Yeast fungi in the smear: what is a controversy in men women

Causes of yeast fungi in the smear

In the human body «live» the various microorganisms which are representatives of conditionally pathogenic microflora. Under normal immune system, they do no harm, do not lead to pathological processes. However, in the presence of negative factors affecting the person diagnosed yeast fungi in the smear. Look at what caused the emergence of pathogenic organisms, and what means against yeast will eliminate the problem?

  • What is the yeast?
  • Causes of yeast
  • Yeast in smear during pregnancy
  • Symptoms
  • How dangerous yeasts in the smear?
  • Drug and the popular treatment
  • Treatment of the yeast fungus pregnant
  • Prevention

What is the yeast?

Disputes of yeast-like fungi are present in the mucosa and skin. And that’s fine. They «coexist» with the lactobacilli that inhibit the pathological growth of microorganisms.

When the amount of fungus increases, it is diagnosed disease. It affects not only the intimate area, but also can develop in the mouth, on the buttocks, on the skin.

Note, the rate of concentration of yeast in women according to the results of laboratory tests – up to 10 in 4 degrees CFU/ml.

Increased in female smear indicate the development of vaginal candidiasis, which requires a certain treatment. The disease is manifested by various symptoms that bring discomfort and significantly reduces quality of life.

The infection is a fungal infection occurs through dirty hands, household objects, kissing, sexual contact. If the disease is diagnosed during pregnancy, there is no conservative treatment, there is a high probability of infection with a fungus of the child during labor.

The fungus is diagnosed by studying the stroke, additionally appointed General analysis of blood. Taking into account the obtained results, the doctor prescribes a topical treatment – the use of candles and ointments. In severe cases, the application of tablet forms of the drugs.

Causes of yeast

Cells fungi for a long period of time might not show up. However, in a period favorable for parasites that are able to vigorously divide and multiply, which leads to the development of thrush with all its attendant symptoms.

The causes can be divided into two large groups. It is the internal factors – everything to do with a malfunction in the body and external circumstances – the impact on the human body from the outside.

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To external conditions of active reproduction is considered a bad ecological situation, living in unsanitary conditions, lack of hygiene, wearing tight underwear from synthetic materials, the use of panty liners, etc.

Yeast in smear in women have reasons:

  • Excess weight or obesity, harmful dietary habits;
  • A sharp weakening of the immune system;
  • Endocrine disorders (eg, diabetes mellitus);
  • Hormonal imbalance associated with pregnancy, menopause and the diseases that lead to disorders of hormone production;
  • Prolonged use of antibiotic drugs, corticosteroids, etc.

Important: there is yeast in the vaginal mucosa is not a pathology because the diagnosis is not the presence of parasites per se, but on their concentration and the symptoms of the disease.

Yeast in smear during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for every woman. However during pregnancy the body is under certain load, resulting in can develop some diseases.

Hormonal balance is always changing. Chemical, biochemical and physiological processes lead to the fact that it changes the vaginal flora. In women increases the concentration of sugar in vaginal secretions that appears favorable environment for pathogenic microorganisms.

If the research on the yeast shows a high content of the dispute or pseudomycelium, requires additional diagnosis. It focuses on exclusion of other disease which is transmitted sexually. Then assigned treatment.

The difficulty of treatment lies in the fact that few medicines can be used during pregnancy or lactation because the active components can easily penetrate through the placental barrier, can hurt the baby.

Gynecologists in the majority of clinical pictures recommend the use of drugs local action, vaginal ointments and creams, suppositories etc., which help to arrest the alarming symptoms.


A yeast infection is the active growth of yeast in the vaginal area. When there are negative factors, agents are getting out of control lactobacilli, leading to the following clinical manifestations:

  • Itching and burning sensation in the genital area;
  • Unpleasant sensations (pain) during sexual intercourse or after;
  • Discomfort during urination;
  • Cheesy discharge with an unpleasant odor.
  • The intensity and severity of symptoms are caused by the activity of pathogenic microorganisms. Some women complain of severe itching and burning sensation, while others experience only mild discomfort.

