Wens on the body — how to look: the causes and how to get rid of

Types of Wens on the body: diagnosis and treatment

Sometimes the modern man formed the Wens on the body. These tumors are benign and are benign. However, such tumors can bring its owner great aesthetic discomfort and in some cases physical (if the lump has enlarged in size and compresses the surrounding tissue). What are the Wens on the body and how they are properly versed in the material below.

  • Wen: definition
  • The types of Wen
  • Reasons for the formation of lipoma
  • The symptoms and appearance of Wen
  • Diagnosis of lipoma
  • Treatment of lipomas

Wen: definition

Wen (in medicine lipoma) is exclusively benign with minimal chances of degeneration into malignant. Lipoma is progressing very slowly and the progress of growth increases in size. Most often, the education diameter up to 0.5-3 cm, However, it happens that lipoma reaches much larger sizes. There have been cases when the size of the lipoma was 10 cm In this case, education constricts blood vessels and nearby tissues, causing can happen at least swelling and numbness. In the worst case the patient can occur tissue necrosis.

Important: massage areas of the body, which is Wen undesirable. Experienced masseur, as a rule, bypasses the lipoma in their manipulations. However, if there are multiple body education, massage is strictly contraindicated.

The types of Wen

Wen on the body (including in the back of the head) can be of different types. In particular there are the following types of lipoma:

  • Subcutaneous. Slightly loose and has a lobed structure. Wen grows so slowly, and thus penetrates between the muscles and blood vessels.
  • Myleoma. Such education affects muscle fiber in the process of their growth.
  • Adenolipoma. Is localized near the sweat glands.
  • Perineural. Formed around a nerve trunk causes a lot of pain in the patient.
  • Angiolipoma. Is localized in the tissues of the kidneys.
  • Perineural lipoma. Is formed in the channel exclusively to the spinal cord.

Important: in 99% of all cases of lipomas are formed subcutaneously. Only in some rare cases, patients reveal milioni or talc localized in deep soft tissues. In 95% of cases the patient is diagnosed with isolated education. And only the other 5% there may be numerous lipomas.

Reasons for the formation of lipoma

You should know that the causes of white bumps on body pictures which are shown above, often are hereditary. However, in rare cases the important role in the formation of lipomas play and trigger factors. These are:

  • Various violations of metabolism, particularly the metabolism of fats;
  • Injury leading to compression of the adipose tissue;
  • Diabetes mellitus 1 or type 2;
  • A deficiency of protein in the body;
  • A weak immune system;
  • Smoking;
  • Effects on the body ionizing radiation.
  • Age category 40+.

Important: if a patient has multiple inciting factors together, it can lead to a sharp progression of the lipoma and its growth.

The symptoms and appearance of Wen

Those who are wondering what it looks like Wen, you can see a picture of the given material. However, you should know that lipomas have typical features, the signs and symptoms which distinguish education from other types.

So, the main symptoms of the formation of fatty lipoma are:

  • Painlessness and the absence of other discomfort in the presence of a small formation under the skin. The skin at the site of lipoma retains its elasticity and color.
  • The growth of education a person can feel the severity of the lump. Especially when it is sagging.
  • Possible swelling at the place of formation of the lipoma. Blood circulation in this area of the body will be broken. There is a numbness.

Important: the characteristic feature of the Wen is keeping its shape and size at the weight loss and the volume of the body of the patient. That is, the person loses weight and lipoma it does not change its shape and size.

If the patient has a Wen on any area of the body (and neck), you can either observe the formation of a surgeon every year, not skipping its possible progression. Or go to a clinic to get rid of education once and for all.

Diagnosis of lipoma

In order to ascertain the nature of the lump, the doctor appoints histology (the removal of cells and samples Wen a study to determine its purity). If a lipoma has formed in the deeper layers of the body (muscles, internal organs or soft tissues), then additionally prescribe diagnostic techniques:

  • CT;
  • MRI;
  • Ultrasound, etc.

Such methods allow to determine the location of internal education and the limits for further getting rid of him.

Treatment of lipomas

Usually with new techniques and hardware capabilities of modern clinics for Wen removal, use these methods:

  • Puncture-aspiration. In this case, in the cavity of education introduced a special device that allows you to suck all of its contents. The whole process surgeon controls using device-macromediaadobe. In most cases this method is used in the treatment of Wen small in size. However, this method may lead to relapse, as it is not always possible to remove all the contents of the lipoma.
  • Laser correction. Here on the affected area of the skin send the VHF radiation. The doctor controls its duration and intensity, depending on the size and depth of location of the lump. As a result of this targeting is possible in layers to remove all pathological tissue while not affecting healthy. After this procedure the skin those who do not know how to get rid of of such education, are left with scars, healing is quick and painless. Indications for performing laser correction are the rapid growth of the lipoma, the localization of a lump on the face or scalp.
  • Method of radio wave surgery. This method is for those who don’t know how to get rid of lipomas, is considered the most modern and high-tech. The lipoma is exposed to radio wave radiation, which heats the cells education. Upon reaching extremely high temperatures tissue lipomas themselves are separated from the skin. The method is not only high tech but also bloodless, and optionally, disinfecting the area of surgery.

Important: to treat a lipoma (squeeze, primitivity, steam, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Not only that, it’s just useless, since the capsule of the lipoma will stay inside, and dangerous to human health. With self removal of a fatty lipoma can be an infection that will lead to very sad consequences. Even if the neighbor says that at the time she got rid of the education at home. Do not take chances!

Each of these methods of combating Wen quite effective in each case. So, how to get rid of lipomas, had to pick up only the attending surgeon depending on the diagnostic results.

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