Wart on the foot and how to pull the knot on the finger

Causes of warts on the foot and methods of treatment

To meet these benign growths on legs how warts how can children and adults. Wart on foot can deliver not only an aesthetic discomfort, but purely physiological. Tumors can cling to clothing, while their localization in the area of the foot – not to interfere with walking. In fact, why are warts on the feet, with photos and detailed descriptions are described below.

  • Causes of
  • Varieties of warts and where they occur
  • Treatment
  • Medication
  • Folk remedies
  • The prevention of warts

Causes of

The main reason for the formation of growths and warts on the lower extremities is the human papilloma virus (HPV). While it can be transmitted by direct and immediate contact with a healthy person sick. Also the infection occurs when visiting public places (sauna, steam bath, swimming pool), as well as use personal hygiene items infected HPV person. It is worth noting that with strong and persistent immunity to the HPV goes into a latent form (sleeping) and does not manifest itself until, until he will Wake up these triggers:

  • A sharp decline in immunity against infectious diseases;
  • Constant mental stress and physical fatigue;
  • A deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body due to an unbalanced diet;
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the feet);
  • Failure to observe basic rules of personal hygiene;
  • Failures in the endocrine system.

This is interesting: often the parents are sure that the wart on the toe or hand is formed by direct contact of the baby frogs or toads. However, experts claim that there is no connection between this phenomenon.

Varieties of warts and where they occur

It is understood that growths on the legs can be Ghost types:

  • Ordinary. Are round or oblong in shape and color from light to dark brown. As a rule, in this case, the papillomas are localized in bends of joints (knee or on the Shin) or on the inner thigh. This type of growths easier treatable at home. That is, if the reader is interested in, than get rid of a wart, you can use the most simple folk remedies to combat it.
  • Plantar. In this case, the papilloma has the appearance and form of growth. Often a person may appear or subungual wart or growth on the nail. In addition, in this case, the growths may be localized to the toes or the plantar side of the foot that gives a person a lot of inconvenience. That look like warts on the foot, you can see from the photo below.
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It is understood that in the most severe and dangerous cases of the formation of papillomas must be removed, wherever it was. Serious cause for urgent surgical treatment of growths and warts on the toes and other parts of the feet are:

  • A change in the colour and forms of education;
  • The formation of a heterogeneous surface of warts;
  • Pronounced soreness when exposed to the build-up;
  • High growth rate of papillomas or the increase in the number of warts under the nail and on the leg;
  • The change in the definition of the boundaries of education;
  • Severe itching in the area of papillomavirus;
  • Inflammation and bleeding in the area of growth.


If the above symptoms are not observed, but the patient wants to know how to remove a wart on your finger or as a conclusion of growth under the nail/on the leg of drug, you should first consult a dermatologist. After diagnosis and examination, the specialist may prescribe the use of such drugs in the form of a gel, patch or cream:

  • Cheap. This is a special liquid for moxibustion education. Use it on steamed skin. It is important to understand that this drug is not prescribed to children. So if you don’t know how to remove a wart on your finger at the child, then consult your doctor.
  • Cantharidin solution. It is mixed with salicylic acid and also treat growths under the nails and between the toes, as well as in other locations of formations.
  • Solkoderm solution. This fluid is composed of 4 types of acids that are actively fighting against papillomas and are a great help for those who don’t know how to reduce a wart from your finger or foot/leg.
  • Kolomak solution. Made on the basis of salicylic acid. They treated the formation of 2-3 times a day.
  • Kriofarma aerosol. Helps to get rid of the formations on the foot for 10 days.
  • Viferon ointment. Also active against benign tumors on the skin of the feet.
  • Of aldara cream. Actively restores the immune system, thus inhibiting HPV. Thus, struggling with a wart.
  • Panavir gel. A very good tool to combat the warts and excrescences on the skin of the foot. Actively and deeply penetrates into the deeper layers of the dermis.
  • Patches to fight the growths and Mozolin Ourcolor.
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In addition to the local drugs to combat the warts under fingernails and on the feet specialist can appoint Immunostimulants. Such preparations are:

  • The isoprinosine and Interferon;
  • Amiksin and Immunal;
  • Groprinosin and Likopid.

Folk remedies

If the reader does not know how to cure flat or voluminous benign growths on the feet, then you can use one of the popular methods of therapy. Often in these cases, apply these effective tools:

  • Juice of celandine. They lubricate the warts several times a day.
  • Acetic acid. It is applied from a pipette onto the tumor, careful not to touch healthy skin. The procedure is performed at night.
  • The juice of garlic. Especially good if the reader does not know what the get rid of a wart on the plantar side of the foot. Juice rubbed the wart several times a day.
  • Juice of dandelion. They are also lubricated with a newly emerging warts on all parts of the feet.
  • Berries of red Rowan. Grind them to a pulp and treated the resulting paste over the affected area.
  • Castor oil. Helps to remove the wart on the toe and other parts.
  • Of Euphorbia. Good displays warts.
  • Flour and vinegar essence. In this case, to get the plate of the big toe build-up, mix the ingredients of the dough. Then you should steam the affected foot and treat dead skin with a pumice stone (but not blood). Now in the area of the warts you should apply a patch with hole in it for growth. And only after that, covering the healthy skin patch is applied vinegar the batter to education for 2 days. The compresses need to cover with foil and fix it with a patch. After the procedure, the softened skin of the corns cut off with scissors. This method helps to remove education from the root.
  • The leaves of Kalanchoe. Here you can make application of slurry Kalanchoe on the little finger or other fingers affected with warts.
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The prevention of warts

In order to avoid the formation of growths and papillomas on the skin of the feet, should follow a few simple rules:

  • Observe good personal hygiene (skin must be dry and clean, especially if the person there is increased sweating of the feet);
  • Choose quality and comfortable shoes that will not RUB, press and squeeze. It is desirable that the shoes were made of natural materials;
  • Avoid wearing someone else’s shoes and use other personal hygiene items;
  • Protect yourself from contact with people infected with HPV;
  • Quality time and treat wounds on the feet of antiseptics.

Remember, a careful and attentive approach to your health will allow you to avoid many troubles. Including the formation of warts on the body and legs.

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