Treatment and prevention of diaper rash in children

The skin of the newborn is characterized by a special structure. She is very vulnerable to trauma. Diaper rash in children on delicate and sensitive skin — a common problem due to the close location of the blood vessels to the surface.

Through the skin easily lead to infection, and any temperature difference in the direction of plus cause the child intense evaporation. Children’s skin needs careful care and multi-stage protection, otherwise problems are inevitable.

A note to parents

Without inflammation on the skin, a newborn can not live. On the skin of the diaper rush of a child appear in the form of inflammatory lesions in those areas subjected to prolonged contact with moisture, and also the friction of diapers, clothes, diaper on the body.

By itself, the status of diaper rash is not infectious, but it is possible the ingress of pathological microorganisms. Then to inflammation with rash, including pustular. Cervical, axillary, ear, thigh rash require close attention. But most often they appear in the folds around the genitals and lower abdomen because of bowel movements of the baby are the root cause of the formation of moisture and bacteria. Inguinal dermatitis is characterized by roughness and dryness of the skin, humidity plots, irritation, and redness.

There are 3 degrees of diaper rash:

  1. The first type shows a mild redness of the skin.
  2. On the second stage, say the signs of scarlet leather, and the integrity of the skin.
  3. The third stage lesions are characterized by ulcers on the background of the weeping redness or merging with each other erosions.

Parents, it is important to remember that in the area of inflammatory reactions penetrate harmful microorganisms and the affected areas begin to change in appearance. Fungal inflammation on the baby’s skin appears reddish patches of oval shape with the edges fringed. The Alliance is a bacterial infection and diaper rash give the effect of a rash with pustules that degrades the picture and complicates treatment.

Note to mom: cutaneous manifestations cause the baby discomfort. He becomes whiny and restless. Diaper rash is accompanied by burning, pain, itching the affected areas.

Sources of inflammation of skin

Diaper rash is the result of improper care of the baby, dermatitis – inflammation of the skin caused by irritants. They may be diaper. Then there is nappy rash. If the diaper soaked with the secretions and this diaper is long in contact with the skin, this place gets irritation.

Slight inflammation of the skin is removed, eliminating the stimulus. So how to cure nappy rash can diaper, it is necessary to use a disposable hygienic products, the task of which is to absorb the secretions and prevent the connection of urine and feces.

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Interesting! In recent years, doctors rarely say cases of diaper dermatitis. Symptoms of diaper dermatitis, as a rule, arise in situations where parents have received misleading information or following the advice of older relatives, stop using diapers and go in diapers.

Diapers can also cause diaper rash in a child. Therefore, it should be of high quality products for sensitive baby skin. Diapers famous producers undergo inspection and necessary research on safety and efficacy. It is also important to purchase sanitary panties size that is specified on the package. Buying a small diaper, get the grated skin of the child, and if the size of the leak, which in both cases will lead to dermatological problems in crumbs.

Errors in home care for the child, causing skin irritation include:

  • temperature and humidity (set to a suitable temperature in the range 18-20 °C);
  • long stay of the child in the diaper;
  • lack of hygiene: lack of regular air baths (hardening), and washing under running water;
  • excessive wrapping.

In addition to these errors in care, there are times when the child is due to the physiological features of affected skin. Risk group prone to development of inflammatory lesions skin folds are:

  1. Toddlers with a light type of appearance: hair and skin. Skin light people less dense.
  2. Children with altered metabolic processes.
  3. Children with closely spaced vessels to the skin.
  4. Infants with allergic manifestations. Baby diaper rash portend allergies.

Excess moisture is the main cause of the origin of the diaper rash. Factors of their appearance are:

  • ammonia, irritating the body, which is formed during the destruction of the urine salts.
  • bad dried, the baby’s body after bathing;
  • heat or excessive umetnosti child brings to overheating of the skin.

Redness under the diaper occurs when there is overheating. Lowering the temperature and increasing humidity in the room to help eliminate the problem.

Preventive measures

We cannot close our eyes to the cutaneous manifestations of the child. To avoid problems, not less important in the prevention of diaper rash. Form of complications for the baby and the cause for alarm parents diaper rash be of a continuing nature, the tendency to capture a larger area of skin tissue sections with cracks, bubbles, purulent lesions. Given all this, the child’s suffering and confusion of parents can be avoided.

