Warts on the neck and small dangling: causes and treatment

Causes of warts in neck and treatment at home

The appearance of warts on the neck due to the action of human papilloma virus, which is widely distributed among the people. Due to the infection appear on the skin growths are flesh-colored, dark staining or hanging papilloma. On the neck these tumors especially noticeable and cause discomfort due to friction of clothing or jewelry. The article will consider what are warts on neck causes and treatment of warts.

  • Causes of warts on neck
  • Varieties
  • How to remove a wart at home?
  • Treatment

Causes of warts on neck

The virus that causes appearance of growths on the skin is living in the body 70% of the world population. Therefore, to avoid infection is almost impossible, the more there is the likelihood that someone from your environment already has warts. But not all HPV is manifested and visible. The symptoms are due to low immunity.

Although considerable harm to the body of the neoplasm was not delivered, yet they deprive the patient of a full happy life. Forcing people to hide exposed skin, wear tight clothes. If you do not take the effort to treat warts, the disease may spread further in the body.

Warts on the neck appear in people predisposed to the development of HPV. By adulthood, almost everyone is a carrier. However, not every one can notice the appearance of warts can be drawn that there are certain factors that affect the disease. Doctors such reasons include the following:

  • excessive sweating neck;
  • clothes with a tight collar or neck, which rubs the skin;
  • insufficient neck protection from cold winter, which locally reduced immunity;
  • predisposition to respiratory viral diseases;
  • frequent contact at the household level, with people already having warts.

If one or more items apply to you, then there is the threat of the manifestations of human papillomavirus.


In appearance, the size and shape of neck are different warts. They are easily distinguished from each other and are not always the result of development of the virus. There are the following types of manifestations of HPV:

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  • The hanging warts on neck. Manifested in the form of pinecones yellowish color. Over time, stretch and become elongated formation on a thin stalk. Grow from 6 to 10 mm and can appear at any age. Usually do not cause discomfort, as it does not hurt and do not itch.
  • Flat. Small bump on the skin, raised 1-2 mm above the surface. Usually such warts are small in diameter, reach a length of 2-5 mm., form more often a round or oval, but sometimes they are polygonal. In most cases, are flesh color, sometimes become yellowish, brown or pale pink. Although these tumors do not hurt, they itch.
  • Senile. After 40 years may appear coarse warts with a Horny crust on the surface. They are greatly exalted on the skin and visible to the naked eye. The stain has smooth edges and can grow in length up to 60 mm. At first, the tumor is a solid color, but the age starts to darken and become black or brown. The cause is not a virus, but a change in metabolism. As the last option although not hurt, but may itch.
  • How to remove a wart at home?

    Seeing small warts on the neck, there is a natural desire to cleanse the skin. As they do not cause physical disturbances to go to the hospital do not want. In such situations, some decide to be treated at home. Indeed, there are such methods, you can apply medicinal plants, moxibustion improvised means or alternatives.

    Here are a few examples of how to remove warts on neck natural forces of nature:

  • Buy or Narva wormwood. Dry to such a state that it was possible to grind into powder. The resulting mixture pour for a while with boiling water and leave to infuse for 6 hours. Regularly, 5 times a day to moisten the surface is flat and small warts solution.
  • Take a large, fresh cloves of garlic. In a mortar or otherwise crush it. Add a tablespoon of vinegar. Ready mix apply to the wart and stick a band-aid. Repeat until the papilloma is not lost.
  • You will find the celandine, medium break off a twig. You will see a selection of juice yellow color. Apply it on the affected area every day for three times.
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    If you can not find the plants, use of home funds:

  • Take the flour and vinegar in 1:1 ratio. Mix among themselves. Polyethylene and cut a small hole corresponding to the size of the wart. Attach this material to the skin for protection, and then apply the finished mixture. Secure the splint with adhesive tape. During the day, the poultice needs to be changed three times.
  • Many recommend the use of iodine in the fight against warts on neck. For this the affected area 4 times a day, liberally smeared with an alcoholic solution of iodine. People say that such treatment prevents subsequent growth of tumors.
  • There are alternative ways to remove entities that do not require chemicals:

  • In the first case you will need swerea ash. For greater effect it is recommended to use wood of fruit trees. Mix the ashes with water in proportions of 1.5:1 and ready vehicle apply on the surface skin growths. The mixture does not fall use of medical patches. During the day, change the bandage, but before you put the new process and clean the affected area.
  • With the hanging warts on neck can be fought without special structures. This strong thread tied the leg of the tumors near the base. A few days later, it will disappear. To prevent a new occurrence of warts in the same place, treat the wound with iodine for two weeks.
  • Treatment

    More effective treatment can only be achieved by contacting the hospital, to a specialist. Now medicine has reached such a level that the procedure does not take much time and fearlessly. The only thing that you will need before you can get rid of warts on neck — wash and, if necessary, clean the skin from hair.

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    There are several varieties of procedures, which helps to remove the build-up:

  • Laser removal of warts on the neck. This method is quite expensive but is highly effective. This procedure leaves no scars, scars, or other defects. High-precision laser removes layers of the BUE. Applies only to burn a small wart on the neck.
  • Cryosurgery. The procedure allows for a short period of time to remove a large number of tumors on the neck. It is based on the supercooling point of the growths. The technique is suitable for both adults and children.
  • Keratolytic. Medium-sized wart can be removed with special tools that dissolve the Horny layer. Although it effectively removes the buildup, there is a high probability of receiving a chemical burn. Often the removal of symptoms, but after some time in the same place grows a new education.
  • Surgical treatment. Warts of large size is removed by the excision, together with tissues. The resulting samples was subjected to histological analysis to combat the virus. The procedure is a small scar.
  • Although there are effective methods of dealing with warts, it is best to avoid such manifestations of HPV. To do this, try to avoid strong stress, eat right and to dress warmly in the winter. Then the probability that your skin will be clean and beautiful will rise.

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