What to do if sweaty feet?

Sweating of the feet disturbs almost every man. Especially this problem occurs in the spring or summer. It can provide a lot of unpleasant moments, and that is extremely essential. When sweaty feet, this problem leads to shyness and non-removal of shoes in society.

The heavy smell from sweaty feet creates a permanent feeling of discomfort, and creates a problem in normal contact with the person. In addition, the cases in which is very sweaty feet, become a great obstacle in the solution of important factors in life, especially for women.

For example, the failure at the origin of the loving relationship or the rejection of new favorable positions.

Still, nothing to be embarrassed about this difficulty, neglecting a trip to the doctor. Because for professional medical complaint of the patient that the foot sweating is serious reason to quickly to determine the cause of the origin of athlete’s foot.

Why do feet sweat?

Cause of sweating feet are sweat glands, which are located on the feet. When a man moves, the blood circulation in the legs is most active, thermal efficiency increases. The body immediately responds to the overheating of feet — protection reaction and forms a moisture content, called then, the main part, which is water.

Besides water, the constituent parts of sweat are presented substances containing nitrogen, various fatty acids and cholesterol. Active sweat glands in these conditions can be compared with the temperature controller. If there are no pathologies at work, no inconvenience occurs because the sweat in such circumstances, the smell does not contain.

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On the contrary, when sweating is the possibility of rapid bacterial growth. Particles of matter on the surface of the skin begin to disintegrate uchenymi pace. Just this kind of process entails the formation of a rather repulsive aroma.

Rapid rhythm of life, tensions, various sensual spikes — all of which can have an impact on a powerful sweating. In addition, the long-term effects of sweat on the skin can cause of a defect and cause a variety of dermatological problems: athlete’s foot, eczema and other.

The reasons for the high sweating

  1. The presence of hyperhidrosis means existing in the body diseases.
  2. High sweating of the feet may be a hereditary factor.
  3. Often feet sweat a lot in patients who suffer from infectious and hormonal diseases. In addition, sweating may accompany flat feet or cancer.
  4. Dermatological diseases, diseases of the nervous system.
  5. Negative effects can provide shoes, for example, a very closed, narrow or not appropriate to the season. Long socks made of synthetics can cause profound sweating feet.

Special factors increased sweating can be: excessive consumption of water, a passion for salty food, disorders in the thyroid gland, local disease of the legs. To the last factor is the fungus that covers the heel, toe cracks. You could feel severe irritation, accompanied by itching of the foot, and it’s all stable causes unpleasant odor and heavy sweating.


  1. Do not delay visit to the doctor, because only a highly trained expert will be able to recognize the real cause of the disease is provided.
  2. You will need to use a variety of powders that can absorb odors. Huge effectiveness are methods based on iontophoresis. The principle effects of these drugs involve education in the skin condition, thus eliminating any ability of perspiration.
  3. To prevent hyperhidrosis use of frequent replacement of socks, regular washing of feet with detergents and special baths.
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Treatment of hyperhidrosis at home

In the treatment of athlete’s foot in adults need to do at home the following procedures: