What relieve itching and soothe it at home now

The causes of itching on the skin and how to take it off at home

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. And just because it is on the external level, the skin more often than other bodies falls under the negative influence of the external environment. Hence the frequent skin disease or just an allergic reaction to internal and external stimuli, which resulted in the person concerned about periodic or constant itching. In the material below we will examine what relieve itching at home and what is its cause.

  • The causes of itching on the skin
  • Methods of dealing with the itching
  • Cold therapy
  • Thermal effects
  • Oat mask
  • Soda application
  • Chamomile compresses and baths
  • Emergency assistance
  • Antihistamines

The causes of itching on the skin

Immediately it should be noted that itchy skin is not a disease (except for dermatological problems), but rather is a consequence of any pathological process. That is why if to soothe the itchy skin simple cannot scratching and itching is repeated again and again, you should consult a dermatologist to determine the exact cause of the problem. The most common causes of pruritus are:

  • Dermatological diseases (eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, dermatitis, etc.);
  • An allergic reaction to internal or external stimuli;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • The reception of certain groups of drugs;
  • Diseases of the liver (hepatitis);
  • Anemia;
  • Malfunctions of the thyroid gland;
  • Oncology;
  • Mental disorders, etc.

This is interesting: there are people who have itching of the skin occurs in certain conditions. So, marine itch develops when contacting with water, the altitude during the ascent to a sufficient height, conditionally-reflex at the mere mention of the parasites of skin or hair, opioid — occurs in drug addicts.

Methods of dealing with the itching

If the reader is trying to figure out how to relieve itching at home before seeking medical attention and thus the skin does not show visible allergic reactions, abrasions, wounds, etc., it is possible to use such methods of local treatment.

Cold therapy

The fact that cold suspends the flow of blood, and therefore slows down the process of generation and transport of histamine, which is in most cases cause itching. So itchy to the place it is advisable to apply something cold. It can be ice, frozen products from the freezer, in a pinch, just cold water.

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Thermal effects

The heat in turn enhances the blood flow, which evenly disperses the histamine in the bloodstream, reducing its concentration in one place. To relieve itching, you can locally apply heat to the itchy place, and you can just take a warm shower (not hot because hot water the skin shrinks, which can cause a new attack of «mange»). After a warm shower to moisten your skin with body lotion.

Oat mask

It is no secret especially for women that oatmeal moisturizes the skin and removes toxins. So if you have found local itching, it is possible to use the usual grits as saving funds from itching. Just enough to dissolve the rump, making her porridge and warm to put on an itchy place. 20 minutes later the mask to gently remove and moisturize the skin with body lotion or face cream.

Important: if itching all over the body, and you don’t know how to get rid of itching, it is possible to grind cereals into flour, steamed it well with warm water. Grits infused to obtain oat milk. This mixture can be poured into a bath with warm water and immerse yourself in it for 15-20 minutes. Your skin will not itch.

Soda application

The alkali neutralizes the itching very well. So if you have an itch on your arm or leg, and you don’t know how to quickly remove the itching at home, you can make soda lotions. For this purpose in warm water, dissolve a little soda (sodium bicarbonate) and moistened in a solution a tampon, place it on the place that itches. After 5-10 minutes the skin will calm down.

If it is scratched all over the body, it is possible to run a bath of warm water and just pour in her Cup of soda. This alkali solution is immersed for half an hour and then dry off naturally.

Chamomile compresses and baths

As is well known, and chamomile helps relieve inflammation and eliminate the itching. So if you have allergies and there is marked burning of the skin, before going to the doctor and appointment you sedative drugs (antihistamines), you can try to relieve the «itch» chamomile compresses and baths. Enough to brew the flowers of the plant and give broth to cool slightly. Then itchy skin applied a warm compress of chamomile. If itching all over the body, you will have to brew a greater quantity of chamomile and then pour the broth into the bath water. A bath should take at least 20 minutes.

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Emergency assistance

And you can just fool the brain and thereby relieve the annoying itch. The fact that our brain can’t process two simultaneous incoming information. Here you can play in surprise. The itchy spot have to slam the palm of his hand. The brain will receive the shock and will switch to it. Itching will recede for 10 minutes, during which you will be able to take measures of a local nature (compress, bath, etc.).


To relieve itching of the skin, dermatologists and allergists often prescribe antihistamines to their patients. These drugs are great block the production of histamines and relieve itching.

Important: antihistamines have a sedative (calming) effect. Therefore, it is undesirable to take them to those who are going to drive or to perform work requiring high concentration. Either should refuse to travel driving to and from work at the time of treatment.

Today, experts soothe itching and allergic reactions with these drugs:

  • Tavegil. Has a pronounced effect, which persists for 12 hours after the first dose. Such a drug can be given to children from 6 years. But it may not be taken by pregnant, lactating women and patients with respiratory illnesses or pathologies of the respiratory system.
  • Suprastin. Effective within 30 minutes after ingestion. At the same antihistaminic effect persists for 3-5 hours after ingestion of the drug. Suprastin causes drowsiness. The drug is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women and asthma in the period of the attack.
  • Diazolin. This drug can be taken at any age and for a long time. But its efficiency is much lower than the other drugs. The pain prohibited for pregnant women, lactating, epileptics, and patients with glaucoma, prostatitis and peptic ulcer disease of the digestive tract.
  • Zyrtec, Zodak, This Really Helps. The main component is cetirizin. This medication second-generation antihistamines have a more pronounced effect. Already 20 minutes after taking the first pill a noticeable improvement. This group of drugs can be taken long-term because they are not addictive. Such antihistamines do not give to children under 6 years of age, lactating women and patients with kidney failure.

Important: older patients may have swelling when taking medicines from this group.

  • Loragexal, Claritin, Claridon. Here the main active ingredient is loratadine. These drugs are already in the hour after consuming the first pill and it lasts 24 hours. Therefore, these drugs drink once a day. Such antihistamines do not give to kids under 3 years, nursing mothers and women during pregnancy. Also avoid taking these drugs for people with fructose intolerance and lactose.
  • Telfast — preparation of the third generation. Has proven itself in cases of rosacea. Such a drug does not cause drowsiness and has a longer validity period. Not recommended Telfast patients with problems of the kidneys and liver, patients with heart failure, children under 12 years and pregnant/lactating women.
  • Aerius. Another drug of the third generation, which removed the «scabies» of the body. Actively fights against manifestations of urticaria and pruritus. Does not cause drowsiness and does not decrease concentration. It is not desirable for the reception of pregnant and nursing, as well as for patients with kidney problems and children under 12.
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If you are experiencing constant itching bothering you, do not self-medicate. The best thing you can do for yourself is to visit a specialist who can identify the causes of disease and prescribe appropriate treatment, can reduce itching.

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