Why’s sweaty ass?

Heavy sweating in the space between the buttocks is called hyperhidrosis of the anus. This disease requires immediate attention and treatment in medical institution, as the patient delivers a lot of inconvenience, both physical and psychological.

Diaper rash arising in the place with high humidity, delivering a strong punishment, the person becomes irritable, which can lead to deep depression. Perspiration stain clothes, formed a favorable environment for the development of bacteria that causes «bad aroma». This disease can catch anyone, regardless of gender and age.Try to understand, why sweats priest, and to identify ways to solve the problem.

Simultaneously with the anus, misted genitals, which in itself is a serious symptom that can not scare the patient. One way out – immediate treatment which should be monitored by your doctor. To assign the correct treatment, you will undergo a number of tests and laboratory studies.

Stage of hyperhidrosis

There are primary and secondary hyperhidrosis. In the first case, severe sweating it is a distinct disease, and the second is a consequence of other, more serious diseases, such as diabetes, tuberculosis, various infections, development of tumors. Sweating may all the whole body or certain areas: palms, feet, groin, anus, face, armpits, and so on. The most frequently moisturized several sites at once.

There are several stages of this disease:

  • Weak – the disease does not entail any complications and requires only a thorough hygienic care of the injured area.
  • Moderate sweating heavily pop, there is a stench that can not be noticed by other people.
  • Serious – office sweat so much that people don’t just shy, he begins to complete for this reason, trying to be as small as possible in society.
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Among the main sources that trigger hyperhidrosis priests, there are:

  • violation of the endocrine system;
  • head injury;
  • weight and large subcutaneous fat deposits;
  • violation of the principles of personal hygiene, using other people’s towels, linens, sponges for washing;
  • much figure-hugging things from non-natural, breathable fibres;
  • long stay on the furniture of leather or synthetic fabric;
  • a bad diet;
  • menopause related hot flashes;
  • pregnancy, which causes hormonal disorders;
  • constant stress, emotional turmoil;
  • a side effect from medications;
  • different diseases, one of the signs, which can be profuse perspiration, including in the area of priests.

The consequences

The most unpleasant consequence of the disease becomes redness of the skin at the site of lesion resulting from bacterial action on the affected skin. This skin sore looks like a combination of red-brown spots, a regular geometric shape.

Initially, the spots do not manifest themselves, but over time there is pain, burning, redness begins to itch. Another nuisance is diaper rash, which without treatment can develop into peptic ulcer disease. Infection of these bacteria occur in the shower, saunas, and water sources. In addition, state when the priest is sweating, can provoke emotional disorders. One way out – treatment.

Home treatment

You should start with yourself. To be healed from a disease in which sweating between the buttocks, adhering to hygienic rules.

Home treatment consists in the following:

  • Refusal to wear synthetic clothes, use cotton;
  • Twice-daily change of underwear and pre-ironed.
  • Maintaining the clean and dry bikini area.
  • Showers, warm baths with the addition of infusion of a medicinal camomile, oak bark, thistles, marigolds and quenched with acetic acid and soda.
  • All the items of care should be personal, not to take other people’s things to use.
  • The use of high quality cosmetic products purchased at a pharmacy: deodorants, powders, ointments.
  • You must adhere to dietary rules, the most important of which is the rejection of spices and spicy dishes.
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If home treatment does not help, you need to attract the help of specialists: endocrinologist or dermatologist.

When the back mokreet so that it becomes visible to the naked eye, diagnosis is made using a special paper, which is attached to the anus. The profusion is determined at the time of impregnation by the size of the spot and time of wetting. You should also undergo a number of clinical tests, to eliminate suspicion on other, more serious diseases.

Therapy includes a range of activities. Outside ass is rubbed with a solution of baking soda or vinegar, smear creams, using talcum powder and all kinds of baby powders. No harm will use:

  • pasta Teymurova;
  • Miramistin;
  • special antiperspirants.

If aprilie place begins to be covered with purulent pimples, they should be lubricated with iodine or with a solution of fukortsin. Antibacterial and drying effect has a white, green or blue kind of clay. They are applied on the affected area as a mask, and then wash off with warm water.

Good effects are obtained by using tablets atropine, klonopin or prozac that constrict the glands that produce sweat, which contributes to its smaller allocation. The downside here is that there is a thirst, fixing the stool, dilated pupils, an irresistible urge to sleep, arrhythmia. Therefore, the correct dose of the drug selects only the doctor, based on the characteristics of each individual patient.

Also doctors may prescribe the patient boteksnoe injections is the best method to eliminate the sweating priests. Injections done through the groin and anus. However, therapy should be repeated every six months otherwise the problem could return.

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As for surgery, it is in this case is not safe, as it can cause abnormalities in the reproductive functions of men and other genitourinary diseases in both sexes.

The above therapies will help fully resolve this issue, you should just be patient.