Why sweaty palms?

The problem of sweating in men and women, often face doctors. Very often this sweating of hands and feet. Always wet hands cause discomfort and inconvenience to the person. It is crucial to understand the reason why the sweaty palms and start timely treatment.

Excessive sweating of the hands not only brings a number of problems, but can lead to psychological complexes:

  • A lack of confidence in yourself;
  • Have to wear dark clothes, to be seen of sputum;
  • The person starts to shy away from shaking hands when constantly sweating hands;
  • To shun close approximation to people. Therefore, the sweating palms sometimes bad for privacy.

Causes of sweating hands

The reason for the sweating of the hands can be many factors such as:

  • A hereditary disease. If someone of close relationship is often sweating palms, this could be the cause. In this case, even when the complex analyses, it will be difficult to identify why sweaty palms;
  • Malfunction of the thyroid gland. If perspiration occurs without any seemingly reason, the cause may be a failure in the endocrine system. Therefore, if clammy hands, need to see a specialist endocrinologist to confirm or exclude the cause of the sweating;
  • A nervous overstrain. Not many people suggests that sweaty palms of the hands often after nervous stress or a strong surge of negative emotions;
  • Adrenaline. If a girl, women or representatives of a strong half of humanity, you feel sweaty palms at the time of assumption of extreme sports or riding the rides, then this is not a problem is human physiology. However, if such processes in the body occur not only when getting extraordinary sensations, you need to find out why sweating palms. To do this, pass a comprehensive examination;
  • Diseases of the Central nervous system. To identify why the sweaty palms, what to do in this situation, you should also check the nervous system, turning to the neurologist;
  • These are just some of the diseases that can present with sweating hands. In order to reveal why in a particular case, you need to pass a comprehensive examination.

    How to get rid of the disease

    Can’t answer definitely how to get rid of sweating hands. Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment. It can be the following:

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