Warts on hands — causes and treatment: how to get rid of

Causes of warts on hands and treatment

One of the varieties of benign tumors on the human skin a wart. It is caused by the action of human papilloma virus and is not a fatal consequences. Still, from an aesthetic point of view, and practical convenience, it is better to get rid of this problem. The article will discuss where warts appear on the hands, look at the causes and treatment.

  • Causes of
  • Types of warts
  • Symptoms
  • Medication

Causes of

Warts can appear on the hands of man only after the papilloma virus will enter the body. The transmission of the disease occurs at contact-household, sexual level when the virus enters the blood through microtrauma of the skin. It could be carried not only people, but infected animal.

Most often the virus is transmitted via public items such as toys or clothing.

The skin is damaged in different ways: biting nails rough shave, peeling or procedure of cleaning the skin. Through the feeble protection of the papilloma virus easily penetrates the epidermis and begins active reproduction. More likely to be infected from the people that visit public places where increased humidity. These facilities include saunas, bathhouses, gyms and pools.

Warts on hands often accompanied by employees of the poultry and other food industries. So, in processing shops and meat cutting high humidity and is easily transmitted HPV. If the virus is in the body, it does not immediately manifest on the skin. Symptoms may occur only after injury of the epidermis.

Some people in old age the chance of symptoms increases. This is due to hereditary predisposition, prolonged exposure of the skin to cold, loss of skin pigmentation or the occurrence of inflammatory processes in connective tissue.

Causes of warts on the hand may be different:

  • reduced immunity;
  • strong and prolonged stress;
  • vegetarian;
  • severe sweating of the hands;
  • failures in the capillary circulation.

Understanding why warts appear on the hands, you can avoid unpleasant consequences.

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Types of warts

Expression of human papillomavirus on hands may be different. The differences are in shape and location. Use these signs to identify the following types of warts on hands:

  • Flat. Small specks with an area of 1.5 cm2, usually irregular in shape and almost do not rise above the skin. Primarily bodily or gray. On the palms are the only such warts.
  • Pointed. White or small warts, shaped like a rooster’s comb.
  • Ordinary or vulgar. Looks like a rounded of inflammation, the type of Horny bubble. More common on the back of the hand or finger. Often appear in groups.
  • Spitz. On the dorsum of the hand may appear dry the wart, hard seal round shape with a papilla in the center. Although this species is more common on the foot.
  • Age. At the elbow can occur age warts. They are not associated with the action of the human papilloma virus. This is a common age-related skin change.
  • Symptoms

    The most vulnerable part of the body most in contact with the surrounding objects. Every day we touch hundreds of various items. It is here that the frequent trauma to the skin, the epithelium undergoes chemical burns, hypothermia. It is therefore not surprising that in the hands of patients transferred from the human papillomavirus.

    When a person gets sick with a cold, supercooled, injuries or stress decreases the immune system, appear benign. Seeing them, many are turning to hospitals to dermatologists.

    To determine whether or not you have the warts, it is possible by checking the following symptoms:

  • Watch looks like a growth on the skin. If it is small, and smooth, it is likely that the papilloma recent. Such formations often pass on their own, without treatment. Treatment of warts on the hands require the old, dead education.
  • Try to identify the painful sensitivity in the place of the manifestation of HPV. Typically, warts have no nerve endings.
  • Look at the skin pattern. After solving the problem, he will recover.
  • Warts can start to itch. Next to them, over time, new education.
  • Determine the presence of black dots on the surface of the wart. They appear due to blood clots within the capillaries.
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    Optionally wait for the manifestation of all of the described signs large or small warts on the fingers. Because depending on the strain of HPV virus the symptoms are different. Seeing at least one build-up, the respective description, refer to a specialist for treatment.


    Although warts on the hands do not put human life in danger, it is crucial to treat them. This will help to prevent the development of benign tumors into malignant. Improve the appearance of skin and improve relationships with others.

    Patients often decide to get rid of tumors on their own, without referring to the doctors. To self-medicate is not recommended. Wrong started the fight with the human papilloma virus can lead to unpleasant consequences. Subsequently, a benign tumor begins to grow and around new foci. Doctors know exactly how to quickly get rid of warts on my finger without damage to health.

    In modern hospitals and clinics there are numerous ways to get rid of warts on hand. They take into account the timing of the growths and varieties of HPV. We list the most effective methods:

    • If you encounter a large number of warts and scanost to relapse, use immunocorrective and antiviral therapy. For this purpose, cycloferon, isoprinosine, genferon ® or interferon. In some cases, the body placed means of increasing its immune response. Such tools include immunal, Amiksin, Echinacea tincture. Sometimes injections of interferon, the tumor on the arm, or inject the solution of bleomycin inside the hearth of HPV.
    • In severe manifestations of the problem the doctor prescribes systematic administration of retinoids: accutane or Roaccutane. They inhibit new formation and growth of papillomas, breaking the division process of the virus in the body. Because of severe side effects is very rare.
    • Helps to fight phonophoresis together with 50% of interferon ointment.
    • Often used treatment applying ointments on the affected area of the skin. Used iodothyrin, futurallia, kolhaminova ointment keratolytic (weak concentration of benzoic or salicylic acid solution Kolomak), local actions of the retinoids (differin and klinit), ointment to combat viruses (oxolinic and tebrofenovaya).
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    From kinds of warts on hands treatment may vary.

    For the destruction of warts tissue using various chemical drugs and ointments:

    • based on harsh acids — kaloderma, verrucate, vartek, kondilin;
    • the gel or the solution is «Podofilox» smear inflammation 2 times a day for four days;
    • imiquimod cream applied before bed, rubbing it into the wart a day, the treatment lasts for 16 weeks;
    • due to its antibacterial properties, special drugs papilles and cheap and effective in dealing with ordinary warts;
    • the drug kriofarma freezes warts and is analogous to a procedure called cryotherapy;
    • on the surface of the wart apply podofillina resin, dissolved in tincture of benzoin, and in two hours after drying, it needs to come off;
    • trimoxazol keep acid on the wart until a white coating, then the growth is self-destroyed.

    If the funds are not to help cope with the disease, then the doctor may decide to use a special procedure. In an extreme case to remove warts surgically, you can, but then the scars remain. To avoid the onset of symptoms of HPV try to strengthen the immune system and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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