Wart in children on feet how to treat and what to bring

Causes of warts in children and their treatment

Just like adults children are not protected from infection and bacteria in the body. One of the problems is the human papillomavirus that can cause warts on the body. Such growths are benign and do not harm the body. Still, it is better to remove them. In this article we will discuss why warts appear in children as they look, and modern methods of treatment.

  • Causes and place of occurrence of the warts
  • Symptoms and types
  • Treatment
  • Remove warts in a child

Causes and place of occurrence of the warts

Warts appear only in people infected with human papillomavirus. For twenty years, everyone living on earth is a carrier of the infection. First HPV is transmitted from person to person through touch, e.g. handshake. In kindergartens children play with the same toys, and in this game also transfer the virus. Shared swimming pools, baths and saunas are most often in places the spread of the virus.

However, this does not mean that you cannot let children out of the house, as both parents are likely carriers. It is worth remembering that for penetration of the virus that causes warts, the blood needed the right conditions. Such conditions include:

  • microtrauma to the skin, for example, if the child has a habit of nail biting;
  • strong sweating of the feet, as the virus replicates well and survives in moist environments.
  • reduced immunity due to cold or any other diseases;
  • uncomfortable clothing or shoes that rubs the skin.

Warts can occur on different parts of the body and each zone has its own conditions. The worst thing is if warts appear on the face of the child. This can occur due to a sharp decline in immunity. But even in this case, there is no certainty that there will be a benign tumor. To prevent the problem with the skin is necessary to keep clean. This includes the use of personal towels, washcloths, and other tools.

The main carriers of the human papillomavirus are the parents. Therefore, the child needs to allocate personal hygiene.

The appearance of warts on hands in children more common problem and is easy to explain. The fact that the conditions for the emergence of growth in this area is more simple:

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  • cracks in the skin, and children are constantly scratching hand;
  • failure to observe the rules of hygiene, for example, after the fare in public transport have not washed your hands;
  • in winter, the skin on the hands is supercooled, causing local decrease immunity and the appearance of cracks;
  • longer play in the water lead to a decrease in the protective functions of the epithelium.

Sometimes warts appear on the feet of the children (feet and heels). This is likely due to swim in the public pool. The risk increases if there is damage to the skin on the feet, for example, corn because of uncomfortable shoes.

Warts can appear on the hands and legs due to the fact that you didn’t wash those body parts.

Symptoms and types

Warts in children and adults are basically similar, but there are typical varieties. Such growths include the following items:

  • Ordinary or vulgar. Dome-shaped growths, firm to the touch, gray-brown. Often appear on the fingers, hands, knees and feet. There is the possibility of multiple occurrence of neoplasms, often they merge into a single conglomerate. In order to cope with the entire family of warts is enough to remove the largest in the group, it is also called «parent».
  • Plantar. On the feet may experience growths of dirty-grey color. They have keratinized dense structure and cause discomfort during normal walking.
  • Flat, or youth. On the face, hands and feet may appear in tumors with a flat top. Typically they rise to 1 mm, are light brown, pink or yellow. Occur in children older than 10 years.
  • Filiforme. Growths are flesh-colored, fingerlike. Can appear on the face (around the eyes, nose or around the mouth) or in the neck.
  • Knowing the possible ways the spread of HPV and types of symptoms you can discuss how to treat warts in children.

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    When such problems appear in the child, there is a natural desire to help. The main thing is not to overdo it and remember that the child’s body is not yet formed and needs a gentle approach. So, treatment of warts in children today means is prohibited. In pharmacy it is recommended to purchase antiviral creams, ointments, gels or immunostimulatory drugs. The most effective remedies that remove warts in babies are:

    • Salicylic ointment. Allowed to use only 12 years of age and comply with safety precautions;
    • Oxolinic ointment;
    • Viferon. Immunostimulating drug that penetrates well into the damaged tissue and then gently removes the effects of the virus.

    All of these drugs can cure both from large and from small growths. To do this, apply the medication exactly following the instructions of the user. Before applying it is necessary to protect the skin around the wart, and then use the drug. For this you can use a patch, so you can protect healthy skin.

    The validity of the drug varies from 5 days to 3 months, therefore it is not necessary every week to change the medication.

    In some situations, doctors recommend the suggestion to the child, the placebo effect helps to stimulate the immune system. Try to sit down and tell the child how that warts will themselves, or that he independently introduced the process. This technique can be combined with any treatment, more importantly, to train daily for a few minutes. At least until you think how to remove warts use the suggestion, it won’t hurt.

    Remove warts in a child

    It is best not to self-medicate especially if the growth of the child on the face, such as around the eyes. So, you will maintain the health of the child and protect him from unpleasant consequences. In specialized clinics used various methods of wart removal in children:

    • cryotherapy;
    • electric current;
    • laser removal;
    • local photochemotherapy.

    During cryotherapy (createstruct) to the damaged area of the skin point affected by low temperature. To do this, on the surface of the wart sprayed with liquid nitrogen, followed by a blister, which is covered by a dry crust. The procedure lasts 15 minutes and the wart disappears after 10 days.

    In order not to damage healthy skin, the growths on the face cover with liquid nitrogen with a cotton swab.

    Since this procedure is quite painful, doctors use the funds on the basis of ibuprofen. The problem can be not only a painful effect, but also the fact that during the whole process, you need to sit still.

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    To remove the wart child possible electric shock, this procedure is called electrocautery. During the procedure, the knot, cut it with electronicam or a special tool with a loop that is heated by the current. During treatment, no blood, as the vessels are sealed immediately. However, the negative consequence is a residual scar. The method is not usually used in the removal of plantar warts on the foot in a child.

    Under the influence of laser build-up dries quickly and dies. After removal there is no blood and no scars. The procedure takes only 5 minutes, so this technique is preferable to the others. Although she intended only to get rid of small warts in children.

    Photochemotherapy involves the following steps: before you remove the growth on his cause metoksipsoralena. After 30 minutes or an hour means process long-wave ultraviolet radiation. The procedure is repeated for 2-3 days.

    Whichever method of treatment or removal you choose think about health. Before you see the warts in a child it is better to visit a dermatologist. So, you will avoid the negative effects and speed up the healing process.

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