Treatment of nail fungus during pregnancy

A woman’s body during pregnancy and feeding weakened and therefore vulnerable to any infection. Nail fungus during pregnancy is very common.

Methods for the treatment of onychomycosis a lot. But during breastfeeding, it is necessary to choose the most secure. Prolonged treatment of the drug will accumulate in the body of the mother, and the child will receive it through breast milk during feeding.

Athlete’s foot refers to a serious illness and requires long-term therapy. Is localized between the toes, accompanied by burning and itching. Later there are bubbles, cracks and ulcers. Treatment to delay is dangerous — the infection will multiply rapidly and will move to other parts of the skin.

Drug therapy

Dermatologists do not welcome the treatment of fungal infections of medications until the end of lactation period. But with the active spread of the infection medicines after all are appointed.

When feeding a child to treat allowed disease gels, sprays, ointments. They accumulate in the mother’s body in a small volume. The most safe are:

  1. Herbal remedy Citrosept created using palm glycerin, is considered to be highly effective and safe for nursing mothers. The time of treatment — up to 3 months.

    It is important to remember that none of the antifungal drugs without the permission of the attending physician cannot be used. Self-medication is dangerous for the health of the newborn.

    Folk remedies

    Treatment of nail fungus while breastfeeding with the use of recipes of traditional healers is effective only at an early stage of the disease. You can use the following recipes:

    1. The leaves of aloe Vera or Kalanchoe thoroughly wash, cut lengthwise and apply to affected nail, to fasten with plaster. The leaves are changing daily.
    2. To eliminate itching and brittle nails, you can use sour cream. It will not destroy spores, but the discomfort is noticeably reduced.
    3. Grind to a pulp Kombucha and apply 3 times a day on nails. Treatment should be lengthy.
    4. Sprinkle on the affected nail boric acid (powder), to seal the plaster. The procedure was performed daily.
    5. Hardware treatment

      Medical pedicure and manicure significantly slow down the spread of infection, but do not guarantee complete cure. It is a completely safe way to eliminate the infection.

      The procedure is to Polish the diamond cutters. The Horny part of the skin is also polished, as dead skin cells are food for fungal spores. Using different attachments is made by grinding the nail down to the bottom, to eliminate the culture medium.

      Running form can progress to the backdrop of a weakened immune system. Therefore, in some cases, the nail plate is removed under local anesthesia.

      Preventive measures

      To prevent the development of the disease follows:

      • treating the tub with disinfectant after each bath;
      • hygiene of the feet;
      • wear shoes made of natural materials;
      • regularly disinfect nail accessories.

      The woman in the lactation period should observe the following precautions:

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