Toothpaste for acne on the face helps and whether you can smear

The effectiveness of the use of toothpaste against acne

Often, the network, and just in the circles of cute lady you can hear about the miraculous power of simple toothpaste in the treatment of acne unfortunate. Like, we need only to treat a pimple toothpaste and after an hour or two, the skin will be transformed completely, becoming pure and pink. Does toothpaste for acne really is and what are the consequences of such cosmetic treatments at home understand the material below.

  • Efficiency in the use of cleaning products in the treatment of acne
  • The composition of cleaning products to treat acne
  • Toothpaste for acne
  • Use toothpaste and an Allergy test
  • Warnings

Efficiency in the use of cleaning products in the treatment of acne

It is worth noting that the efficiency of use of paste for brushing your teeth in the fight against acne only superficial. Tooth means only neutralize the problem from the top, but does not solve it from the inside. Thus, no competent expert (beautician, dermatologist, endocrinologist, or gastroenterologist) do not recommend to use this remedy to remove pimples. That is, this method can be attributed only to the extra people.

Important: no scientific studies on the subject of acne treatment of toothpaste is never performed. All recommendations are based only on the reviews of ordinary people who have tried to deal with the problem in this way.

In General, in order to understand whether it is possible to smear the paste on the pimple, it is desirable to understand the mechanism of its formation. That is the reason of formation of acne. And the mechanism is as follows:

  • The skin of any person has on its surface a certain amount of bacteria that under certain hygienic conditions behave quite quietly, without causing problems to its owner.
  • But once the sebaceous gland becomes clogged with dust and dirt, duct is inflamed. Clogged iron containing a large amount of sebum, starts to work on the principle of feeding ground for bacteria. That is, it is here that they eat. In the clogged duct substantiates the bacteria that are in the same place after power-delay products of its life and there turn to die. Thus is formed the inflammatory process locally. And hence, formed a festering pimple (acne).
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It should also be understood that in addition to bacteria on human skin and has antibacterial components that prevent excessive activity first. But sometimes the balance of the protective components is changing. This occurs for the following reasons:

  • Hormonal failure;
  • The presence of oily skin (especially teenagers in puberty);
  • Poor skin care, lack of its cleansing of sebum, grime and dirt;
  • The poor performance of the digestive tract;
  • Endocrine disorders.

So, toothpaste for acne works only superficially due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. That is, reduces inflammation, dries the skin and kills bacteria. But if the reason of formation of acne is not identified and corrected, the problem will appear again and again. In this case, after applying the paste on the pimple pus and inflammation will not immediately. The body will take a little more time to neutralize the remnants of what happened in the follicle or the duct of inflammation.

The composition of cleaning products to treat acne

To treat acne toothpaste to be very careful. And pay attention the first is on the composition of dentifrice. So, any dentist will confirm that the sale has a number of tools for cleaning teeth, each of which is composed of certain components. And not everyone of them has a beneficial effect on human skin. And in some cases even provokes burns and inflammation. In particular it is forbidden to use for the treatment of acne and acne toothpaste with these components:

  • Carbamide peroxide (sometimes called the composition as hydrogen peroxide). This oxidant is able to trigger severe skin burns at high concentrations. In fact, the composition of the paste, it causes severe redness at the site of application. One of the toothpastes that contain carbamide peroxide, is the «rocks».
  • Bromelain (Bromelain). This component needs to break down and dissolve plaque. But do not forget that in this way bromelain in the composition of the paste to behave in relation to the delicate facial skin.
  • Essential oil. Some of them can provoke allergic reactions on the skin. Happened reviews about similar phenomena regarding the toothpaste with oak bark in its composition.
  • Triclosan. Completely kills not only bacteria, but also useful. As a result, the skin remains natural protective barrier.

Important: toothpaste pimples on the face is strictly not to be used as a mask for the night. This can lead to overdrying of the skin. In the worst case can develop cracks and sores on the face.

Toothpaste for acne

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If the reader wants to know what kind of toothpaste helps acne, the use of is to acquire the funds, within which there are the following components:

  • Bisabolol;
  • Chlorhexidine (use with caution);
  • Mexidol;
  • Extracts of botanicals (chamomile, sage, etc.);
  • Hydrogen peroxide (use minimally and with caution).

In General to fight pimples by using such means for cleaning teeth:

  • Pomorin Anti Parodontosis;
  • Lacalut Activ Herbal (contains extracts of sage, eucalyptus, chamomile);
  • Splat Medical Herbs (is composed of extracts of hawthorn, buckthorn, sage, chamomile, geranium);
  • Rocks Bionics;
  • Forest Balm Forte (fir, St. John’s wort, chamomile, celandine and oak bark).

Tip: toothpaste on acne should be exclusively white and pasty. Do not use gel medium or paste, a part of which are blue, red and other bands. In such a cleaning pastes are harmful to skin connection.

Use toothpaste and an Allergy test

Before you spread the pimple with toothpaste, should be mandatory to test for sensitivity. It is necessary to apply a small amount of cleaner on the inside of your wrist and leave for an hour. If during this time will not be identified burning, itching, redness, it is possible to carefully apply the remedy.

Important: if testing were identified allergic reactions, use a paste is strictly prohibited. This can lead to chemical burns.

Instead of toothpaste to eliminate inflammation you can use lotions from acne and acne Aknewelt or Normaderm. With their help, many successfully get rid of acne under the condition of gentle cleansing of skin and face care in accordance with skin type.

Apply the cleanser paste to the following sequence:

  • Initially the skin is to wash the usual way (foam, gel, etc.);
  • Then the skin should be cleaned with a lotion or micellar water;
  • Dried up face can now be treated with a paste. It is applied onto each spot, gently rubbing it. It is important to avoid getting paste on the healthy skin;
  • To keep the tool on the face is from 1 to 3 hours. It is advisable to do this before you sleep;

Important: if toothpaste for acne reviews, where to network abound, will be applied on the face at night, it can cause burns and subsequently trigger scarring, which further struggle will be very difficult.

  • The passage of time means wash gently, avoiding the strong friction of the skin;
  • The last place on the face put a moisturizing or nourishing night cream.
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You should know that when you use the paste as a means of acne, you should avoid such funds:

  • Bleach cleaning products. They are not only able to remove a pimple, but much to burn the skin. Especially unwanted such funds to people with dark skin;
  • Funds with a high content of fluorine. Can also cause severe burns until ulcers.

Important: to use the tooth cleaning agent in the treatment of acne can be no more than 2 times a week. Only under such conditions can be cleaned using toothpaste inflamed areas of the skin.

Use toothpaste as a treatment for acne is extremely undesirable to people with dry skin. This can severely damage the already thin layer of the epidermis and dermis, leading to more complex cosmetic problems. And do remember, if you don’t know how to get rid of acne, keep in mind that the problem needs to be solved first from the inside.

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