeding to the mixture;
    • sharp or early entry of new products in the diet of crumbs;
    • the period of teething;
    • increased body temperature;
    • intestinal problems, dysbacteriosis;
    • individual allergic reaction to the diaper.

    Thus, it becomes clear that diaper rash may be a related problem in diathesis or disorders in the digestive tract and the other in which it is necessary to cancel at the time of the diaper, adjust the diet to replace washing powder and so on.

    In any case, if diaper rash for your child not a rare phenomenon, you should consult with your doctor to determine the cause of this disease. The only argument against long-term use of zinc ointment is the fact that the drug dries the skin, causing an effect opposite of the desired effect.

    Atopic dermatitis

    The ointment is zinc-based and has been successfully used in atopic dermatitis. This disease often develops in children with exudative diathesis, becoming a kind of its result. A characteristic feature of this dermatitis is itching.

    It is noted chronic, because most often this disease affects children with hereditary congenital hypersensitivity of the skin to stimuli.

    Provocateurs are loads of mental and emotional nature, the weakening of the immune system in various diseases. This inflammatory pattern on the skin can be quite a long time to subside even after exclusion of the allergen.

    If there are such problems zinc ointment will help relieve itching, reduce external inflammation, helps wounds heal faster.

    It is important to adequately assess the overall situation with the baby’s skin, to understand how it is dry. For very dry skin, zinc ointment is not recommended, or it may point, for example, only on the folds, where possible soak.


    Note that ointment zinc based will not affect the duration of the period of illness and rashes. The elements of the chickenpox on the skin go away on their own even if their is no smear. Ointment can only help more comfortable through a period of illness.


    There is a «popular» method of dealing with pinworms with zinc ointment. It is recommended to lubricate the anal passage with ointment for several weeks. Try to understand the secret of this unconventional method.

    Average life expectancy pinworms – no more than three weeks. That is, these parasites live in the body for long, but in some the disease lasts from several months to several years. This is attributed to the continuous samsarajade. Pinworms at night crawl through the anus to lay eggs. It causes severe itching, the child scratches their anus, the eggs get under the nails, then on toys and household objects, and then in the mouth.

    Ointment to help relieve itching, dry skin, will prevent the development of eggs. But in any case, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel, if you suspect the presence of worms, be sure to consult a specialist.

    Methods of use

    After buying the creams at the pharmacy before use read the leaflet enclosed to the medication. In the instructions you will find a detailed recommendation on the drug.

    Zinc is quite dry, can cause peeling. So after 1-2 hours after application of the ointment, when she’s already absorbed, it is allowed to apply a moisturizer. During the day, use the ointment can be up to five times.

    Before first use

    Most children zinc ointment helps with diaper rash, however, in all matters concerning health, can’t be too careful. It is impossible to completely exclude the possibility of an Allergy to one of the components of the ointment, so before the first application, apply some ointment, for example, on the child’s wrist, and watch a little will not be any reaction.

    The opinions of moms

    Reviews of zinc ointment in the network are mostly positive. Moms who have already tried on their children this means, they say about his strengths:

    • copes with «weeping» dermatitis;
    • suitable for diaper rash and redness;
    • can be used for burns;
    • well heals minor wounds and injuries;
    • facilitates the course of atopic dermatitis;
    • effective when faced with such a nuisance as eczema.

    To the negative properties of the ointment is the fact that it is very dry skin, so its use for highly dry skin can bring negative effect.

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