Before to treat diaper rash, it is important to perform the following manipulation:

  1. Timely and periodically to change diapers. Maximum wearing time should not exceed 2.5 hours.
  2. Wipe with a damp creases on the leather with a damp cloth to make it dry.
  3. Carefully to wash away the child after use of sanitary panties. The skin after the procedure should be careful to DAB and not to RUB.
  4. Arrange air baths. You can’t wear diapers at once, you need to give the baby’s skin dry. For this purpose a weak Hairdryer heating mode at a distance of 30-40 cm
  5. Applied to the skin children or specially designed for the delicate skin cream with protection factor.
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To help cope with the phenomenon of skin cream with vitamins, which initially nourish baby’s skin and will prevent rashes.

In the first stage the treatment is not carried out, but if after all the activity during the day improvement will not come, you should see a doctor, who will advise correct treatment.

To dermatological problems did not arise, and the treatment had to be necessary:

  1. To reduce the use of sanitary napkins. Some kids skin reacts to the chemical composition means rash.
  2. Buy and dress your child in things made of natural materials and with the strict observance of the size range.
  3. To remove dirt, and wash linens and accessories for the child’s only special detergents and rinse them.
  4. To use a modern breathable diapers that allow the skin to remain dry for a long time.

Important! Be attentive to the baby’s skin when changing power. New foods can provoke an allergic response in vulnerable body. Also refrain from unwarranted medications.

Therapeutic measures

Any type of diaper makes no water treatment in baths of a weak solution of potassium permanganate. In the absence of the child’s allergies can and should be bathing with a decoction of herbs. For these purposes, use oak bark, chamomile, series. Comfortable to hold 5-minute sitz baths.

In cases when the child becomes worse at the 2nd stage in addition to the measures described above, treatment increase:

  • «mash» with zinc;
  • talc;
  • glycerin.

Assign their production at the pharmacy, your physician may .

To cure diaper rash in a child in the 3rd stage more difficult, as inflammation often occurs, accompanied by various complications. Sometimes hospitalization is required. A positive result is achieved by irradiation of the affected areas ultraviolet radiation with subsequent application of special ointments.

In the presence of moist wounds, such treatment is not recommended, as the oily film applied equipment, preventing recovery. The best remedy for weeping diaper rash are lotions or creams recommended by pediatricians. On podsobnoye sores, you can apply the paste and the emulsion containing zinc and antibacterial creams.

Diaper rash, burdened rot fungi, disinfected and fungicidal agents against fungi. Baby dermatitis that have appeared in the environment of allergic reactions, treated with anti-allergic means. Prerequisite on how to treat diaper rash in different situations – consult a doctor.

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People’s experience against diaper rash

Before the arrival of the doctor, with a challenge to fight, perhaps with the help of baking soda.

  • Taking a bowl of lukewarm water, dissolve in it a small amount of baking soda to the taste of it was pleasant. Using a gauze cloth or a large cotton swab make baby lotion and allow to dry the skin.

When ointments, powders, expensive diaper creams do not help treat diaper rash in groin complications, you can resort to grandmother’s remedy is to use the drug fukortsin zinc ointment:

  • Putting his hands on the gloves and Mat diaper under the baby (fukortsin solution has a crimson and bad is removed), type cotton pad with antiseptic fukortsin and treat the affected surface. Wait to dry and apply a thick layer of zinc ointment. After soaking ointments put on the night diaper.

Eliminate chafing from the diaper in the crotch of the child gadgets of a series:

  • Series has anti-allergic and antiseptic properties. Effective remedy for skin treatment can be purchased over the counter in the form of effervescent tablets or herbal. Tablet be diluted with boiled water in a beaker, allow the solution to cool and using the swab to make lotions. You can leave a medicinal swab for some time under the diaper.

To help the child with the help of the oils. Sea buckthorn – great healing oil is used at the initial stage of development of the rash. But after bathing it is not recommended to systematically smear the baby’s body with oil. Use extract need where skin needs inflammation.

  • If there is redness and wrinkle wet, take a cotton pad, drip oil and treat irritated skin.

The lives of babies and parents in this period is far from frivolity and carelessness. Even slight redness causes suffering. And what works for one child will not suit another. Doctors who are guarding the health of young people, it is strongly recommended to prevent advanced forms of dermatitis and prevent or starting therapy at early stages.