Warts on the tongue in the mouth genital type and how to treat them

Treatments Kandil in the language and causes of

Many doctors say that the condition of the mucosal surface of the oral cavity is a reflection of the body. It is here that the first symptoms of various diseases. So, if you have warts in your mouth, it means that the immune system was damaged and weakened protection. The article will look at why there growths in the mouth, what are and how to get rid of them.

  • Causes and symptoms
  • Mechanisms of infection and types of warts in the mouth
  • Treatments
  • Removal of warts mouth

Causes and symptoms

The main reason for the appearance of warts on the mucous surface of the tongue is the human papillomavirus. Currently, medicine is known to more than one hundred varieties of strain of the pathogen. Among them there are dangerous varieties of cancer-causing and manifested in the form of benign growths. To determine exactly what kind of virus has led to the emergence of symptoms helps histological examination.

The most dangerous are HPV strain 6 and 11, as they appear on the tongue and may develop into a malignant tumor.

Since most adults are carriers of this virus it is important to understand its causes. This must match several factors simultaneously:

  • Children aged 12 to 13 years do not have strong immune systems, their protective mechanisms are only just emerging. Therefore, most often the infection is spreading among the younger generation, rather than adults;
  • Genital warts in the mouth common in people with HIV infection;
  • In some situations, the manifestation of HPV occurs concomitantly with other abnormalities — candidiasis, gingivitis, aphthous stomatitis and glossitis. The fact that in infectious disease the mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue reduces the production of lysozyme. This enzyme is responsible for fighting viruses and bacteria;
  • Some chronic diseases reduce the vitality of the body before manifestation of the symptoms of the virus. Such diseases include: diabetes, tuberculosis, hepatitis, chronic tonsillitis;
  • The immune system is often weakened during pregnancy;
  • Treatment with glucocorticoids also increases the risk of warts in the language.
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To determine the presence of warts on the tongue and mucous surfaces of the mouth is quite simple. This part of the body has a large number of nerve endings and if there is a build-up I immediately felt discomfort.

Mechanisms of infection and types of warts in the mouth

Still not all people infected with the virus and to protect the body from pathogen it is necessary to avoid the main paths of transmission of the disease. The infection is usually transmitted in the following way:

  • Urogenitalny sexual contact. Lately is the primary method of transmission of the virus. The fact that the mucous membrane of the oral cavity does not have the same reliable barrier as the skin. The infection penetrates through the basal layer of the epithelium and initiate the growth of warts;
  • The contact path. This option implies the use of personal belongings of the patient (toothbrush, Cutlery). In addition, the virus can penetrate and on the fingers;
  • Artifactual way. In this case, the responsibility for contamination lies with the doctors. The infection can be brought on not sterile dentist tools. It is therefore important to use only proven clinic;
  • A child can be infected at birth if the mother has genital warts on the cervix.

Usually the virus for several months after penetration into the body is dormant, so to accurately determine the source of infection difficult.

Tumors appear in different places differ from each other color and size:

  • Often there are warts under the tongue on its sides. Usually the tumor has a pink base and white top is shaped like solicitously growth. Height can vary from 1 to 4 mm. Immediately there is either a single knot or group.
  • Warts on the hard palate and gums typically form conglomerates genital growths.
  • Lips and cheeks are formed of flat warts. Most often they are bright red with a swollen base.
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    If there is a suspicion on the appearance of warts in the language, you need to go to the dentist-General practitioner and infectious disease. They will determine whether it’s the human papillomavirus. If there is a single small education, the treatment may not appoint, and just follow it. Most people the problem goes away.

    Still, the specialist can prescribe effective treatment of growths in the oral cavity:

    • immunostimulatory therapy is carried out with the use of the following medications: drugs interferons (genferon®, kipferon, cycloferon), interferon inducers (isoprinosine, kagocel), natural adjuvants (taktivin, timalin), Echinacea or polyoxidonium;
    • with the help of the drug Panavir is antiviral therapy;
    • to stop the division and transformation of cells used cytoxicity therapy with the use of Prospidina;

    But it is not always possible to get rid of warts in the language only medicinal methods, it is often necessary to resort to physical disturbance.

    Removal of warts mouth

    Before you begin to eliminate the warts from the mucous membrane of the tongue and mouth prescribe immunomodulators. They help to restore the local production of interferon — specific substances that kill the virus. In addition, the drug enhances the activity of T-lymphocytes. This is all necessary to ensure that during the removal of the pathogen is not spread to healthy areas of the mucosa. This enables you to avoid relapse.

    For removal of warts in your mouth use the following procedure:

    • Cryosurgery. Under the action of liquid nitrogen to freeze the affected area of the mucous membrane. Warts obnarujivaetsya and disappears by itself.
    • The bloodless method is the use of radiologia. He was using radiowave surgery is the evaporation of tissue growth.
    • Recently used laser therapy. Beams of laser to burn off warts. The patient feels no pain, and the whole process takes no more than 15 minutes. Another advantage of this method is that no scar is formed.
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    After it was carried out the removal of genital warts in the mouth or in a language accepted Imudon, and wounds treated with solcoseryl in. It promotes rapid healing of damaged tissues. For some time the specialist recommends treating the surface of the mucosa with sea buckthorn oil.

    To prevent relapse it is important to observe sexual culture, follow the rules of personal hygiene, balanced diet. It is recommended to choose products with a high content of protein and vitamins of group B.

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