Yeast fungus, in men on the skin and its treatment

Causes of yeast-like fungi in men and its treatment

Despite the fact that medicine is growing very rapidly and has made a big step forward, today the number of men affected with yeast infection is 56%. Most of them are not in a hurry even to go to the doctor, as he considers candidiasis trifle and hoped that all will pass by itself. Some of the patients do not realize that are carriers of Kalidasa, and infect their loved ones, closely contacting them and using the same household items. This moment again damage the expediency of the passage of preventive examinations, at least once a year. The sooner the yeast fungus in men is diagnosed, the faster you get rid of it.

  • Causes
  • The symptoms of fungus infection in men
  • Medication
  • Prevention of yeast-like fungi


Nothing in the human body doesn’t just happen, there is always a «trigger mechanism», which entails a series of pathological reactions. Among the most common causes that can trigger the reproduction of yeast-like fungi, noted:

  • hormonal imbalance;
  • excessive sweating;
  • microtrauma of the skin;
  • contact with aggressive substances;
  • the constant presence in wet areas;
  • long-term use of medications;
  • frequent stress and physical exertion;
  • uncontrolled sex life.

It should be mentioned that there is a group of individuals who are most likely to develop the yeast fungus on the skin. The probability of infection by the fungus increased in people with circulatory disorders, it may be vascular disease, trauma, diabetes or obesity.

In patients of advanced age, is likely to pick up mushrooms is much higher because people after 50 years of being hindered by all the processes in the body, and significantly reduced immunity.

Imprint on the human body can leave his profession. Miners, sportsmen, workers of power plants and other enterprises are constantly forced to wear uncomfortable shoes and clothes, consequently leather zaparivat in it, and creates optimal conditions for reproduction of fungal flora.

The symptoms of fungus infection in men

The appearance of the yeast fungus in men depends on what kind of skin was infected. If the fungal flora was found on the legs, the main symptoms of the disease include a reddening of the skin on the feet and peeling between the toes. People will always fight the itch and burning. From the feet during reproduction of yeast-like fungi, often unpleasant smell. Fungus on hands is characterized by such symptoms:

  • swelling of the palms;
  • white patches on the skin;
  • the flakes that come off and reveal the red shiny skin;
  • the formation of papules with clear content.

Few people know, but can develop yeast fungus on the scalp, manifested in the form of excessive quantities of dandruff. Some men have formed entire scaly patches with pink trim. The skin at the site of inflammation to peel off, its cells die because of abnormal germination of the fungus in the epidermis.

Symptoms in men yeast can cause fungus in the groin area — the skin of the penis and perineum. In most cases, this type of disease brings the most discomfort — both psychological and physical. The skin on the head of the penis becomes purple hue, and covered with small vesicular rash with a white coating. A man can feel in addition to the constant itching and burning pain during sexual intercourse and frequent urination.

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Yeast a fungus in men is also often on the skin of the chest and under the arms. In this zone, marked sweating, respectively, for the fungus has all the conditions to constant propagation. Outwardly manifested pathological process in the form of spots. Skin may not peel off in those spots and remind allergic or mechanical damage. That is why the rash often remains overlooked. To cure this type of yeast is very easy since yeast fungus responds well to effects of fluconazole, the main thing is not to delay the trip to the doctor.


Treatment of the yeast fungus in men should be done in the required mode, depending on the skin lesions and the severity of symptoms. How to treat pathological process in the skin that are individually decided by the doctor. As a rule, before the selection of active drugs, he will conduct a visual inspection of the affected area and can send you on a number of laboratory studies. Based on the obtained information about the health status of the patient, the doctor prescribes treatment. Among the active drugs in the fight against yeast very well for themselves:

  • Intrakonazol;
  • Diflucan;
  • Rumiko;
  • Irunin;
  • Flucostat;
  • Forkan.

All of the above medications in their composition contain the active ingredient, which, together with the blood destroys the breeding fungus and restores the normal microflora in the gut, on the skin and in the genital organs of men.

Together with the tools for internal reception, it is recommended to use some kind of fungal creams or ointment. Often the doctors prescribe these products for external use:

  • Myocet;
  • Dermazole;
  • Too bad;
  • Midil;
  • Mycosoral;
  • Clotrimazole.
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The yeast on the skin you want to treat by using drugs of several groups. Antifungal therapy may be supplemented with medicines for the normalization of microflora in the intestinal hilak Forte, Lactulose or Acipol. Sometimes prescribed immunomodulators and vitamin therapy to improve the immune strength of the person.

The body with strong protective properties, is able to deal with a yeast infection, as it is opportunistic.

To eliminate the feeling of itching and burning will help antihistamines, such as Belosalic, Beloderm, Akriderm and Dermovate. If the inflammation is noted on the scalp, prescribed Nizoral shampoo, it not only eliminates the fungal flora, but also improves the appearance by restoring the affected follicles.

No matter where a yeast rash, you need to provide for skin proper care. Try to treat the lesion of Hlorgeksidinom, hydrogen peroxide, or salicylic alcohol. They disinfect the surface, contribute to a better absorption of external antifungals and prevent the accession of a bacterial infection, especially if there are on the skin micro cracks.

Prevention of yeast-like fungi

The whole human skin is a great breeding ground for yeast infection from the development of which no one is immune. Sometimes, the slightest exposure of the body to manifest unpleasant symptoms. To protect themselves from the diseases does not work at all desire, but you can reduce risk by adhering to the following recommendations:

  • Regularly hygiene your skin, wash your hands with antibacterial soap after visiting public places, and executing the work, which leads to contamination of the epidermis.
  • Wear comfortable clothes made from natural materials that does not interfere with ventilation.
  • Wash clothes at temperatures below 60 degrees, quick wash cycle does not eliminate the fungi. Spores can remain active and continue their livelihoods, after another contact with your skin.
  • Do not use the same underwear, and hygiene products to other people.
  • Carefully wash food before eating, very often, the fungus enters the body when it is not of high quality cleaning and heat treatment of food products.
  • Spending more time in the fresh air, and exercise, it will boost your immunity, the body will be less susceptible to spores of the yeast fungus.
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    It should be mentioned that a huge role in the prevention of fungal infection is and antiseptic floors, walls of bathtub and shower enclosure. The yeast fungus is very resistant, its spores can survive for long periods, for example, the tile in the bathroom and on the carpet, which went sick person.

    Today the question «is it possible to cure fungus on the skin,» leaves no doubt and gets an affirmative answer. It all depends on you, the yeast fungus can be cured in a few days, the main thing is to create the optimal conditions your body to recuperate, and not be afraid to visit the doctor if you have symptoms.

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