What to do if a person sweats?

Sweating is an essential process for normal functioning of the human body. Sweating occurs at high low temperatures, at high physical exertion and stressful situations. But what if the person strongly sweats? What are the reasons and why’s sweating face and nose? Such a reaction of the body causes some inconvenience. Therefore every person is looking for ways to resolve this problem. Because the face is always visible and sweating have many causes, so-called, sweaty complex.

Causes of facial sweating

Hyperhidrosis of the face may occur in people of any age. Excessive sweating is a result of improper functioning of the nervous system, which regulates this process. In each case all depends on the individual person. But, there are a number of reasons that cause excessive sweating of the face:

  • Unclear etiology. Despite the fact that the person is completely healthy, there are factors that cause excessive sweating of the head.
  • Feature of an organism that has an innate character.
  • Often the sweating occurs as a result of increased ambient temperature.
  • The eat pretty hot food.
  • Properly selected diet and eat certain foods. Products such as coffee, tea, some soft drinks and hot spices can lead to increased sweating. And here suffers not only the nose and the face but the entire body.
  • Also hyperhidrosis can occur due to heavy exercise.

In addition to the above factors, there are other causes of increased sweating of the body. First of all, these deviations are associated with some diseases:

  • Ways of solving problems

    What to do if a strong sweating of the face and nose of a woman? What to do in such situations? This question is of interest to many, so his decision will allow to get rid of some complexes. To protect face and nose from excessive sweating can be such methods:

    • You need to give up coffee and drinks that contain caffeine. This substance stimulates perspiration of the body. Better to stop the choice on herbal teas and beverages that do not contain caffeine. Also experts recommend to give up alcohol.
    • To choose the right diet. From it it is necessary to remove foods that contain large amount of fat. It is better to replace them with olive oil and a diet that contains animal fats. Such a diet will reduce not only sweating, but the level of cholesterol.
    • It is necessary to refuse products which lead to higher stocks of heat in the body. So, garlic and onions increase the risk of formation of body odor.
    • If you increased sweating triggered by emotional reasons, the diet should include calcium-rich foods. They will help to cope with stress.
    • No less a rare cause of increased sweating on the face is a large mass of the body. In this case it is necessary to pay attention to diet, which will help quickly to resolve this issue.
    • Drink plenty of liquids allows you to quickly dissipate heat and reduce body temperature. Especially for the summer period. In hot weather is to abandon the use of carbonated soft drinks. The best option would be a refreshing tea.
    • Homemade methods of dealing with facial sweating

      A grown man should understand that sweating is a normal reaction to certain stimulation. So you should not focus on this problem. But if sweating causes discomfort and complexes, to help in the decision will help the following methods:

      • 2 tsp of Apple cider vinegar mixed with 2H.l. honey. The mixture should be consumed half an hour before a meal. This method will help to celebrate not only excessive sweating, but and over weight.
      • Tincture of Hamamelis. Her you need to wipe the face before going out. The infusion has antiperspirant properties. It must be applied very carefully, as it dries the skin. This applies in particular to the eye area.
      • The aloe juice. The substance has a calming effect on the skin. If you apply it on the face and nose, it is possible for a few hours to forget about sweating issues. As an alternative means use a gel based on aloe juice. Before use it must be diluted with water.
      • Tea from sage. The drink contains a lot of tannic acid. To prepare the tea, take 2 teaspoons of sage leaves and pour boiling water. Drink should infuse for 10 minutes. It is necessary to drink two Cup for two weeks. The effect will surprise you.

      Hyperhidrosis often manifests itself in extreme heat. In this period it is necessary to have on hand a dry cloth. With their help, in which case you can remove excess sweat. Refresh the face by using cold water. The cold water constricts the pores, which reduces perspiration.

      Many people use to freshen damp cloth. But, experts recommend to refuse such funds as they have fragrances and alcohols. These chemicals can cause irritation.

      If you are active in sports, sweating is a normal phenomenon. Please bring a personal towel. Of course, it is best to wrap it in a towel and ice to make it periodically to face. If a person suffers from hyperhidrosis, during classes should wear a special bandage. It can help to collect excess perspiration that result from physical activity.

      Compliance with all rules and recommendations will help to solve the problem with profuse sweating. It is best to do it comprehensively. Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is the basic principles in the fight against hyperhidrosis. If the above methods do not give the desired result, you should seek help from a doctor. Excessive sweating can be caused by serious diseases. In this case you will need comprehensive treatment.

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