Yeast nail fungus on feet and hands treatment

Treatment of the yeast fungus on the nails

According to statistics, approximately 15% of the population at least once faced with this disease, as yeast nail fungus. Mostly older contingent. The treatment of the disease should be under the strict supervision of specialists, infectious disease specialists, and dermatologists, as it is contagious and difficult to cure.

  • Yeast nail fungal infection – causes of infection
  • How does yeast nail fungus?
  • Diagnosis of the disease
  • Treatment of yeast-like fungi

Yeast nail fungal infection – causes of infection

Most often, the deformity and infection of the nail plate occurs due to the presence of yeast fungi of Candida discharge. They are present on the mucous membranes and skin of any person. If the immune system decreases, the number of such microorganisms increases. Therefore it is impossible to say with certainty that the infection of yeast is possible only after contact with a sick person. The most known pathogens of the genus Candida, Parapsilosis, Tropicalis, Albicans.

It is possible to note the main ways of infection:

  • The human factor. Yeast fungus on toe nails is antropologia a disease that may be present on household items and personal care: pedicure, manicure set, towel, washcloth, comb, shoes. A healthy person who uses such items quickly become a case of, as his nails serve as a convenient reservoir for these microorganisms. There they can exist in the form of spores long enough.
  • The external environment. It is known the existence of parasitic fungi that are easily propagated and can exist without direct communication with living beings. These parasites inhabit in plants, water, soil. And man, just being in nature can easily become infected.
  • Animals. This applies mostly to tropical countries, where some animals are carriers of fungi that are dangerous to humans.
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    Throughout life people come into contact with many microorganisms – causative agents of dangerous diseases. And this coexistence with dangerous fungi does not always lead to infection and disease development. However, the infection is almost inevitable when:

    • microtrauma of the nail plate;
    • old age;
    • the presence of vascular disease;
    • diabetes;
    • regular visits to saunas, pools, baths;
    • a weakened immune system.

    How does yeast nail fungus?

    This disease accompany certain signs. So, for example, artificially changing the thickness of the nail. Hypertrophy uneven nail plates affects mainly your thumbs. Often unnaturally smooth and thickened nail appears on the little finger. Symptoms of the disease differ depending on the stage of development:

    • first pathogens affect nail cuticles, it gets inflamed and swells up roller;
    • then starts to hurt myself cuticle flaking scales;
    • thinner layer of skin under the nail pus appears.

    As soon as the infection had damaged the cuticle, it begins to destroy the nail plate. It is accompanied by the following symptoms:

    • the color change, the appearance of white bands, loss of Shine;
    • nails become dull;
    • the nail plate becomes thinner, it becomes fragile, in the later stages of infection it may crumble;
    • if a fungal infection has spread far enough, the nail separates from the skin.

    Yeast fungus of the toenails is treated quite difficult. This is due to the fact that microorganisms are left in the tissues of their disputes. Although the pathogen is destroyed, its spores remain. Because of this increased risk of relapse.

    Diagnosis of the disease

    Yeast nail fungus of the feet and hands cause the microorganisms of the Candida group, in this group there is a huge number of pathogens, each of them has its own sensitivity to drugs. For most effective treatment it is important to understand that most reacts to the microorganism. Diagnosis is carried out by means of scraping. After taking a small number of cells damaged tissue, analyzing it on the subject of type of the pathogen. In the yeast fungus, no mycelium, so the technician is sowing material in a nutrient medium, where the body begins to actively proliferate. This allows to accurately determine the type of pathogen.

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    Important: do Not self-medicate as necessary to act on the spores of the fungus. Although drugs produce a rapid positive effect, relieve symptoms, therapy must continue in order to prevent recurrence.

    Treatment of yeast-like fungi

    This problem is solved only through an integrated and intensive therapy. Is the use of gels, solutions, ointments in conjunction with oral antifungals, gentle removal of dead skin layers with special compositions. As tablets, experts usually prescribe a treatment of Ketoconazole, Itraconazole. This is the most effective and proven on the positive side means.

    Local treatment the yeast nail fungus should be carried out using spray, ointment, varnish. They need to cover the affected areas with fungi. As additional treatment is necessary to use a medication containing iodine, for example, Lugol.

    Important: Before you cure the nails local trains, feet and hands should be thoroughly steamed in a soap-soda solution. This will make the Horny part a bit softer and will allow the active drug to penetrate deeper into the nail.

    No less effective traditional medicine, it is a great auxiliary tool, which is used in combination with medication. We can note the following most effective folk recipes:

  • Squeeze a few tablespoons of juice from the grapefruit and lemon. Dilute the liquid in a Cup of boiling water. The cooled solution apply on affected area.
  • Dissolve a spoonful of honey in warm water. With such a solution do compresses, applying them on the damaged surface for a few minutes.
  • Mix two tablespoons of vinegar with a spoon of glycerin and alcohol solution. Use the composition for cleaning of nail plates.
  • With the help of baths of celandine asprivate nails of the hands and feet. After the procedure, carefully cutting the damaged areas of the nail.
  • Prepare the decoction on the basis of chamomile and oak bark. Dilute the broth in a basin with warm boiled water, steam it in the legs, hands and feet. This bath has an antiseptic effect and helps to recover faster.
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    When yeast fungus is important to use comfortable gloves whenever you wash dishes or clean. Also remember to follow any special diet, include in your diet foods with a high content of bifidobacteria. This will help normalize the intestinal flora, to organize the work of the immune system.

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