Warts under the arms, as they are called hanging moles

Hanging warts under arms and their causes

Often on the human body you can see a small pigmented spots called moles. Almost everyone has such a benign formation, formed under the influence of a large cluster of melanocytes (pigment cells) in place of the skin. In addition, these natural marks do not cause trouble to the owner. To guard in some degree worth it, if formed on the body hanging moles in the armpits, neck or groin. What are the moles under arm and on other parts of the body, as well as how to deal with them, are described below.

  • What is a hanging mole or wart?
  • Varieties of hanging nevi
  • Nevus
  • Soft fibroma
  • Papilloma pigmented
  • The keratitis (senile wart or seborrheic keratosis)
  • Neurofibroma
  • Causes of
  • Nevus
  • Soft fibroma
  • Pigmented papilloma
  • The keratitis
  • Neurofibroma
  • To what doctor to address with a hanging mole?
  • Methods of treatment for hanging moles
  • Surgical methods
  • Traditional medicine

What is a hanging mole or wart?

Hanging warts or mole under my arm is benign, with the appearance of a small rounded papilla, and towering above the skin surface. These tumors have a heterogeneous structure and uneven surface. The hue of such formulations can vary from light brown to dark brown. In the medical community hanging formation on the body are called nevi.

Important: it is understood that even in its relative normality that is hanging mole on the armpit is a danger to humans. The fact that this place often occur a damage of hanging moles-nevus. In addition, in the area of the armpit sweat glands are located that can serve as an additional cause of infection of the damaged skin areas.

Varieties of hanging nevi

Warts under the arms and on the body, having a suspension form, can be categorized by types. Take a closer look.


Tumor formation of benign nature. Can be either acquired or congenital. Distinguish between these types of nevi on the skin:

  • Difficult pigmented nevus. Has a rounded shape as it rises above the skin. The color of such formation from dark brown to almost black. The boundaries of the complex naevus clear, and the size (diameter) of such education often does not exceed 10 mm. Sometimes it can grow hair;
  • Intradermal naevus. Has the shape of a hemisphere and a size of about 10 mm. Shade of such formation from light brown to almost bodily.
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Soft fibroma

Such education are called fibroepithelial polyp or acrochordon. As a rule, the form such education oval or nearly round, and its structure is soft. The shade of this mole — from Nude to dark brown. There are three types of soft fibroma:

  • Small. It is small and painless wart hanging under the arms and on the body. Have a light brown tint;
  • Thready. The cantilevered education, having an elongated shape. In length this mole can be up to 5 mm, and a maximum width of 2 mm. In some cases, this mole has a leg;
  • Large fibroepithelial polyp. The diameter of such education reaches 1-2 cm or Can fit snugly to the skin, or hanging on the leg. The surface of the polyp is often warty.

Papilloma pigmented

More often it is dark or light brown hanging mole under my arm or on the body, having the form of a papilla on the leg. Such education has a viral nature. Size — not more than 20 mm.

The keratitis (senile wart or seborrheic keratosis)

Such education has a rounded shape and appears in patients older than 40 years. Formed on the scalp. Often becomes a suspension, which leads to its injury. The keratitis may itch.


These warts under the armpit are often localized in areas of the peripheral nerves. Have an elastic structure and flesh tint. The growth of such formations is very slow. During germination in the sheath of nerve fibers cause pain. Other less common types of hanging formations on the body and are often subcutaneous.

Important: neurofibroma can degenerate into a malignancy.

Causes of

If the reader is interested, why are a variety of hanging warts under my arm and on the body, you should know that depending on their species causes the formation may be different.


The formation of a nevus can cause congenital reasons or the external factors. The congenital nevus is formed in malformations of the embryo. As a result, melanocytes accumulate in the layers of the skin of the baby.

The causes of hanging moles on the body purchased the following:

  • Heredity;
  • Viral infections and bacteria;
  • Hormonal imbalances;
  • Increased and prolonged exposure to the sun in the outdoor clothing;
  • Skin disease rashes etc;
  • Injury to the skin.

