What are the different types of nail fungus?

Beautiful and well-groomed nails — the dignity of each person. To keep them healthy, you must know what are the different types of fungus nails. The disease is called athlete’s foot. If it grasps the skin, referred to as ringworm, if nail — onychomycosis. But in most cases the disease is in the complex.

Varieties of fungal infections

Mycosis — a widespread disease. At risk include athletes, people older than 60 years, the employees of the baths and saunas.

The causes of the disease are:

  • a weakened immune system;
  • long stay in a warm and humid environment;
  • wearing the shoes of non-natural materials;
  • poor hygiene of the feet;
  • use the other person’s shoes;
  • excessive sweating;
  • cracks and cuts.

The fungus is spreading quickly, hitting the space between the fingers, the feet and the nail plate. Excessive sweating of the feet is a favorable environment for bacteria.

The following types of nail fungus on feet

  1. Dermatopathy includes the genera Trichophyton, Epidermophyton and Microsporum, the most common. Staying on the nail plate and destroys its structure.
  2. Yeast, subspecies are Candida and Parapsilosis.
  3. Moldy type includes about 40 species, difficult to treat.

Depending on the condition of the plate there are 3 varieties of nail fungus:

    • surface shape, with the integrity of the plate and a small white patches;
    • distal, with the development of pathology with one of the nail region;
    • lateral, affecting two side surfaces;
    • proximal, with involvement of the nail hole, the infection spreads to the entire surface, resslova it;
    • total when infected, the entire surface of the plate;
    • distal-lateral, in which there is flaking of the nail, lose its gap and periungual tissue.

    In order for treatment to be effective, you must determine the type of fungus by contacting a specialist.

    Symptoms and diagnosis of the disease

    Symptoms depend on the type of onychomycosis. However, they have some common features, which include: the defeat of a skin fungus of the feet and palms, causing itching, a change in the color of the plate and its deformation, sometimes there is redness around the nail space.

    When nail fungus symptoms the following:

    • Yeast species of fungi, mostly affects the fingernails. Candida affects all plates, causing them to thicken and change color. The skin around the nail plates become inflamed and red, there is burning sensation.

      Molds fungi species are introduced when the plate is already infected with yeast or other bacteria. The symptoms do not differ from the common characteristics.

      Diagnosis is made visually. For establishment of the pathogen using microscopic examination of nail material. At the initial stage of the disease can be applied to biopsy tissue.

      Treatment and prevention of fungal infections

      For doctors developed a special program that reglamentary the choice of therapy depends on what are the fungi of the nails. The duration of the course of medication is prescribed depending on the stage of the disease. When the surface of the affected to treat the fungus can be a special anti-bacterial ointments and varnishes. Local treatment presented by drugs Lotseril, Batrafen, Ciclopirox.

      The full damage of the nail plate require removal. Gentle way is to use special plasters, which soften the nail and contribute to its removal. To surgical methods resorted to rarely. The operation is very painful. The plate is removed along with the nail bed, which further leads to its deformation.

      At the last stage of treatment prescribed a course of physiotherapy, which helps to improve blood circulation in the tissues, accelerate the healing of wounds after surgery. Traditional medicine can only help in the earliest stages of pathology.

      To prevent diseases it is necessary to observe following rules:

      • to keep clean hands and feet;
      • if excessive sweating to use special tools;
      • buy shoes made of natural materials;
      • do not wear other people’s things;
      • manicure to do only in checked beauty salons and not using someone else’s tool;
      • to strengthen weak nails and prevent them from injuries.

      Upon detection of the slightest symptom, whether it be color changes, itching or peeling of the foot, you should immediately contact a specialist. Early treatment will prevent spread of infection and quickly return to the former beauty of the hands and feet.

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