Wens newborns face and nose in infants

Causes of white bumps in newborns and lipoma removal

Wen (in medicine lipoma) is a benign neoplasm, having the lobed structure and content in the form of fat cells. To lipoma can occur not only in adult. Wens newborns — not less common a problem today. Upon detection of such education on the baby’s skin it is advisable to show the child’s pediatrician to rule out other tumors. In General, however, Wen does not represent any danger to the crumbs, nor his parents. The reasons for the formation of lipomas on the body of infants to understand the material below.

  • Lipoma in a newborn: possible risks
  • The reasons for the formation of lipoma on body toddler
  • The localization of a Wen on the body of the baby and causes
  • Indications for urgent removal of a tumor from a baby

Lipoma in a newborn: possible risks

You should know that girbichek on the skin of crumbs does not threaten his health and growth must go on their own. However, parents should raise concerns that the lipoma, which is in the process of inflammation. Often this can occur if the formation is in close contact with clothing (neck, belt, pants, etc.) or if the Wen accidentally brushed handle baby. In this case it is advisable to contact the experts to avoid abscess lipoma.

Important: lipoma very rarely degenerates into malignancy and is rather a cosmetic defect.

It is also important to understand that self-treatment (squeezing, burning, etc.) Wen is strictly prohibited. Thus it is possible to injure the delicate skin of the baby and to bring in a wound infection.

Important: for self-attempt removal of the lump on the face or on the body of the newborn is rarely possible to remove the capsule. This means that sooner or later will relapse.

The reasons for the formation of lipoma on body toddler

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Basically jirovecci the newborn can be formed for several reasons:

  • The lack of sebaceous glands in the body of a newborn;
  • A blockage of the sebaceous glands due to poor skin care of the baby;
  • Failures in the exchange process of the small body;
  • The slagging of the body of the baby (very rare).

In particular lipomas on the skin of the baby are formed due to the functional peculiarities of his skin. So, there are the following triggers the formation of white bumps skin newborn:

  • The thickness and structure of the epidermis and dermis. They differ significantly from the properties of the skin of an adult, and are more subtle. The epidermis of the baby is much thinner than the dermis and has fewer cells. The result of this structure of young skin is formed very thin connection between the cells of the cornified upper layer. Because of this, cells of the stratum corneum is very easy exfoliated and rejected.
  • The presence of the original grease on the baby’s skin. This lubricant serves as a protective barrier at the time the crumbs on the light and protects the delicate skin of the crumbs from irritation or injury when passing through the birth canal. The lubricant composition is 80% water, the fat secretion of the sebaceous glands, protein and slomannye epithelium. Such a composition creates an antibacterial and protective effect. But he also clogs the ducts of the sebaceous glands, and triggers the formation of the Wen after the fluid output ducts of sebum.
  • The imperfect development of sweat and sebaceous glands. Babies up to three months, the number of these glands exceeds the number of adults in 12 times. However, they have not convoluted, and direct structure. That is, more prone to ambulance blockage. The normalization of the functioning of these glands occurs by 3-4 months of a newborn.
  • A greater number of sebaceous glands on the face. In children in infancy on 1 cm2 of skin of a person has 6-8 times more sebaceous ducts than in an adult. For this reason, lipomas are most often localized on the face of the crumbs.
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The localization of a Wen on the body of the baby and causes

Lipomas located on the body of the infant can in a variety of places. However, most often point to such places:

  • The wings of the nose the crumbs. This phenomenon is on the nose, the baby doctors called Milia. Education held by themselves by six months. But need to make sure that baby is not combed jirovecci. It is advisable to cut short the nails of the baby and to wear protective mittens for her hands. If a baby accidentally tore Wen, the specialist may prescribe a treatment of wounds with antibacterial solutions or ointments.
  • Lips, cheeks and eyes. In this case, the obstruction of sebaceous glands because of its underdevelopment. As a rule, lipomas in this case also pass with time.
  • The forehead and scalp. In this case, for Wen to watch and if they are not held independently by a certain age, you will have to remove the mass.
  • Neck. You have to be careful especially because the lipoma on the neck of a baby can be closely contacted with the drawstring cap that will cause friction. It is not excluded inflammation of the lipoma. But if there will be the growth of the Wen, it should be removed, since education could provoke a compression or squashing of the blood vessels. In this case, it is possible necrosis.
  • Gums. Localization of lipoma here. But, as a rule, these white bumps don’t bother the baby and are of themselves of tooth eruption.
  • Legs and arms. In this case, the causes may be endocrine disorders. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the advice of an endocrinologist.
  • Ear. If the lump on the head formed in this part, it is atypical and requires specialist advice.

Important: if the lipoma was not on your own with the growth of the body of the baby, then remove it already when the child reaches the age of five.

Indications for urgent removal of a tumor from a baby

Though the lump is not dangerous for the baby, parents have to monitor him constantly. The indications for urgent removal of lipoma are:

  • Too rapid growth of the tumor (approximately 5 mm within three months);
  • Localization of a large lump on my face (that left a smaller scar after removal);
  • Suppuration or bleeding lipoma.
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Surgical intervention in most cases is carried out by using laser technology. The effect of the procedure 100%, and the scar is minimal or completely absent.

If you are concerned about the lump on the body of the baby — consult your doctor first, often there is no need for concern. Assigned timely treatment in most cases leads to positive results.

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