What kind of doctor treats herpes, and to what doctor to address

Who cures herpes and to what doctor to address?

Herpes – a viral disease that enters the cell and causes inflammation on the skin and mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, including nose, mouth, throat. Many people suffer from herpes and do not know how to treat this viral infection, and to what doctor should contact. In this article you can find out who cures herpes of the experts and how you can help this person.

  • Professionals, treating the herpes virus
  • Appeal to the therapist

Professionals, treating the herpes virus

If caught the question as to what doctor to address with herpes, it is necessary to examine symptoms of the body. Localization of the affected area of the skin is the main factor that will prompt, to what doctor should contact:

  • The choice of a dermatologist is quite logical when you «cold» sores on the face and other parts of the body, or shingles.
  • For genital herpes women should see a gynecologist, and men to the andrologist or urologist.
  • A dangerous problem is the eye herpes, affecting the eyeball. When serious development of the disease, it can lead to blindness. A diagnosis of ophthalmic herpes may put the physician, but to confirm the diagnosis and further treatment of the patient referred to an ophthalmologist.
  • If worried about herpes mouth lesions and its localization are between the teeth, you need to go to the dentist.
  • When herpetic inflammation is on your lips, you can contact the therapist.
  • Also, remember that there is a doctor who will help identify and overcome the cause of the disease, and it is – the immunologist, the direction to which you will get from a therapist. Reduced immunity is one of the main reasons why aktiviziruyutsya viruses, so an expert in this area will help you to choose to improve tone protective systems of the body.

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    For women, a timely visit to the gynecologist should be a normal phenomenon if they are worried that I might be infected with the virus. This disease can masquerade as a yeast infection or have no symptoms and to cure it will be difficult, if not appealed to the gynecologist for a long time, and the disease progressed.

    Important! It is worth remembering that testing for diseases transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse – a normal phenomenon, which should not be forgotten, because herpes can accompany such diseases.

    Appeal to the therapist

    Many people worry that the doctor of a wide profile, as a therapist can’t help with this disease, such as herpes on face or shingles and for other forms of viral infection. It is worth remembering that the therapist and, if needed, will always give a referral to more specialist to solve. Often it happens that the person concerned herpes of the internal organs, the symptoms of which are often mixed masquerading as diseases of the internal organs with chronic in nature. At the time, like when you visit the therapist, the patient speaks only the overall picture hides the sharp pain, recurrent exacerbation, the doctor may put the patient objective diagnosis owing to what goes wrong treatment, the result of which will not follow any.

    To what doctor to treat herpes 1 or type 2? – If unsure of the diagnosis, a well targeting the symptoms, or was before visiting a therapist, you should visit a dermatologist. The choice of this expert of a narrow profile due to the fact that both varieties of virus infection can be transmitted by cross, which may contribute to development herpes the oral cavity or even throat. Should also undergo specific tests to identify what type of herpes, to know what way to go, and what treatment to give to fight herpes.

    In cases where the person is not able to understand what was the form and type of herpes, or symptoms of the disease behind other chronic diseases, and the question arises, to what doctor to address with herpes need to see a therapist.

    The physician needs to identify and to classify open or latent form of the disease, if not hide information from him about the aggravation of the other symptoms that you feel and the doctor is not able to detect due to the lack of external manifestations.

    Remember, if you do not know what kind of doctor treats herpes, you need to consult a specialist of wide profile, because if you just go to a more specialist, it cannot guarantee the shortest path to recovery.

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