Tipica on finger how to take and cure chipiga

Causes of sepici and methods of treatment

Human skin more than other organs exposed to the external environment and attacks all sorts of viruses, bacteria. Not weird at all that with time on the skin, people celebrate some seals, delivering pain and aesthetic discomfort. Rounded nodules, which consist of dead skin particles, in medicine called Lipica. Photo tumors can be seen in the online medical sites. May be localized to Lipica on the hand, the fingers and heels of feet.

Special hazard growth on the skin can not be held, it is referred to benign neoplasms, threatening the point that it can degenerate into malignant tumors and metastasize to the nearby tissues.

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Causes of

Before you bring Shimizu on your finger, you need to determine the reasons for its occurrence. The tumor is of viral etiology, calling his papilloma. A huge number of people that are infected with the virus are not even aware of his carriage, because the immune system is capable of long time to keep HPV dormant. Disease aktiviziruyutsya under the influence of certain factors, for example, respiratory diseases, inflammatory process in the body or damage to the skin. The virus makes itself felt also on the background of hormonal imbalance, so Chipita is formed very often during pregnancy, menopause and during puberty.

The human papilloma virus may appear through sexual contact with an infected person, at birth, to spread to household contacts if you use the same utensils with the sick person. Among the factors that can trigger the activation of the virus and sepici on hand include:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • constant stress;
  • great physical exertion;
  • excessive sweating of the hands.

On the fingers of sepici can form after surgery or lack of some vitamin in the body. During this period, the immune strength of the person significantly reduced, and the body is not capable of long time to cope with the virus.

It will be interesting to see what the human papilloma virus is not curable, once faced this disease, you forever remain a carrier of the virus. Doctors can remove the tumor that it triggers, and reduce the intensity of its symptoms, but to completely remove it from the blood modern medicine hasn’t learned.


Tipici hands are small growths on the skin that resemble corns and warts. Areas of keratinized skin are composed of threadlike formations that go into the deeper layers. If you remove the Horny layer, you can see certain growths that resemble black hair. If you try to remove it, just cutting Shimizu, after some time, she again appear in the same place from remaining inside the skin papilla.

With pressure on the tumor appears of a dull pain, this is because cells build-up leaves not only in the deep bowls of the endothelium, but also affect muscle tissue. Initially, Tipica on finger has a smooth texture, but with its development, becomes rough and becomes dark in color.

Tipica on the palm gives great pain, because the slightest bend is irritated papillae. The affected skin can flake and itch, sepici on hand must be removed as quickly as possible, because in advanced stages, it can degenerate into a malignant tumor and lead to total loss of earning capacity of the person.

Tipica on finger usually resides alone, but there are cases where a few small sipic merge into one big. In this situation, it is important to remove most of the tumor, other growths after the elimination of the will themselves.

How to get Shimizu at home?

How to get Shimizu on the hand can tell only by a qualified technician after histological examination and confirmation of diagnosis. If possible consult a medical professionals you do not, but the tumor gives the strongest discomfort, you can use traditional methods of treatment. Very well proven these methods:

  • display shipito can of onion gruel, for this ground bow and fill it with several tablespoons of vinegar. The tumor adhered to the adhesive tape with a cut clearly the size of the dog, put the paste only on the wart. On top, you need to stick another band-aid. Seal the healthy parts is necessary in order not to get burned, because the onion paste is very aggressive in combination with vinegar;
  • how to remove shipito not rarely tell grandmother. Due to the constant physical labor, people are constantly faced with such problems on hand. Best of all, as stated by previous generations, helps wiping tipici fresh celandine juice and pulp of fresh nettles. All you have to do is chop the plant and apply on the night to the tumor. For convenience, you can wrap a hand wrap or cloth. Already a week of usage, the tumor to decrease in size in a month and all will be equal with the rest of the ball of leather in its color and texture;
  • how to remove Shimizu on finger can tell the beekeepers, they recommend applying a solution of propolis on the affected wart area. To accelerate the effect of propolis stoked, and diluted vinegar in the proportion 1 to 1. Cotton cloth or a cotton swab dipped in the resulting liquid and at night applied to the wart. The next morning, remove the compress and thoroughly washed with running ode. The procedure is repeated until the complete disappearance of the growth;
  • horseradish is also good with removing sipili on the hands and fingers. Enough to wipe the root on a grater and squeeze the juice out of it. In the obtained liquid moisten a cotton swab and apply for 1 hour to neoplasm. During the procedure, you may experience discomfort, but they pass as soon as you put a cotton swab. The duration of therapy is usually 3 weeks, this is enough time to remove the neoplasm with the fingers.

On the Internet there are plenty of methods how to get rid of sepici on finger, but not all of them are worth using. One of the recipes says that it is necessary to remove sulfur from matches and scratched a little education, put it inside tipici, then burn. In any case, this is not worth it. Not only will you get burned hands and will feel pain, but also provoke a malignant tumor.

Today, there are many preparations that you can buy in the pharmacy, and for one application to eliminate skin growths, therefore, to get involved, some of the methods of removing warts at home at least, silly. Regardless of how to get rid of sipiczki on finger you choose, remember that you need to influence not only growth, but also on its causes. Try to keep track of your immune system, eat as much vitaminosoderžaŝej products less subject to stresses and strains, as well as carefully choose sexual partners, since HPV in 80% of cases, is transmitted yet, when they have sex.

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