Why does sweat smell like urine?

It is not surprising, when the smell of sweat is inherent to athletes, people after exercise, in hot summer weather or to those who are neglecting personal hygiene. But when the perspiration smells like urine, it not only brings emotional discomfort, but also may indicate problems with some internal organs.

Unnatural causes sweat

An experienced doctor can attest that the human body is not all right sniffing his sweat. If it has a smell of cat urine, a condition often indicates the presence of liver disease or kidney. Additional studies are required to confirm or refute the concern, as sometimes the appearance of the stench can be other causes:

  1. It is known that athletes need a higher intake of protein, for its collapse person needs sufficient amount of carbohydrates, because of their lack of sweat gets an unpleasant, pungent smell.
  2. The smell of cat urine can from those who abuse beer, resulting in the malfunction of the kidneys.
  3. Many medications affect the liver, the result of intoxication, people have to deal with an unpleasant smell, which often appears when antidepressants or antibiotics based on penicillin are accepted unchecked.
  4. Such disease is called dialysis, if any patients, live a little and last years spend in torment. The smell of cat urine often indicates the presence of:

    • orikasa (one form of hyperhidrosis);
    • failures in the endocrine system;
    • disorders in the urinary system;
    • vegetovascular dystonia;
    • hormonal disruptions in women;
    • tuberculosis;
    • of diabetes;
    • infections received sexually.

    A person with normal health of sweat consists of 99% normal water, other substances, such as ammonia, urea, sodium chloride, inorganic elements and acids account for only 1%. The increase in the percentage of uric acid and other causes an unpleasant smell, and helps to identify the causes of malfunction of organs.

    Diagnosis and elimination of unpleasant odor

    • the urologist or gynecologist;
    • dermatologist;
    • gastroenterologist;
    • endocrinologist.

    After an initial examination of the patient is sent for blood and urine. Explore sweat, which is applied to the skin a special tool, because of which the person begins to sweat, then the separated liquid is collected on glass or paper, optionally assign:

    • Ultrasound of the abdomen region;
    • gastroscopy;
    • colonoscopy or urography.

    Treatment of unpleasant odors in the first place starts with the elimination of root causes to establish that it is possible only after the test results, respectively, to take any medicines only on doctor’s advice. To improve the condition of the person needs to follow the diet, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, foods containing vitamins b and C, to drink folic acid. For some time it is better to reduce the amount of foods containing iodine (liver, broccoli, asparagus, veal, etc.).

    Cleansing the body of toxins

    You can use 2 times a day before meals, throughout the week, cranberry juice, a decoction of the roots of the knotweed or olive oil.

    Herbal infusions

    Will help to remove the smell specially prepared herbal infusions or decoctions, which during the day several times a day, treated with the underarm or taking a bath with their addition. Deodorizing effect has sage, chamomile, peony flowers, etc.

    Plants can be used individually, or prepare an infusion of the collection.


    The fruit has antibacterial properties mixed with water with lemon juice wipe places increased sweating. To combat smell you can also use slices that keep the armpits for several minutes.

    Essential oils

    Tools have sharp pleasant smell, they will help to get rid of the stench, they need to be applied on clean skin. For such purposes, you can apply the oil:

    • hips;
    • tea tree;
    • citrus;
    • rosemary;
    • tuberose etc.

    The essential oil in its pure form can cause irritation on sensitive skin, so they are diluted 1:2 with base, which can be chamomile, almond or other oil. The prepared mixture is applied and is rubbed on the underarms.



    If you RUB the skin diluted with normal water or Apple cider vinegar, can eliminate the smell for the whole day, might be the smell of the tools, in any case, it’s better than cat urine.


    Potato juice acts like a deodorant, grated the skin to dry, and the remnants of starch removed with a dry towel.

    Oak bark

    Purchased from the pharmacy of oak bark decoction is prepared. After raw insist 2 hours, strain and wipe the armpits several times a day for 2 weeks.

    Anti-dandruff shampoo

    Some experts recommend washing several times a day armpits shampoo for dandruff due to its antiseptic action, which for a long time protect the skin from bacteria.

    As a prevention from excessive sweating, it is recommended to choose clothes of natural fabrics, regularly take a shower, to lead a healthy life, try not to be nervous and avoid stress situations that cause a person to sweat more.

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