Wasp sting first aid and what to do after a bite

What to do when a wasp sting?

With the onset of heat, people often make forays into nature, where close contact with insects, but this contact does not always end friendly. Few people know, but the wasp because it eats garbage, is the vector of many bacterial organisms that once ingested, not rarely provoke severe allergic reaction in adults and in children. After bite wasps to possible anaphylactic shock, in which the calculation of the patient’s life. To avoid unpleasant consequences fun striped aggressors, need to know how to behave with them and how to treat a wasp sting.

  • Reaction to a wasp sting
  • What happens in the body after the bite?
  • How to treat a wasp sting?
  • Medication if a wasp sting
  • The effects of a wasp sting

Reaction to a wasp sting

Unlike bees which can only sting once, the wasp is the hunter and can sting multiple times without losing their stinger. It feeds on smaller insects for themselves and do not hesitate even carrion. Not at all strange that in the heat so common to see an OS over trash cans and garbage dumps. Curiosity drives young children to explore the most straightforward areas of the world, that is why they are often adults face the bites of the OS. Adults also can get rid of insects for example, from sweet food, accidentally stumble upon their dislike and feel the bite. It should be mentioned that the hornet’s sting has a characteristic symptomatology:

  • redness certain skin areas;
  • swelling;
  • itching and pain of pulsating character;
  • if the bites of wasps fell on the face, marked swelling of the tissues of the face, eyes, almost not visible.

If stung by a wasp to the tongue, it is swollen not only its fabric, but the entire mucosa of the mouth, the larynx, the person begins to choke, and if not promptly treated, then death is inevitable.

Do hypersensitive people, and people who are allergic to stings of wasps, can develop additional reactions:

  • nausea;
  • cramps;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • attack of hoarseness and choking, cough;
  • bleeding in the eye;
  • failure of the cardiac rhythm;
  • dull pain in the chest;
  • jumps in blood pressure.

The bite of the wasp women and children more acutely feel the symptoms, the male body responds to toxic substances more easily.

What happens in the body after the bite?

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The effects of a wasp sting directly depend on individual characteristics of the human body, and the number of bites. Many say that wasp bite, but in fact they sting. On the lower part of the abdomen they have is a lance-like excrescence, which reaches 3 mm. they wasp pierces the skin of its victim. Located near the sting gland that produces toxic substances. Duct of the gland ends on the edge of sting, and when the wasp pierces the skin through the stinger enters the portion of poison, which in turn provokes a reaction.

It will be interesting to find out what’s in your world-insects, wasp sting that pierces the carapace of flies and releasing a dose of venom completely paralyzes their prey. While the victim is immobilized, it is still alive, the wasp begins to chew, leaving only the wings.

In the composition of bee venom has over 13 aggressive components. It is believed that sharp pain and burning sensation occurs when ingested acetylcholine and serotonin. These substances provoke spasm and irritate the nerve endings in the dermis. In the wasp venom also contains a substance such as mastoparan peptide, it can increase the concentration of histamine in the area of the bites, and it involves a strong contraction of blood vessels. Eventually, ischemia increases the inflammatory response and dilates blood vessels back. This causes increased permeability of capillaries, swelling and redness at the bite location.

How to treat a wasp sting?

If you’ve had a wasp sting first aid must be submitted to the victim immediately. Promptly applying ice to the puncture site of the skin, it is possible to avoid or reduce tissue swelling that is formed during the first 20 minutes. We have to carefully examine the wound. Of course wasps do not lose their sting, but there are a number of situations when the person feeling the pain from the puncture of the skin, slapped the insect and pulled his stinger out. If you found the stinger, use disinfected tweezers for eyebrows or tweezers, remove it.

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Wipe the place from a wasp sting antiseptic. As already mentioned above, wasps sting can concentrate bacteria that are pathogens. Antiseptic type alcohol, iodine or hydrogen peroxide prevents the development of infection and inflammation. If you don’t have anything from the medicine Cabinet, to replace them will go a plantain leaf, soap, vodka or parsley leaves, they have antiseptic properties.

Next, you need to remove the pain that most cause discomfort, it is possible to impose acetic bandage and take pain pills. In the field can impose on the wound with lemon, sour berries, and the leaves of sorrel and dandelion juice. From above impose a pressure bandage. It is also important to take anti-allergic medicines, even if you have not had allergic reactions. They will help to accelerate the toxin from the body and to avoid adverse effects.

Medication if a wasp sting

To a wasp sting effects were minimal, going on nature, bring some medication. Very good reduce symptoms drugs for local use:

  • Ftorokort;
  • Psili-balm;
  • Fenistil;
  • Diprose;
  • ointment the Rescuer.

Bitten by a wasp place, you can smear Panthenol is a versatile substance that helps fight burns, minor injuries and insect bites. If was a wasp sting treatment should be comprehensive, it is important to use painkillers, and antihistamines, for example:

  • Claritin;
  • Aerius;
  • Suprastin;
  • The pain;
  • Tsentrin;
  • Tavegil.

If treatment gel, cream and different kinds of balms did not bring the expected effect, the person continues to suffer from pain and swelling, it did not subside the symptoms for two hours, and there are new, you need to call an ambulance. There are some cases when it is necessary to introduce doses of epinephrine or antidotes, physicians should have them with you on arrival at the scene. If the person will face once allergic to a wasp sting, then it must be subsequent with a list of antihistamines. How to treat Allergy to the venom of a wasp, you individually will tell the doctor he’ll explain after the wasp sting what to do and what medications to take.

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The effects of a wasp sting

If not promptly provide first aid to the person affected by striped aggressor or even to ignore this point, you can face serious complications, among which the most often noted:

  • the formation of ulcers at the bite site via the ingress of bacterial infection. Necessary wound drainage and a course of antibiotics, or start nekrotizirovannye skin and blood poisoning;
  • a strong temperature increase, which leads to intoxication. The patient may fall into a coma;
  • if a person was allergic, there is angioedema, which overlaps the access of oxygen due to swelling of the mucous membrane of the larynx, the air does not come and the person dies from suffocation;
  • if the toxin in large quantities in her bloodstream, which is not uncommon with numerous bites, there is a paralysis, it could be a stroke or heart attack.

How exactly will behave a toxic substance in the body of a particular person, cannot predict any one doctor, so it is better to prevent all sorts of complications, and timely initiation of therapy.

It will be interesting to know that wasp venom is much more aggressive bee and its components are much faster than the poison of a snake. That is why, from the bite of this insect marks the instantaneous reaction of the body. With proper treatment, the swelling will subside after three days, the redness will be held the next day. If the bite occurred in the area of the face or oral mucosa, extensive edema of the tissues will have to undergo at least 10 days.

Such a nuisance, like a wasp sting can happen to any man, but the knowledge of receptions of correct behaviour and a set of the above drugs in the medicine Cabinet, will reduce the likelihood of complications, and will not spoil your camping.

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