Wens on the neck and how to get rid of them: removing lipomas

Causes of lump on the neck and removal methods

To date, the modern man are quite common benign growths on the body in the form of Wen. In most cases, lipoma is localized under the skin in areas of greater accumulation of body fat. Lipoma has a lobed structure and a fairly soft consistency. That is, when pressing on the lump with your fingers, it can move from side to side. Education is for human aesthetic discomfort, so patients often wonder how to get rid of the lump on the neck or other parts of the body. Causes of benign tumors and the ways of dealing with it in the material below.

  • The reasons for the formation of the lipoma on the neck
  • The clinical picture of lipoma on the neck
  • Syndrome Madelung
  • Treatment lipoma on the neck
  • Prevention of lipoma on neck

The reasons for the formation of the lipoma on the neck

Modern doctors and scientists still have not determined the exact and single reason of formation of talc on the human body. However, most of the luminaries of science are inclined to believe that lipoma occurs due to heredity. Only in some cases to trigger the growth of the lump can the following factors:

  • Insufficient protein in the body;
  • Disorder of sebaceous glands;
  • Disorder of hormonal background (in most cases in women);
  • Failures in metabolic processes (in particular in fat metabolism and in protein and lipid);
  • Injury causing contraction or squeezing of the soft tissues;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Work disorder of the pituitary gland (in men).

Important: most often (in 98% of cases) in humans reveal a single education. If diagnosed many Wens in the neck or body, there is already a place to be syndrome Madelung.

The clinical picture of lipoma on the neck

Wens on the neck is not only unsightly spectacle, but also education, gives its owner the different degrees of discomfort depending on its size. In particular, the neck is in contact with the collar of a shirt, blouse or sweater, which can lead to constant irritation of the tumor. And this, in turn, can cause soreness and even the possibility of inflammation in the structure of Wen. Soreness can also occur if the lipoma was localized in the vicinity of the nerve trunk.

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The rest of the tumor to distinguish from malignant tumors will help these symptoms:

  • The location of the Wen. Usually, he settles there, where adipose tissue. That is, shoulders, back, arms and neck.
  • The growth rate of the lipomas. So, Wen grows very slowly and almost not touching tissue close to himself. But here, you should know that located on the neck formation can compress blood vessels, leading to disruption of metabolic processes in the body.
  • The lack of temperature. With the growth of lipoma the body temperature does not change. While much inflamed lymph node, mistakenly taken for Wen, can cause an increase in temperature to the level of 39 degrees.

Syndrome Madelung

In rare cases, patients may develop so-called syndrome of Madelung. In this case, the neck of the patient over age 50 are formed on the back or side of solitary lipoma, which keeps growing over time. With the growth of each they form in the end a great solid education in the form of small lipomas. The neck takes the strain. As to its internal condition, the patient noted the compression of the pharynx, neck muscles, larynx, etc. When the patient feels numbness in areas of the neck and, consequently, very uncomfortable.

Important: in the worst case, such a patient may develop respiratory failure and problems with the loans.

Treatment lipoma on the neck

Many patients mistakenly believe that the lump on the neck you can remove it yourself at home. It is very important to understand that the removal of a Wen by extrusion, evaporation, burning and the like will not end well for the patient. First, man alone can not pump out all the fatty tissue of the lipoma, not overlooking its borders. This will lead to a relapse sooner or later. Secondly, when such folk manipulations high risk of infection or injury to the tumor, which can lead to inflammation in the deep tissues.

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In particular, the treatment of Wen today is only his destruction. Moreover, for small entities with a diameter of 2-3 cm using endoscopic interventions. That is injected into the cavity lipomas special substance that dissolves the capsule Wen for 2-3 months. But this method not always gives 100% result.

With regard to large in diameter lipomas, then they are removed surgically in the hospital. The place of surgical intervention numb. If the patient has many talc, then the operation is performed under General anesthesia with a required patient stay in the hospital.

Important: mandatory before performing surgery, the surgeon needs to pick up a puncture lipoma for histology to determine its purity, or of malignancy.

Remove the Wen the following ways:

  • Classic excision of education. Here the surgeon removes the lump through a small incision in the skin. At the same time removed not only the contents of the lipoma, but also its capsule. That is, the recurrence is completely eliminated with this method of operation. But you should understand that the classical excision of lump on the skin are scars and scars. Therefore, not all prefer this method of operation on the neck and other exposed parts of the body.
  • Puncture-aspiration method. In this case, the capsule with a needle sucked all of its contents. The disadvantage of this method is that the capsule itself remains, and this can lead to relapse.
  • Laser excision of a Wen. Today it is the most effective, albeit expensive way, which can be used to remove the lipoma. The Wen effect beam intensity. During the surgery, the lipoma is fully warmed up and is peeled from healthy tissue. The scar after laser removal of the lump is completely absent, and the wound is delayed on day 5. The capsule of the lipoma completely istihaada that prevents recurrence of the disease.
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Prevention of lipoma on neck

Since true reasons for the formation of lipomas on the neck is not established, it is believed that to prevent her education impossible. However, doctors still recommend to refrain from a large amount of carbohydrate and fatty foods, and lead sedentary lives. A good metabolism can serve as a great prevention of many diseases. Be healthy!

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