Wormwood tincture of papillomas and treatment of viral infections

Wormwood tincture for the treatment of papilloma

For the treatment of warts you can apply medications prescribed by your doctor, or try recipes of traditional medicine. For home treatment it is recommended to use wormwood from papillomas. This medicinal plant is used in tincture and oil. However, it is important to consider contraindications to the use of wormwood.

  • Medicinal properties of wormwood
  • Recipes and treatments for papillomas
  • Wormwood tincture in brandy
  • Oil of wormwood from papillomas
  • Contraindications
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Medicinal properties of wormwood

A perennial plant that has a bitter spicy taste, called wormwood. This herb is considered especially effective against dermatological diseases, genital warts, papillomas and growths. The composition of wormwood consists of the following healing ingredients:

  • resin;
  • tanning juices;
  • volatile;
  • alkaloids;
  • succinic, malic, and ascorbic acid;
  • various therapeutic active compounds.

Medicinal properties of wormwood due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Means on the basis of wormwood penetrate all layers of the skin, strengthens local protective forces, have pruritic effect and eliminate the burning sensation.

In addition, to the curative qualities of wormwood can be ranked as follows:

  • The herb is considered a natural antiseptic and can remove the heat. It is effective in combating viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Wormwood is famous for its antioxidant action. It accelerates the excretion of free radicals.
  • As for the papillomavirus, the wormwood has a destructive effect on tissue skin lesions. After applying the tool on the basis of this herbs cauterize the growths, which then rapidly die and disappear.
  • Recipes and treatments for papillomas

    There are different methods of treating warts. Usually use infusions of herbs, teas, oils and tinctures. Since any plant that you will use to treat, can cause allergies, before starting therapy it is necessary to conduct an Allergy test. To do this, a paste of herbs is applied to the elbow and fix the bandage. 12 hours to assess the result. Grass can be used if there is no irritation, redness, swelling or itching at the site of application.

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    Treatment wormwood papillomas can be performed using the following methods:

  • One hundred grams of dried herbs, grind to a powder. ¼ Tsp of this powder should be consumed every 2.5-3 hours to drink the capsules with no need. This treatment continued for three days. Break night sleep do not. On the fourth day, the reception frequency is 6 R/D. During treatment doing enemas with a decoction of wormwood: per liter of water will need 30 g of powder.
  • To get rid of tumors, can make an infusion of wormwood. Liter of boiling water is poured 60 g of the herb and infuse for half an hour. After that, 100 ml of infusion cast for treatment of the skin, and 900 ml leave for enemas or douches.
  • Wormwood tincture in brandy

    Wormwood tincture from papillomas not only allows you to deal with skin formations, but also improves the activity of the digestive tract and helps the body to beat HPV. You can prepare a tincture in brandy, alcohol, oil. Any of the tinctures take 6 drops to eliminate tumors.

    Brandy and wormwood tincture is prepared as follows:

    • In a coffee grinder to grind the root of the plant (50 g);
    • The resulting powder placed in a glass container and pour a liter of the skate;
    • All this mixture is put in a water bath for 30 seconds;
    • Now you can strain and pour into a bottle;
    • The infusion can be used after six days she could stand in a dark place.

    For the treatment of HPV-apply tincture on alcohol, or oil. For the preparation of an alcohol tincture 100 g of chopped herbs pour vodka (500 ml). The tool must infuse 14 days in a dark place. After straining it is stored in the refrigerator.

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    An oil infusion made from olive oil and seeds of wormwood. For this, the seeds of the plant are crushed in a coffee grinder. Should be able to 100 grams of powder. It is filled with oil (500 ml) and infused for three days in a dark place. Before using filtered.

    Oil of wormwood from papillomas

    Good to use wormwood oil in dermatology and cosmetology. Oil is sold in pharmacies. It is used to treat various skin neoplasms. In wormwood oil contains polysaccharides, which have proven to be highly effective in combating genital warts and papillomas. This tool has a destructive effect on the cells of tumors. After using it the skin will not be the slightest trace or scars.

    No less effective essential oil of wormwood from papillomas. This tool has a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and bactericidal action. Therapy can be performed even without consulting a specialist.

    Important! For treatment with oil of wormwood needed to treat the tumor three times a day.

    Duration of treatment depends on the size of the formation. Gradually it should dry up and fall away. In the localization of warts on the genitals or in the armpits to wormwood oil you need to add tea oil. This will provide a softer gentle on the delicate skin in these areas.


    Oil of wormwood, and other medicinal compositions on the basis of this plant, it is forbidden to use if you have allergies to the family astrovykh. Internal use of the herb is contraindicated in cases of ulcers, gastritis and hyperacidity, since the herb stimulates the function of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Attention! Wormwood is a poisonous plant that can only be used in limited dosage.

    Ingesting too high dose of the drug on the basis of wormwood may experience a mental disorder. That is why the treatment regimen and dose it is desirable to coordinate with a dermatologist.

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    Based on the feedback of people who used wormwood to treat warts, you can add your own opinion on the effectiveness of this tool:

    Natalia, 32 years:

    «As soon as I saw at first hand papilloma, started drinking wormwood brandy tincture. It tastes very bitter, so it was hard to drink it several times a day. The dermatologist said that it can be taken with water. After a week I noticed that the wart went pale, and after seven days the skin is completely smoothed out and the papilloma had disappeared.»

    Stephen, 51 years:

    «On my fingers appeared papillomas. Not only that I used to treat, the result was zero. Wife made a tincture with the oil and said that if you drink it, the result will be exact. After a couple of weeks I noticed the first improvement, they become smaller and lighter. For one course to get rid of the problem failed, but after a few days spent re-course and were pleased with the result.»

    I should add that not all therapy by different means on the basis of wormwood helps to get rid of warts the first time. If you have no contraindications, two weeks can pass repeated course.

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