Tipica on the foot: what is it and how to treat it

Treatment sepici on the foot folk remedies

As you know, the entire load in the human body accounts for the feet, and therefore the health of the feet, it is necessary to care constantly. Under the influence of certain factors on the skin formed seal them in medicine called Lipica or spur. Tipica on the foot causes a lot of inconveniences in daily life, it prevents a person to walk normally, perform usual work and wear open shoes. Taking into account the prevalence of diseases on the foot, traditional and folk medicine offer a lot of options for how to treat Shimizu. It is important not to delay treatment, because the seal on the skin has a tendency to increase in size and degenerate into a malignant tumor.

  • What is Chipita?
  • Causes and symptoms
  • Treatment at home
  • Folk remedies
  • Prevention

What is Chipita?

What is Chipita, interested in people only after they are «face to face» encounter with trouble. It is in principle not surprising, because due to permanent employment of people consider the tumor to cosmetic defect, not even thinking what appear tipici. The alarm sounding when become on foot become very painful. Immediately understand that you have shipica quite difficult, because originally it has a small seal on the foot that is itchy, and gives a slight tingling in the foot. After two or three weeks, Tipica on the leg starts to get thicker, and the surface becomes rough. In the centre there are 4 points often is the blockage of blood vessels that nourish the tumor. The edge of sepici form rollers rough skin. Spurs on the feet can have different sizes, but usually it does not exceed 10 mm, and grows inwards and outwards of the skin, rarely rises above the surface of the epidermis, more like 2 mm.

An interesting fact is that a spur on the foot can be one, or may consist of several small tumors. If the treatment of foot pathology, the removal is conducted shipica the largest sizes. Other warts will be alone.

Causes and symptoms

Before how to get rid of sepici on the leg, you need to understand what actually provoked it. The main reason for sepici to stop HPV, but there are lots of additional factors that can activate the latent form of the disease. Such factors include:

  • the presence of endocrine diseases and diabetes;
  • tight and improper shoes;
  • great physical exertion and prolonged breaking in on his feet;
  • overweight;
  • excessive sweating of the feet;
  • chronic inflammatory diseases in the body;
  • flat feet;
  • damage to the skin;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • hormonal failure.
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HPV – provocateur of the disease enters the human body through sexual contact with an infected person, use it with the same appliances, and in the process of passing through the birth canal of the child.

Feature of the disease is that it is not curable, once ingested, the virus causes mutation of the cells of the epidermis, which begin to divide uncontrollably, forming a seal. The longer time the virus to be active, the more you will spur on the foot.

Looks like shipica not known to many, it is often the tumor is simply ignored, even knowing the consequences of running ailment. Very often sipili confused with corns because they look almost the same. The only difference is that chipiga photo which is on many Internet sites, has rough skin, some growths that resemble dark brown hair or spines. These ingrown threads can achieve not only the deep layers of the skin and muscle tissue. This explains the pain that brings on the onset of chipego.

Chipita what is and what impact the symptoms, you can tell the people who encountered this unpleasant situation, once having felt the pain that delivers the tumor, people remember it forever. According to the patients, it resembles an injection with a thick needle. Man pervades this unpleasant feeling that he strives to grasp the leg and to check whether the blood.

Treatment at home

How to remove Shimizu know doctors, they prescribe therapy after visual examination and histological analysis. If for some reason you can’t go to the hospital, you can use the methods of folk medicine or other options to remove Shimizu at home, there are plenty of them.

To treat Shimizu on foot, using vinegar and egg, you need to take capacity the size of a glass, and pour into it the vinegar. In liquid omit the raw egg in the shell. Kept him there 3 days so the vinegar has dissolved the shell. When this time comes, you need to remove the film from the eggs and pour in the melted butter. Remember that before the infusion of oil need vinegar pour. If you have a big sepici on legs treatment at home this method must be repeated throughout the month. On the night of the obtained liquid make a compress, in the morning the affected area of skin, wash with running water.

Tipica on the foot of a child can go, if you make iodine mesh. Iodine is a great antiseptic and allows you to kill the virus at an early stage, and taking into account the sensitivity of child skin, the effect will be after a few applications of medication.

The easiest way to remove Shimizu on foot is to prepare a poultice of soap. Master soap rubbed on a coarse grater, and heat up on low heat, until a homogeneous mass. When the liquid has cooled to room temperature, it makes a kind of cake, and applied to the spur. Top of leg is wrapped up in a warm shawl, or cotton cloth. Make a compress better at night, because at this time, motor activity is reduced, and the tool can give full therapeutic effect.

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Output a tumor on the foot, can be purchased by the pharmacy of medication Superchatel. Suitable this treatment option, even if there is Tipica on the foot of the child. The procedure is a bit unpleasant, because it can cause burning, but still, the effect is noticeable the next day. The medication is a bottle with a liquid that should be applied directly to the wart. The procedure is carried out in the home, but it is very important to pre-read the instructions. Even if the wart will disappear after Superchatel, the cause of Lipitsy will remain, this should be considered, and pay particular attention to their immune system.

Folk remedies

How to get Shimizu at home the story of the ancient recipes that were used by our grandmothers. In the old days when there were no pharmacies and hospitals, the people saved themselves by the means at hand, used plant and food. Today, these methods are not much used, but is not reduced by this effect from them. If you have painful chipiga stop treatment at home can be done in the following ways:

  • the iris flower has healing powers, its root is ground and pour the alcohol. In a dark place for insist two weeks, and dabbing it with a cotton swab applied to shipito on foot. To accelerate the action of the drug, if shipica on the toe or on the sole, wrap it with plastic wrap for the night, or a warm scarf. In the morning at the heel of Chepica will look wrinkled, it is necessary at this time to lubricate with vaseline;
  • shipito to remove, you can use honey and regular test. The place of formation of Shiphi, smeared with honey and placed on top of a dense layer of dough. With this wrap, you need to walk for two days, then remove the dough, wash the leg and again imposed fresh compress. Removing sepici at home this method will give the result, moreover, the dough softens the pain when walking and relieves the itchy sensation in the feet;
  • bring Shimizu on the finger can several packs of garlic. You can apply a paste of the product to the place of destruction, or just to make a small slice at night to fingers. To save part of garlic, you can use the band-aid.

Chipita treatment can be quite strange, because many people, so many methods and attempts to remove it. There are among the recipes and ill-considered options, for example, smearing it with bleach or igniting matches. This is not worth it, if you don’t know how to cure shipito, do not invent for themselves therapy. Go to the doctor or to test the already proven methods of removing.


How to remove Shimizu with the fingers and how to pull Shimizu on the foot in other areas, now you know, it is important to note that not always the above methods will result. It is much wiser to prevent the development of coarse skin area that delivers pain when moving. For this, you do not need to perform any complex tasks and manipulations with his body, enough to wear comfortable shoes, time to heal wounds and scratches on the soles, and also eliminate excessive sweating of the feet. Good prevention education, Spitz is walking barefoot, especially on the morning grass with dew. The skin contact of the feet with cold soft grass surface, activates blood circulation in the vessels of the foot, respectively, eliminates congestion in the capillaries, and increases local immunity.

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If the folk methods of treatment and therapy at home had been inconclusive, it remains the only medical intervention. Pills to remove warts and yellow coarsening of the skin on the feet is impossible, you likely will be assigned to the invasive procedure or surgical removal of the affected area.

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