Treatment of nail fungus with Fukortsin

Fukortsin from nail fungus — combined preparation for external use, antibacterial and fungicidal effect. Available in the form of medicinal solution, prepared on the basis of boric acid, resorcinol and other components. Combined composition allows to use for the treatment of a wide range of dermatological diseases, among which not the least is a fungal infection of the nail plate on hands and feet.

When you nail mycosis the drug should be applied at early stages of disease, when the infection had time to spread to large areas. If the patient on the background of a fungal infection there is a marked deformity of the nail plate and damage to the adjacent skin, to appoint Fukortsin useless. In this case, the person needs treatment stronger protivodiabeticheskie drugs

The solution composition, indications and contraindications to it

Fukortsin — cheap drug of domestic production, intended for local application in dermatology. Is a solution of a bright pink color with odor of phenol (gouache). The active components of drugs are resorcinol, acetone, fuchsin, boric acid and phenol. As auxiliary substances at the facility includes alcohol and water. Fukortsin sold in glass bottles of 10 ml and 25 ml. Each bottle of liquid Packed in a separate cardboard box and complete with medical annotation.

Before you can use Fukortsin against the fungus, the patient should be familiar with contraindications to this drug. The drug is prohibited to use under the following conditions:

  • hypersensitivity to substances contained in its composition;
  • allergic dermatosis of chronic;
  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding.

In pediatric practice, the use of Fukortsin is permitted only on prescription. Independent use of the drug in children under 12 years of age is prohibited. Adult patients with impaired renal function use drug solution should be under the supervision of a specialist.

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The use of the drug with nail mycosis

Treatment of fungal nail Fukortsin at home. To achieve a positive outcome from therapy, patients nails before treatment drug solution to be cut and cleaned of dirt. After that, they hardened the surface should be carefully handle the nail with a nail file. Through these actions, the nail plate becomes rough, and a cure can be evenly distributed within them.

Directly before applying the Fukortsin nails need to steam in a hot bath with addition of sea salt. For its preparation in 1 liter of water (38-40°C) dissolve 1 tsp of salt. Hands or feet affected with athlete’s foot the nails are kept in the bath for about 20 minutes, then carefully wipe with a towel. Now the nail plate is ready to be processed by Fukortsin.

At the initial stage fungal nail treatment by Fukortsin enough to be done 1 time per day until complete disappearance of symptoms of the disease. In more severe cases, a specialist may advise the patient to use the solution more often or combine it with other protivomikrobnye means. The average course of treatment is 1 month, but the improvement in the condition of the nails should be observed 7-10 days after the start of therapy. In the absence of positive dynamics within 2 weeks of continued use of Fukortsin is impractical. In this case, the solution should be replaced by another drug with fungicidal action.

Treatment of nail fungus with Fukortsin need to be under the supervision of a physician, strictly following their assigned dosage. Avoid contact of solution with eyes and mucous membranes, and also to treat large areas of the body.

Adverse reactions, overdose and storage conditions

People that use Fukortsin for the treatment of mycosis of nails, be aware that this remedy can cause side effects in the form of local allergic reactions (itching, burning, redness of the skin), angioedema and anaphylactic shock. Frequent use of the drug may lead to the formation of burns in the place of its application.

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Overdose Fukortsin leads to increased side effects. To normalize the patient’s condition, he cleaned the nails and skin from the residue of medications and prescribe symptomatic therapy. With a strong overdose of a patient hospitalityat and carry out resuscitative measures.

Solution from nail fungus on the feet and hands are sold in pharmacies without a prescription. The manufacturer recommends storing it at room temperature in a place protected from direct sunlight and reach of children. The shelf life is 2 years. Expired medication can cause irreparable harm, so use it fungal infections of the nails is strictly prohibited.