Why teen sweats a lot?

Adolescence is deservedly considered a time of global changes in the body. The body enters into a phase of active growth starts, mood swings due to the formation of the nervous system. All of these factors affect the functions potovydelenie system. Namely, in adolescents, there is increased sweating. The child suffers from sweating at any time of day, and even sweats during sleep.

Excessive sweating (also called hyperhidrosis) can be as completely normal for a teenage phenomenon, and to be a pathology requiring treatment.

Why is increased sweating?

There are several reasons why teenagers much sweating hands, armpits and feet:

  • Of course, the main factor that triggers hyperhidrosis is hormonal changes. In puberty the internal organs of a teenager adjusting to a new way, adapting to a different mode of operation. Changes occur unevenly: for example, the heart grows much faster vessels. Related to this is the increasing fatigue. In the period of puberty is more frequent water treatments.
  • Oddly enough, a balanced diet can make a positive impact on the sweating. While children very rarely think about nutrition in General, they prefer to bite sandwiches, drinking their sodas. This entails a significant increase in sweating.
    • Heavy sweating may be a manifestation of viral and infectious diseases. These include, for example, tuberculosis and HIV.
    • Overweight people sweat much more than others. This is due to heavy load on all internal systems, resulting in an increase in body temperature and increased sweating, with the purpose of chilling of the body. An equally important factor is the subcutaneous fat layer, preventing the heat. In this case, the correction of diet will help you to lose the extra pounds and excessive sweating goes away.
    • About a quarter of adolescents suffer from dystonia – diseases, provoking failures in the internal organs. This also applies to the sweat glands. If the specialist made the diagnosis of VSD, should first be removed from the child’s diet hot spices, and also coffee. In certain cases, require additional medication.
    • On the background of failures in work of endocrine system of adolescent may develop diabetes or hyperthyroidism. In the first case, sweating upper body in the second – all of it. If there is such a cause of hyperhidrosis will require treatment with special drugs.
    • If an appropriate survey not discovered the causes of excessive sweating, it is possible to speak of localized hyperhidrosis, there is a strong sweating only in certain parts of the body.

      Such sweating is manifested on a separate symmetrical parts of the body (palms, armpits, feet) and disappears after the baby falls asleep.

      How to overcome sweating

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