What is a wart and causes its appearance on the body

Causes of warts and their types

With this skin defect like warts, know every third person on the planet. It is known that these formations are of a viral nature and can appear at any age. Causes warts, and nevi of the human papillomavirus. In some cases, growths in the skin, treatment is not required, they disappear themselves as soon as the human body will improve the immune ability. But, there are some cases where a harmless spot that rises above the main covering of the skin, serious pathological processes, and eliminate their need as soon as possible.

  • What is a wart?
  • Types of warts and symptoms
  • Causes and place of occurrence of the warts

What is a wart?

Warts what is this, we are interested in since childhood. Being students, we firmly believed that their cause toads, today we understand that the warts on the body does not cause these fauna, and the proliferation of the cells of the epithelium and papillary layer of the skin. In themselves the warts on your body are usually attributed to benign neoplasms. Special danger to human life they are not, the picture changes dramatically when the tumor overstrain or inflamed.

Warts and papillomas on the body look almost identical, differ only in size and color, there are growths of pink, red, brown and even black. They arise on different parts of the body — the leg, neck, face, arms and even back. The appearance of warts in certain areas, delivers significant psychological and physical discomfort. The tumor prevents wear tight shoes, because of the constant friction hurts the wart, also people are embarrassed to wear open blouses, because the tumor attracts the attention of others and causes confusion.

Types of warts and symptoms

What is a wart, now you know and find out the tumor on the skin, you can. It should be mentioned that depending on the causes of warts, there are several varieties:

  • simple — tight papule up to 10 mm in diameter that are formed on the surface of the hands. This type of warts do not require medical treatment, they go away in 2-3 years. The exception would be a situation in which a sore wart on finger and have additional symptoms like swelling, near the tissues, and redness;
  • senile — why warts appear on the body in older people is not fully known, they do not pose a threat to health, and are not associated with human papillomavirus. The diameter of these tumors is not more than 2 mm, they are localized on the neck, chest, forearm and face. Hurts a wart of this type very rarely, to treat as a pathology it is not required;
  • plantar appear on the feet in places pressure shoes. Why do warts grow it is poor quality shoes provokes sweating and creates optimal conditions for the development of the virus. First appear small shiny papule or plaque of a yellow color, with a rough surface, and over time, the skin on the tumor thickens and gives pain while walking. If the wart hurts, it may at some time lead to a complete loss of functionality, because a person can not move independently;
  • flat — the cause of warts of this type, as a rule, is mechanical in nature, they develop against scratches, skin lesions or juvenile acne. Develop tumors on the dorsum of the hands, shins, and also on the face, mainly on my forehead. Color them light brown, pink or flesh;
  • pointed — appear in the area of the perineum and genitals. Have the form of pointed formations stockopedia Nude. These small outgrowths of skin can blend together and form solid lesions that resemble cauliflower.

A huge number of people wondered whether to root of the wart without mechanical damage, the answer is no. If the wart hurts, but no obvious injuries, it is likely that the pathology occurs intracellularly, there is marked degeneration in a malignant nevus.

We would like to acknowledge the symptoms, which can be distinguished, what is warts, what are moles, people often confuse these two concepts. If the skin appeared a dark spot, carefully inspect it, warts usually have the appearance of growth on the skin, even if they are flat and moles look like an artificial fly. Touch nevi rough with a mass of miniature particles of dead skin, uneven texture, and moles are smooth and soft. Also to differentiate these two neoplasms can the number of moles is always a lot, but nevi are placed singly, they may be on the whole body, just 2-3 pieces.

Causes and place of occurrence of the warts

The causes of warts, as already mentioned above, may be viral in nature and contact-household. The appearance of warts helps:

  • sexual and tactile contact with a person who has warts or papilloma virus;
  • use with an infected person in the same household means;
  • a visit to nail salons, where poorly disinfected instruments;
  • frequent visits to public baths and saunas;
  • wearing tight shoes and clothes that are constantly rubbing the same spot;
  • a sharp decline in immunity that can be caused by prolonged antimicrobial treatment, hormonal imbalance, frostbite or lack of some vitamin.

Favorable condition for the appearance of nevi, is a weakened condition of the body, which may cause stress, lack of sleep, poor skin hygiene, poor diet.

If there is contact household way of infection, the papillomavirus entering through the blood, begins to strike healthy cells. Feature of this virus is that it changes the structure of cells and they mutate, begin to grow abnormally and to grow, forming knots that rise above the skin.

The development of the virus in human skin contributes to the warm moist environment, that’s why, as often noted nevi-the people who work in laundries, factories and in greenhouses. Wart causes of which are viral in nature, more often develops in people of the following categories:

  • with a lack of vitamin A in the body;
  • with inflammatory diseases of infectious and chronic;
  • with torch-infections;
  • Smoking and abusing alcohol;
  • with injuries of the skin;
  • HIV-infected;
  • frequently changing sexual partners.

All of the above groups people with low levels of the immune system in the body, making it an excellent «victim» for papillomaviruses infection.

There is an opinion that the cause of nevi is a hereditary predisposition. If the mother and father noted the increased number of small skin growths, and the child they too will be appearing on lifetime.

Warts on the body the causes can be internal, that vengeance is developed on the background of systemic diseases such as psoriasis, diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis. These diseases reduce the functionality of some organs and the organism as a whole, making it defenseless against some viruses, bacteria and fungi. Depending on the cause of the warts on the body, to be appointed by the medical therapy.

If you notice on the body genital warts, you should not panic and immediately run to the doctor at the reception, the alarm should beat, when their number increases rapidly, they change color, or of them begins to stand out purulent exudate.

Strictly forbidden to remove growths on the skin or be treated with improvised means. The consequences of your self-medication, can be lethal.

Growths on the skin is not only cosmetic defects, it signals the body about the failure of certain systems or organs. You may think from what they appear, but only in the way of a qualified specialist — a dermatologist.

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