Treatment of papilloma in the home folk remedies

Folk remedies for treating warts at home

HPV (human papilloma virus) is a disease, which carry about 60% of the world population. Thus in 90% of cases the virus leaves the body just as quietly as it had sneaked into it. But provided that people have really strong immune defense. Otherwise, if the provoking factors of the virus wakes up and manifests itself in the form of skin growths — warts, papillomas and warts (depending on HPV type). Here then the question arises about how to treat HPV at home competently and painlessly.

  • Treatment of HPV.
  • Soap in the treatment of papillomas
  • Dandelion in the treatment of HPV
  • Castor oil
  • Kerosene and walnuts
  • Celandine
  • Garlic and onions
  • Prevention of HPV

Treatment of HPV.

Before you fight the warts on your body, it is desirable to first ascertain the type of virus dwells in the blood. Because some of them are carcinogenic (prone to degeneration in malignancy). So patients with skin growths, it is recommended to see a doctor and to hand over blood on a special analysis to determine the type of the disease. Oncogenic types of HPV are 16, 18, 31, 35, 39, 56 58. And only after expert will tell you that revealed the patient’s virus strain noncoherent, you can start treating papillomavirus folk remedies with the doctor’s permission. It is important to understand that the treatment of folk remedies from the virus should not be based only on the removal of growths. In this case, the sore may get elsewhere.

When getting rid of warts folk ways it is also important to strengthen the immune system from the inside. And this should simultaneously take antiviral drugs, vitamin complexes and drugs-immunomodulators. It would be nice to drink tea from herbs and berries such as raspberries, cranberries, blackberries, cranberries, rosehip, chamomile, or calendula. They greatly encourage the work of protective forces of an organism. Below are the folk remedies for the treatment of papillomatosis.

Important: taking any medications, including vitamin complexes, it is necessary to do also with the consent and on the recommendation of a specialist.

Soap in the treatment of papillomas

For treating warts at home has long been used simple soap made on the basis of birch tar. In the soap include additional palm, stearic and lauric acids. The chemical composition of soap is the optimum mixture of the sodium and potassium salts. The result of this combination of ingredients soap has antibacterial and cleansing properties. In General the treatment of papillomas at home using household soap looks like this:

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  • After taking a hygienic shower to RUB the wart with a piece of soap. And rubbing can dry the skin with a wet soap and wet skin dry soap. It is important that the papilloma formed a thick layer of soap film;
  • This crust cover with plastic and fixed with a plaster or bandage. Means leave for the night. In the morning wash off the poultice.

Such procedure should be done 3-4 times, until she papilloma and skin around it gets red. Once that happens, the packs no longer apply and wait. In the next two days, the wart disappears.

Important: the struggle against papillomas on mucous is forbidden to carry out on their own. This should be restricted to the attending physician.

Dandelion in the treatment of HPV

Dandelion is also used to treat warts. From the flowers of the plant should make a Cologne. To do this, take of the cap of a dandelion and put in a glass container. Plant pour eau de Cologne and insist 14 days. The resulting tool strain and pour into a dark glass container. Infusion wipe papilloma until then, until they disappear.

Castor oil

To treat a papilloma in the home, you can use this oil. Thanks to its composition acids the growths will simply fall away after a few days of oiling. Castor oil can be cleaned with a papilloma twice a day, covering oil suitable bandage or band-aid. After six treatments papilloma fall off.

Kerosene and walnuts

With the appearance of neoplasms to cure HPV at home using a special kerosene-nut mix. This green nuts need to grind in a meat grinder and to connect with kerosene in the ratio 2:1. Mass insist 21 days in a dark place. At the end of infusion of the entire press cake and finished with ointment smeared growths on the skin twice a day.

Important: the ointment should be stored in the cold.


The use of greater celandine against warts practiced for a long time. It is a proven tool in the fight against various skin rashes and growths. The fact that the juice of the plant contains a certain acid, which gently burns the warts. Can be used as a plant in its pure form, and the oil or the extract bought at the pharmacy. Celandine extract or process the growths once a day until their death. Before applying the juice of the plant is healthy skin around the wart it is better to treat oily cream to prevent skin burn. On the place HPV can remain small markings in the form of whitish spots. They don’t tan.

Important: in bronchial asthma or neurological problems (epilepsy, etc.) to use celandine is prohibited.

Traditional recipes state that in addition to using the juice of the plant can be prepared from celandine and special ice cubes. For this you need to make a decoction of succession, celandine, and fungus, taken in equal parts. Ready and cooled broth poured into molds for ice and freeze. Then the ice cube must attach the area to the papilloma and hold so 2-3 minutes. The procedure is performed three times a day until the skin until the symptoms disappear.

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Garlic and onions

If the reader does not know how to treat growths on the skin, the juice of garlic helps to get rid of them effectively. To do this, RUB a clove of the spice on a small grater and mix it with flour or fat cream. The finished mass is applied to the excrescence on the skin and fixed with a bandage for 3 hours. After that, the mask removed and the skin washed with warm water and soap. The same mask can be done with onion juice.

Prevention of HPV

To papilloma growing on the body, you must either euthanize the virus permanently, or to prevent its penetration into the body. In General, the tactics of oppression of the virus is based on the strengthening of protective forces of an organism and the lifting of immunity. It is necessary to observe several principles of a healthy lifestyle:

  • Relaxation, well-dispensing mode of work and rest;
  • Avoid stress and mental strain;
  • A complete and balanced diet;
  • Consume vitamin complexes in the autumn and winter periods and to consume fruit/vegetables in season;
  • To carry out the procedure of hardening (air and sun baths, swimming, douche);
  • To lead an active way of life, devoting at least an hour a day exercising, or simply walking;
  • Time to treat the viral infection and to keep control of chronic diseases;
  • To avoid casual sex.

Remember that it is always easier to prevent disease than painful then to deal with it. And if it so happened that the defeated papillomavirus and papillomavirus appear on the body, it is best to apply at least to the dermatologist for further recommendations. Only a specialist will tell you how to cure growths and at the same time to fix the result. Perhaps even advise and folk remedy for warts and to strengthen the immune system.

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