Soft fibroma

The reasons for the formation of these warts on the armpits or in the groin are:

  • Aging of the skin (in patients older than 40 years);
  • Mechanical effects on the skin (rubbing of clothes, etc.);
  • Failures in the hormonal and endocrine systems;
  • The human papillomavirus (HPV) 11 and type 6 (25% of patients from 100 subjects).
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Pigmented papilloma

The main reason for the formation of such a hanging mole is HPV, which is transmitted or when the passage of the fetus through the birth canal, or through sexual contact or by sharing personal care items of an infected person. In most cases, the human papilloma virus is in a latent state. Wake him up and trigger the growth of hanging moles can the following factors:

  • Immunosuppression;
  • Stay in a state of constant emotional stress;
  • Malfunctions of the digestive tract;
  • Frequent colds;
  • Promiscuous sex with frequent change of sexual partners;
  • Stay in public pools, at beaches, in saunas;
  • Long-term use of antibiotics.

The keratitis

Often formed due to age-related changes of the skin or by genetic predisposition.


Appears in most cases hereditary or during the flow of genetic mutations in the patient’s body.

Important: in either case, the risk group includes fair-skinned people, women, patients with thermal and chemical burns on the skin, as well as long staying in the sun.

To what doctor to address with a hanging mole?

If the reader does not know how to remove a hanging mole correctly in the first place with such entities should consult a dermatologist. The specialist will examine the mole and assess the degree of purity in form and appearance, and will also tell you whether or not to remove moles. If the specialist will have suspicion about rebirth warts/moles in malignancy, the patient is sent to the oncologist. This profile could specialist to remove a papilloma and immediately send it for histology if necessary.

In extreme cases, the patient can contact the surgeon for advice. If education is located on the genitals, it is advisable to see a urologist (for men) or gynecologist (for women).

Important: tighten diagnostics education is not worth it. Better to keep his condition under control, until it manifested dangerous symptoms of degeneration, such as itching, blackening and bleeding moles, its growth at higher speed.

Methods of treatment for hanging moles

Surgical methods

The best option of dealing with such hanging formations is their complete removal. Minimally invasive surgery performed on an outpatient basis and the procedure takes about 5 minutes. The procedure of removing hanging warts/moles armpit painless. In specialized clinics such formations are removed in one of several ways of removing tumors:

  • Laser removal. In this case, the laser beams there is a complete evaporation of moisture from the tissues of warts. As a result, it remains only a dry crust, which then disappears.
  • Cryotherapy (burning the mole with liquid nitrogen). Education dripping liquid nitrogen, which dramatically frozen tissue nevus, resulting in its rejection.
  • Radiowave excision of moles. To the wart is exposed to radiowave rays, cutting her.
  • Electrocoagulation. Hanging on the mole affected by current, cauterizing it.
  • Classic excision. In this case, use the scalpel to remove warts.

Important: but even after removing all structures from the skin it is worth remembering that if they had a viral nature, it is desirable to strengthen the body’s defenses by receiving immunomodulators and antiviral drugs. They are appointed by the doctor after removal of the nevus.

Traditional medicine

To combat hanging entities at home it is possible to use pharmaceutical preparations such as Subacetate, Verrucate and Cheap, Viferon, etc. Their application should be agreed with the doctor is mandatory. And the use of drugs should be carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions to avoid possible burns healthy skin.

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With regard to the use of folk methods in various skin formations, national removal tools are as follows:

  • The juice of celandine;
  • Dandelion juice;
  • The juice of garlic;
  • The juice of onion;
  • The aloe juice.

These plant components is necessary to lubricate the build-up on the skin 2-3 times a day until his disappearance. But it is always important to remember that self struggle against the axillary skin and cutaneous formations can lead to trouble in the form of rebirth hanging mole into a malignant tumor. Therefore, it is important to work against warts and moles only under the close supervision of the attending doctor.

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