Thrush and its treatment in women: medications and drugs

Drug treatment of thrush in women

Approximately 70 percent of women faced with this disease, as thrush or candidiasis. Fungal infection commonly affects women during pregnancy. In some women, the symptoms of the disease are recurrent, that is, the disease takes a chronic course. Should be treated yeast infection because this illness may cause sterility or to threaten the course of pregnancy and fetal development. We’ll show you how to treat candidiasis, and also list the most effective drugs for the treatment of thrush in women.

  • Causes and symptoms
  • The types of medical treatment
  • The best cure for thrush
  • Principles of complex therapy

Causes and symptoms

Before you say, how to treat thrush in women, it is necessary to understand the causes of this disease. Their understanding is important in order to once and for all get rid of the disease. What is candidiasis, is known to many, is a fungal infectious disease that cause the fungi of the genus Candida. The causes of this disease are the following:

  • prolonged antibiotic therapy;
  • hormonal contraception;
  • treatment with steroids, cytostatics and receiving immunosuppressive agents;
  • the problem with the exchange processes;
  • radiation therapy;
  • obesity;
  • dysfunction of the endocrine system (diabetes, dysfunction of thyroid, adrenal or ovaries);
  • improper diet or deficiency on the background of problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • immunodeficiency States;
  • stress;
  • dysbiosis;
  • Smoking;
  • to comply with the principles of personal hygiene.

If a woman has candidiasis, the symptoms of this ailment are the following:

  • severe itching and burning in the genital area;
  • cheesy discharge;
  • pain during urination;
  • swelling and redness of the mucosa;
  • discomfort during sexual intercourse.

The types of medical treatment

Though candidiasis is not classified as a sexually transmitted disease with a yeast infection treatment should take place both partners even if one of them has no symptoms of the disease.

Attention! Any funds from the thrush should be appointed by the attending physician, as incorrect or ineffective treatment of the acute form of the disease contributes to the transition of the disease into a chronic form. As a result, once cured the yeast infection will come back to you more than once. If this is the right treatment of candidiasis, the disease passes quickly and no longer appears.

If thrush is diagnosed, treatment in women is carried out using the following medications:

  • Tablet form of medications are good that the destruction of of fungi occur throughout the body due to prolonged stay of the active substance in the blood. However, many tablets for the treatment not suitable for pregnant women and young children, since it is quite toxic. Often for the treatment of pulmonary forms of disease enough of one capsule of medication. Tablets always apply for getting rid of chronic forms of the disease. And they take quite a long time.
  • Candles help to deal with local manifestations of infection. These remedy for yeast infection allow you to quickly remove the unpleasant symptoms of itching and burning, as well reduce inflammation. However, when the complex treatment of candidiasis should be comprehensive, some candles will be enough.
  • Important: such an effective tool, like candles, has virtually no side effects, so it is prescribed even for pregnant women.

  • Effective from the thrush agents in the form of ointments. This tool helps you quickly remove the burning and itching and very little enters the bloodstream, so it can be used expectant mothers and lactating women. However, these medications help only in mild form of the disease because affected locally.
  • The best cure for thrush

    Because this is a very common disease, there are new medicines for yeast infection for women. Below we list the best medicines for thrush:

    • Diflucan is produced in the form of infusion solutions, capsules and powders for suspensions. All these forms are intended for oral administration.
    • Pimafucin in the form of tablets, suppositories and creams. To treat candidiasis in women drugs in the form of candles used once a day. The cream is applied are also disposable. Treatment continued until complete disappearance of symptoms. Patients with fructose intolerance, galactose and sucrose should consult with your doctor.
    • Clotrimazole. Yeast infection treatment is conducted with the use of this drug in the form of creams, ointments, vaginal tablets and powders for oral suspension. Vaginal tablets and cream are introduced in the vagina, ointments, solutions and suspensions are applied in a thin layer on the affected skin. The drug comes in different dosage, so it can be used from one to seven days. The use of external funds does not require bandaging.
    • Livarol in the form of vaginal plugs is applied once a day. The duration of treatment is three or four days.
    • For the treatment of thrush in women suitable drugs called Hexicon, namely solutions for applications, irrigations and vaginal suppositories. The solution can be used for irrigation of the vaginal mucosa, and candles used 2 p/d for ten days. This drug is not classified as antifungal drugs. It has antibacterial properties and helps to normalize the microflora.
    • Mycosyst is antifungal infusion solutions and capsules. The solution is injected intravenously, and the capsules are taken inside.
    • The epigenome-sex. This medical tool is produced in the form of lotion and spray. If we get rid of thrush, it is desirable to use special means for hygiene of genital organs. For these purposes, suitable gel Epigenome-sex. It can be used daily for washing to maintain a healthy vaginal flora. Spray applied intravaginally once a day for weeks. Note: it may be individual intolerance to the drug.
    • Terginan is bactericidal tablets for the vagina. They are used once a day for ten days or two weeks.
    • Treatment of candidiasis is often done with the use of the drug for use inside called Mycomax. It comes in the form of infusion solutions, syrups and capsules.
    • Many women believe the best cure for thrush is a vaginal candle Poliginaks. The medicine fights not only with mushrooms, but also other pathogens. During menstruation should stop treatment.

    Important! Some preparations of the yeast are contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, you should always consult with a doctor before taking them.

    Principles of complex therapy

    Before how to cure candidiasis, it is necessary to abandon bad habits, adhere to the principles of good nutrition and worn loose underwear made of natural fabrics. In mild cases, these guidelines can be the answer to the question, how to quickly get rid of thrush.

    Treatment of candidiasis should be comprehensive, so the antifungal agents and the use of local funds it is necessary to add the following therapeutic activities:

  • For candidiasis is often a result of the decrease in protective forces of an organism, is shown taking Immunostimulants and drugs for the correction of immunity.
  • Before you treat thrush in women or after that, you need to restore the normal acidity of the vagina. To this end, the doctor prescribes candles for the normalization of microflora. Usually it is drugs with lactic acid bacteria called and Bifidumbacterin Atsilakt.
  • Women should abandon the use of sugary drinks and all sweets and yeast flour products. It is important to stop using alcohol and food, which causes fermentation.
  • At the time of treatment should stop sex life. Morning and evening should be washed away with the use of special tools and daily change sheets.
  • Important! You can’t use for cleaning anti-bacterial gels and soap, as with fungi and bacteria they kill useful microflora. For intimate hygiene gels suitable with lactic acid, but not during pregnancy.

    For recovery and prevention of disease it is important to avoid hypothermia and infectious diseases. It is also useful to cure all the related diseases of urogenital and other organs. The tendency to relapse constantly adhere to the principles of a healthy diet and wear the right underwear.

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