What kind of doctor treats HPV and to turn

To what doctor to address for the treatment of papilloma?

Many people believe that papillomas – harmless growths on the body, but it is not. The human papillomavirus (HPV) causes the formations that change the aesthetic appearance of the body, cause discomfort. To defeat the virus more prone women. To learn about the penetration of human papilloma virus in the body must be examined, but to what doctor to address? In this article you can find out what kind of doctor treats HPV when to see a doctor and what should the physician do when referring to him.

  • To what doctor should contact with the papillomas?
  • When to see a doctor?
  • What does the doctor when referring to him patient?

To what doctor should contact with the papillomas?

You should know that 7 out of 10 people infected with the human papillomavirus.

The manifestation of the virus begins when you lower the tone of the immune system. HPV first signs – the emergence of warts and papillomas on the human body. Without treatment, growths spread in the body, depending on the progression of the virus.

The choice of the physician in the presence of papillomas depend on the location of malignant growth:

  • Warts. Occur on the skin;
  • Papilloma. Can appear on any area;
  • Warts. Appear in intimate areas (genitals, anus).
  • To what doctor to treat a papilloma? It is best to consult a dermatologist. If you experience growths in the genital area, women should consult a gynecologist, men – urologist. It is worth remembering that at least in men, HPV is rarely manifested, as in women, but is the place to be.

    To what doctor to go, if the tumors located in the anal passage? The question usually deals with the proctologist, but a preliminary survey conducted by the therapist, who if necessary will direct the patient to a specialist.

    People who suffer from HPV, also worried about what kind of doctor removes warts on the body. It depends on the nature of the virus, the subject of benign.

    When to see a doctor?

    When infected human HPV virus should immediately seek medical attention. The treatment is more effective if it starts in the early stages of development of the virus in the body. Growths, growths on the body – the first signal that the virus entered the body, therefore, the appearance of papillomas to consult a doctor immediately.

    It should be understood that without effective treatment of tumors on the skin, getting rid of the virus, the General condition of the body to deteriorate, that will provide new ways of exposure to pathogens.

    Timely cure human HPV is also necessary, so it does not harm family, people with whom frequent contact.

    What does the doctor when referring to him patient?

    When you access a therapist, a doctor prescribes examinations, which will help to determine the source of the development of tumors, possible secondary infection. In this patient, it is necessary to pass the examination, he take a biopsy for polymerase chain reaction, diagnosis, and cytological examination. Further, on the basis of laboratory examination, the physician sends the patient to what doctor to address in papilloma in his case. If the physician prescribes medications, consults also visit immunologist, because one of the reasons the height of the HPV – decrease in immune defence.

    Diagnosis is usually performed by a dermatologist, a venereologist. The most common diagnostic method – polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which allows to identify virus DNA. PCR makes it possible to know the approximate time of infection of the patient, which can give the opportunity to find the source of the virus in the person infected person. PCR also gives the answer to the chronic form of the disease, either immediate (activation of the virus occurred as a result of the sharp decline of the tone of the immune system).

    Knowing what kind of doctor treats HPV, it is necessary not to forget who removes warts. This is due to the fact that often removal is the only method to cure the patient. In addition to removal, treatment using antiviral drugs is also needed to cure. Only by removing the virus, you can prevent the appearance of tumors. The removal procedure done by a surgeon, preferably specialized in removing tumors of this type. You should carefully choose a surgeon and a clinic where there is modern equipment and a specialist who has experience with the equipment.

    Methods and tools used to remove papillomas:

  • Laser excision. The procedure is a burning papillomas laser;
  • Radiono. Using this tool, the tumor removed by radio waves;
  • Electrocoagulation. The growths are removed using exposure to high temperature;
  • Chemical. The required area is treated with chemical substances;
  • Cryosurgery. Growths are frozen using nitrogen and destroy;
  • Surgical. Use a surgical scalpel, after removal of the scar remains.
  • Self-treatment is not engaged, because it can lead to negative consequences. Consult a dermatologist will always help the person concerned papillomas caused by various reasons, the main thing – to go to the doctor on time and not to delay treatment for a long time.

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