White lump in the throat on the tonsils — causes and treatment

Causes white growths in throat and treatment

Various tumors in the throat can spontaneously appear and disappear, like warts. Some growths are malignant in nature. If you have a white lump in the throat, it could cause bacteria or fungi inhabiting the oral cavity. If outgrowths are formed from the epithelial tissue of the throat, the cause can be genetic failures in the body. In any case, the formation in the throat can not be ignored, since it does not exclude the probability of occurrence of a malignant tumor.

  • Causes of
  • Benign or malignant?
  • Symptoms and classification
  • Treatment
  • Prevention

Causes of

White growths in the throat can be benign or malignant nature. The second type of formations is diagnosed less frequently. Often the reason for their appearance remains unknown. The studies found that the appearance of lumps in the throat more common for men aged 25-50 years. Rather, it is associated with a male hormonal.

If in the course of research in the larynx were detected the tumor, then using a special classifier can evaluate the level of risk. There are the following types of malignant and benign tumors of the pharynx and larynx:

  • neuromas are growths of nerve and glial tissues;
  • papilloma (skin growths, formed with the defeat of HPV);
  • lipoma (tumor of fatty tissue);
  • fibroids and polyps – the growths composed of connective tissue;
  • there are tumors of mixed nature;
  • chandramani call outgrowths of cartilage;
  • lymphangiomas and hemangiomas are growths of vascular origin.

If we talk about the causes of lump in the throat, this process have a significant influence of the following factors:

  • A variety of infectious diseases of fungal, bacterial and viral origin.
  • This happens on the background of the side effects of certain medications.
  • A significant role in the formation of outgrowths are playing bad habits (alcohol, Smoking, drugs).
  • Radiation and ionizing radiation can cause tumours.
  • On the background of chronic tonsillitis and long flowing chronic inflammatory processes in the sinuses and nasopharynx may appear different tumors on the tonsils.
  • Viral infection, e.g., HPV may infect the tissue of the tonsils, the tonsils appear papilloma.
  • Some occupational diseases sometimes lead to the formation of tumors.
  • Often the culprit is the pathological process becomes unfavorable ecological situation.
  • Long stay in a smoky and polluted areas can lead to the appearance of tumors of the pharynx and larynx.
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    Significantly contribute to various diseases of the nasopharynx and the appearance of tumors, the reduction of protective forces of organism, metabolic disorders and malfunctions of the endocrine system.

    Benign or malignant?

    To distinguish malignant tumors from benign by the following characteristics:

  • For benign growths characterized by slow growth.
  • A good sign is that the growth has clearly defined boundaries.
  • About the absence of danger says a flat, smooth surface of the tumor.
  • For benign lesions are characterized by the appearance of the various erosions and ulcers.
  • It is important that the structure of tissues build-up did not differ from the structure of the surrounding epithelium.
  • Definitely need to test the lymph nodes in the neck. They should be unchanged, that is, not enlarged, and painless.
  • Metastases are given only malignant neoplasms.
  • Important! Even benign tumors must be treated to remove, as they can degenerate malignant.

    It is also worth considering that many benign tumors do not cause discomfort to the person. Although only rely on this criterion is impossible, because all malignant tumors in the initial stages also do not give pain and discomfort, and small purulent lumps on the tonsils that appear when tonsillitis or sore throat, often accompanied by pain when swallowing. The same can be said about the traffic jams in the tonsils (tonsils), they are very hurt and cause discomfort when swallowing, but are not malignant.

    Important! All benign tumors of the throat causing a lot of problems with swallowing and chewing when they reach considerable size. The danger lies in the fact that they can impede breathing and cause suffocation.

    Symptoms and classification

    In the throat or on the tonsils you can detect the following types of tumors:

    • angioma arises from vascular tissues and are characterized by very slow growth;
    • in the throat and larynx can be an angiofibroma, which is formed from connective and vascular tissues;
    • vocal cords is localized hemangioma, which is formed from blood vessels;
    • a cyst is formed when the blockage of the excretory ducts (she often appears at the root of the tongue);
    • the thyroid gland can grow to the region of the larynx, in this case, there guttural dystopia;
    • lymphangioma is pale yellow slight bowing near the epiglottis;
    • neurinoma is a smooth rounded education, located at the entrance to the larynx directly above the vocal folds;
    • papilloma is a mushroom-shaped outgrowths of the epithelial tissue;
    • if in the larynx appear growths or plaques from pale gray to bright yellow color, then diagnose pachydermia of the larynx;
    • isolated outgrowths on the stem in the area of the vocal cords are called polyps;
    • sometimes small nodules appear as a result of hypertrophy of connective tissue of the vocal folds;
    • the fibroids are called greyish formation of rounded, diameter up to 15 mm;
    • dense rounded education called chandramani.


    Treatment of benign tumors of the pharynx lies in their immediate removal, as they are very rare and tend to grow and increase, which can cause voice changes, difficulties swallowing and choking. The same can be said in relation to malignancies, only here the main danger lies in the metastasis.

    Following methods are used: surgical removal of tumors of the pharynx:

  • Excised not only the tumor, but also part of the mucous membrane at the attachment site of education. Usually such surgery is done in cases of suspected malignant nature of the nodule. After the operation is necessarily performed histological examination of pathological tissues.
  • In mild cases an endoscopic surgery to remove the growth with the help of special loops or laryngeal syringe.
  • Sometimes after excision of growth, the place of attachment of cauterize by laser or electrocoagulator.
  • When you delete a laryngeal cysts used method of excision and removal in parts. It is important to remove the internal contents of the cysts.
  • In some cases, the mounting location of the lesion after removal freeze liquid nitrogen.
  • By means of a laser cutting off and burning all the vessels which feed the tumor.
  • Prevention

    In the preventive purposes it is necessary to treat any diseases of the oral cavity, nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses. It is impossible to prevent the transition of acute infectious process in chronic.

    When the throat of a white plaque or white lumps on the tonsils can be used rinsing with antiseptic solutions, medication or folk remedies. It is recommended to chew propolis or use a tincture of this remedy for rinsing. Useful to drink tea with lemon, chew a slice of lemon with peel, and eat an onion and honey syrup. Irreplaceable in the prevention of growths in the throat aloe Vera juice. He is also an immunomodulatory agent and strengthens the body’s defenses.

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