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    In any case during pregnancy requires conservative treatment aimed at suppressing the reproduction of yeast fungi. If this is not done, it increases the probability of infection of the fetus.

    Worth knowing: the high content of yeast in smear in women requires adequate and timely treatment. Ignoring the symptoms leads to the transformation of the disease into a chronic form.

    How dangerous yeasts in the smear?

    The risk of yeast infection is that the lack of conservative treatment leads to chronic disease. As a result, at the slightest failure in the body pathology will escalate, and again leading to unpleasant symptoms.

    During pregnancy thrush is threatened by intrauterine infection. During natural childbirth, the baby can become infected while passing through the birth canal.

    Numerous scientific studies have shown that low-intensity inflammatory process caused by yeast fungi on the mucous membrane of the vagina, greatly increases the likelihood of cancer.

    Form of vaginal candidiasis is often accompanied by cervical erosion. In turn, this disease prevents the fusion of sperm and eggs, leading to reproductive dysfunction and infertility.

    The large number of yeast parasites constitutes a violation of the microflora, therefore there is the probability of accession by other infectious processes, which will lead to a prolonged treatment.

    Note: the active growth of fungi leads to the inflammation of the vaginal mucosa during pregnancy. During labor it can provoke tears, as the cells lose their strength and elasticity.

    Drug and the popular treatment

    For the destruction of fungal infection recommends taking pills and drugs local action. Yeast fungi in the smear is treated comprehensively. Pills effect on pathogenic micro-organisms from the inside, destroying their cells, which leads to their eventual demise.

    Candles and ointments that are assigned for the treatment of thrush, is influenced by locally (topically). They have anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties, quickly negate the negative symptoms.

    For the treatment prescribed these drugs:

    • Pills Diflucan (active ingredient fluconazole), Oronasal (active ingredient ketoconazole), Candidal (destructive component, Itraconazole);
    • Suppositories – Pimafucin (natamycin), Klion-D (miconazole).

    Tablet form of drugs has a systemic effect, which may indicate their high therapeutic efficacy. Along with the advantage there is a disadvantage – pills provoke various side effects.

    Folk ways from thrush:

  • Douching with a weak solution of baking soda;
  • Tampons with yogurt and honey;
  • Baths with chamomile pharmacy;
  • Sitz baths with the addition of sage and calendula.
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    Unconventional methods belong to the symptomatic therapy, help to stop the burning and itching, relieve discomfort. As monoreactive are not recommended because they do not have a pronounced antifungal effect.

    Treatment of the yeast fungus pregnant

    Toenail fungus treatment during pregnancy has its own characteristics. In most pictures the doctors prescribe medicines local treatment – candles and ointments that are permitted during pregnancy.

    It is not recommended to self-treatment because it is fraught with various complications. Even the most innocuous medicines must appoint a physician with consideration of the peculiarities of the clinical picture, trimester, concomitant diseases.

    Treatment during pregnancy:

    • The use of candles Pimafucin, Terginan;
    • Douching decoction of chamomile;
    • Careful observance of hygiene;
    • Diet.

    From the menu you need to exclude sugary products as they create a favorable environment for activity of fungi. In the menu include sour milk products, sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, fish, walnuts.


    Prevention of secondary occurrence of thrush is based on certain rules and recommendations. Must be kept clean and dry the genital area after water procedures wipe dry. To give up wearing poor quality clothes, use of panty liners.

    While carrying a child not to douche because the washed out good bacteria which can lead to imbalance. To support the immune system – vitamin foods, taking multivitamin complexes.

    Yeast a fungus in smear is not always a disease. Conservative treatment is required when a high concentration of more than 10 in 4 degrees. After treatment must be tested to ensure its effectiveness.

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