What to wash for thrush in women during pregnancy

How and what to wash for thrush?

To cope with yeast infections at an early stage allow the use of funds of local action. What to wash for thrush to get rid of swelling, pain and odor? To quickly defeat the candidiasis, you need to not only know what can be washed away with a yeast infection, but also to observe the rules of conduct hygienic procedures.

  • Washing away with a yeast infection: General rules
  • Home remedies for cleaning with a yeast infection
  • Gels for intimate hygiene
  • General guidelines

Washing away with a yeast infection: General rules

The rules cover not only the procedure itself, but the actions immediately after it. If you adhere to them, then the cleaning will help get rid of delicate problems and eliminate the risks of spread of disease in the body and infecting other diseases.

How to washing away during a yeast infection:

  • First you need to thoroughly wash hands under running water using antibacterial agents. This will eliminate the risk of getting a pathogen from the hands to the mucous membranes of the genitals;
  • You need to wash at least two times in 24 hours: before and after sleep. With large crowds of white residue to wash often;
  • The correct movement when washing away from pubis to the species. This eliminates the risk of contact with bacteria from the intestine into the vagina;
  • To use for wiping need a fresh individual towel, which after drying, must be warmed with a hot iron;
  • The cleaning can be carried out before or after a shower, but no bathing. A bath during yeast infection is not desirable.

These rules will allow you to trigger the massive erosive infection of other diseases, and to prevent the spread of thrush to other areas of the body (it can affect the skin, mucous membranes of the mouth and nose).

Important! during treatment, you need to use a white, soft toilet paper. Color and rude cannot be used. They reinforce the irritation.

How to select the agents for cleaning for thrush in women:

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  • In pharmaceutical products should not contain fragrances, dyes and fragrances, as they can cause increased irritation and swelling;
  • The gel for intimate hygiene must include lactic acid. This substance regulates the composition of the microflora;
  • Cannot be used for cleaning regular or antibacterial soap. The compositions of Soaps dry out the skin and upset the balance of microflora.

Important! With a yeast infection during menstruation do not use tampons. To change the gasket every 3 hours.

Home remedies for cleaning with a yeast infection

To help you can use home remedies that destroy the fungal infection, relieve pain and swelling. Most home remedies for cleaning recommend and gynecologists, however, the visit to the doctor should not be postponed. Pregnant most of these tools are also suitable, but the use of local products possible with the permission of the doctor.

  • Soda. Alkaline destroys fungal infection, which requires an acidic environment. To prepare the solution you need to dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in a liter of clean, boiled water. More often two times a day to use the club soda, as the alkaline environment can cause materialnogo vaginosis. Douching soda solution can be carried out 1 time per day.
  • Important! The use of soda solution during pregnancy is highly undesirable, it is better to use more gentle products!

  • Herbal medicine. For cleaning you can use natural remedies that you can buy in the pharmacy:
    • nettle;
    • chamomile;
    • the celandine;
    • eucalyptus;
    • burdock root;
    • oak bark;
    • sage;
    • lavender;
    • series;
    • mint;
    • carnation.

    This components allow you to prepare a decoction, relieves swelling and inflammation that destroys fungal infection. Decoctions can be prepared from a mixture of herbs or a single medicinal component. To prepare the broth should take 5 tablespoons of vegetable bases in 170 ml of water and leave for 5 minutes on the fire. Or let the mixture steep for two hours. Ready means diluted to 200 ml of the decoction used in the form of heat for washing up.

    Please note! Most often, the gynecologist with a yeast infection during pregnancy assigns the use of herbal concoctions for cleaning. But you must use them carefully, as the grass can cause allergies.

  • Boric acid. For the preparation of boric solution for cleaning it is necessary to take a teaspoon of funds and dissolve it in 200 ml hot water. You can use the tool once it has cooled to a comfortable temperature.
  • Potassium permanganate. A solution of potassium permanganate should be used very carefully, as it can cause burns of the mucous membranes of the genital organs and disorders of the vaginal flora. for cleaning suitable solution faint pink color.
  • Important! Solutions based on boric acid, sodium or potassium permanganate can be used not more than 5 days.

  • Essential oil. For cleaning and destroying of bad smell is possible to use solutions of essential oils:
    • orange;
    • eucalyptus;
    • mint;
    • pine;
    • Mandarin;
    • cedar;
    • lavender.

    To prepare the solution for cleaning you need to dissolve 3 drops of essential oil in a liter of warm water.

    Important! Some sources recommend the use made of honey water. But do not do this, as the honey water not only brings the therapeutic action, but creates a comfortable environment for reproduction pathogenic bacteria and fungus!

    Gels for intimate hygiene

    For thrush gels, which are composed of lactic acid, eliminate swelling, itching, pain, redness. These funds normalized number laktobaktery in the vagina, accelerating the healing process.

  • Epigenes Sex. This means there is glycyrrhizic acid, which inhibits pathogens. Gel is used only on the advice of a physician, his purpose was for the treatment of inflammatory processes.
  • Important! Prolonged use of Epigenes Sex you are able to cause skin irritation or allergic reaction! It cannot be used for prevention.

  • Gel for intimate hygiene with bisabolol, lactic acid, chamomile extract. It stops inflammation, soothes the skin and normalizes the pH level. Suitable for daily use.
  • Means in the form of sex gel, which has lactoferricin, preserving a healthy balance of microflora. Hypoallergeni tool can be used during pregnancy.
  • Linocomfort. The product contains chamomile extract, tea tree oil and lactic acid. Gel gently cleanses the inflamed tissue and reduces swelling, soothes irritated skin.
  • The best means for intimate hygiene are those that do not contain SLS and similar aggressive detergents.

    General guidelines

    To cure it is important that the woman not only spoofing, but kept eating right, got rest, not drink alcohol.

    After cleaning:

    • Rinse the remaining solution, broth or gel for washing with clean running water;
    • Dry wipe the genitals with a clean towel;
    • Possible guide air bath, at least 5-10 minutes without putting on underwear;
    • Wear loose cotton underwear, ironed with an iron on both sides;
    • Do not wear daily strip – it creates ideal conditions for the development of candidiasis.

    After cleaning it is necessary to observe rules of hygiene, which will speed recovery and help avoid the spread of infection. The cleaning can get rid of unpleasant symptoms of thrush. However, the visit to the gynecologist when signs of yeast infection necessary – inadequate treatment can trigger a chronic form of candidiasis or infection of internal organs.

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