Why do babies sweat head?

Often moms pay attention to the wet hair of their children, while the body remains dry. This is often seen in children and adults, so many believe that a reason for concern there. Most often the case.

When not to worry?

We must not forget about the various pathologies that can cause sweating baby during sleep, feeding or games. But this problem is not always not always indicative of the presence of the disease. You should find out why the baby is sweating head. Sweating can be due to several factors:

  1. Age. A newborn is born with fully formed organs, however, some systems are developing and after birth. For example, the autonomic nervous system. Exactly its function is the control of thermoregulation of the small body. The kids have sweat glands, except that they do not work in full force. Therefore, while sleeping, eating or during the game, the baby may sweat.
  2. Temperature difference. It is clear that, if the room is hot, then the baby’s sweaty head. However, oddly enough, when the baby is cold, he can also sweat. And all because the blood vessels constrict. The baby falling asleep at elevated temperatures will be long, baby will often Wake up.
  3. Activity. In infants, the sweat appears even with small movements, so no need to worry if at rest the baby dry.
  4. If the child is ill SARS, the increased sweating is accompanied by cough, runny nose and fever. In the presence of rickets the deformation of the bones. And if your child has heart problems, shortness of breath occurs, the skin becomes bluish tint. Very strongly sweats head in infants if you have TB disease. They are rarely sick children up to one year, but still it happens. To exclude the possibility of the presence of tuberculosis in a child, you need to contact the TB and do a Mantoux test.

    Another reason for sweating babies is a lymphatic diathesis. This disease is characterized by congenital enlargement of lymph nodes and is accompanied by a marbling of the skin. Diathesis occurs due to hypoxia of the fetus in the womb, is often observed in children who have waterless period as a result of prolonged childbirth.

    Rickets — the most common cause of the sweat. It is easy to diagnose, just pay attention to the presence of symptoms such as bone deformation, bald spots on the back and soft edges of the Fontanelle. At rest, the baby will wet the soles and palms. He’s gonna be cranky, bad to eat and sleep. To confirm the disease, you need to make urine, and blood. And provokes the development of rickets unhealthy lifestyle of pregnant women: lack of sleep and walking in the air, unbalanced diet, bad habits.

    If the baby sweating head during sleep, it can testify about the presence of dangerous diseases such as tuberculosis. It can detect the following symptoms: poor sleep, lack of appetite, irritability, skin rash, enlarged lymph nodes, swollen belly, discharge from the ear. Tuberculosis often occurs in dysfunctional families, when the mother herself is sick with an open form or if the child has not been vaccinated.

    Lymphatic diathesis develops on the background of the poor performance of the adrenal glands or a decrease in their functions.

    Accompanying this disease symptoms are: weak muscle tone, sudden weight loss, or, conversely, weight gain, skin rashes, low blood pressure. Upon detection of enlarged spleen, increased levels of lymphocytes and blood glucose, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment: vitamins A, b and C, massage, exercise, rehabilitation for cleansing the respiratory tract.

    The most innocuous result of heavy sweating is the sweating sickness — a cluster of small reddish vesicles on the body of the baby, most often in the neck, groin and armpits. The sweat glands of the baby is simply not able to cope with this load, the expansion of capillaries, and the appearance of rashes. To cope with the sweating sickness easy. It is only necessary to monitor the hygiene of the baby, to bathe in herbs and often change clothes to maintain a normal temperature in the house and not to be confused toddler. The main thing is to be vigilant and to understand why sweating of the baby’s head. Indeed, thanks to the literacy and care of parents can in the initial phase to detect a dangerous disease and the time to begin treatment.

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