What to do if under the toenails bad smell?

Onychomycosis is a disorder which is accompanied by damage to the nail plate. Most often this disease develops when the penetration of the nail or the skin around it fungus — dermatofita. They can get absolutely anyone, but the risk of developing the disease increases with a weakened immune system. This fungus primarily infects just the toe nails, and an unpleasant smell from under the nails.

The causes of pathology

Experts identify some of the reasons that can cause the appearance of fungus under the nail on his feet:

  • not carrying out basic hygiene procedures for the care of feet;
  • disruption of the immune system and as a result the body is unable to resist the fungal bacteria;
  • cuts, corns, wounds and abrasions on the feet;
  • the reception for long time of antibiotics and other highly potent drugs;
  • sweating in the legs.

The onychomycosis is especially prone to people who prefer active water activities. At risk and those patients who suffer from such diseases as diabetes or psoriasis.

Symptoms of pathology

The fungus infection is totally seamless, and the emergence of characteristic symptoms a person notices shortly thereafter. The first symptoms of the pathology is mono only visible when the disease has already captures a large part of the nail platinum. First, the nail begins to change color only in a small area. Depending on the type of infection that caused the development of the pathology and the color of the nail plate can be white, yellow, brown or gray.

Gradually, as the disease progresses the patient begins to notice a change in the structure of the nail, that is, it begins to thicken. Further active dissemination of the fungus the nail begins to stratify, the edges become uneven and the surface loses its natural Shine.

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Treatment of pathology

Only a specialist can confirm the fact that the disease is detected the toe nails is onychomycosis. Be sure to seek medical help when sudden onset of foot odor and particularly in case if this problem was absent in the past.

With a sharp smell from under the toenails is assigned to the analysis and study of clinical picture of the patient. On the basis of the results, the specialist selected medicines, which aims to combat the fungus.

In that case, if the nail plate is not much affected, you can use external methods of therapy. For the elimination of the disease is assigned the use of various ointments, which help to soften the nails. In addition, the use of scrapers for cleansing the nail plate, and the whole course of treatment lasts 2-3 weeks.

To accelerate the growth of a healthy nail is possible by using such ointments like Terbinafine and Intraconazole. Through their use of pretty slowly but surely can get rid of the diseased tissue and restore a healthy nail. When using such medications it is necessary to ensure that the foot was always clean and dry, and not to provoke the multiplication and re-infection by the fungus.

In the transition of onychomycosis in a running stage and defeat most of the nail plate not be able to do some external means. In such a situation would require a more prolonged and complicated treatment with a systematic taking special pills, with which it is possible to convey the necessary substances in the blood. The duration of treatment is determined by the extent of the disease and the recommendations of the expert.

It should be remembered that the fungus is quite hardy and, if not carrying out the full course of treatment he may again return. It is necessary to consider this property it is irresponsible and does not apply to prescribed therapy.

Folk remedies for the treatment

The smell from under the nails on the hands and feet can be addressed by traditional medicine:

  1. At home you can do a vinegar bath, diluting one part vinegar with two common water. In the resulting solution should be to lower the legs to 15 minutes, then wipe dry with a towel.
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